Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society 

Introduction to Catholic Social Thoughts

Catholic Social Thought has been identified as the nine core principles and it is the principles that have been uniquely been designed for the Catholicism that has been placed together. The Catholic has been identified as the key relationships that co-exist with the individuals and there can be a key function for the societies. There have been the nine principles which are the Dignity of the Human Person that principle of the Common Good; the Preferential Option that is reflective of the Poor (Carmella, 2018). The next principle is the common Subsidiarity which is the Universal Purpose of Goods and related to the Stewardship of Creation; and the principle of Promotion of Peace with the active participation and for the Global Solidarity (United Nations, n.d.).

Below are explained four key Catholic Social Teaching principles which are human dignity; principle of common good; solidarity and even the following the course of subsidiarity (United for Human Rights)

Human Dignity

Due to the human dignity, it is the creation of the image and following the frame of one God and equally respected for the rational souls. The principle of equality is to follow in the treatment and the procedure and with the nature of having the same origins. It is also human dignity having a key sacrifice element that originated with the Christ, and for the people participation into holding an attitude that could enjoy an equal dignity (Wittenberg, 2015). The most fundamental principle is the Catholic Social Teaching and abiding by the respect of the human person. For each individual, it is important to likely follow the set framework of the image and the form of God. The importance of transcendent dignity has to be abided by the treatment that can be respected. People also have to follow the framework of the relevant for the things. It is important to treat and identify the means of the instrument that could benefit from another (Pagnucco, 2014). The principle states “When we are focusing on human dignity, the important key step to note is “What is happening to people?”

The Common Good

It is common to love and even follow the respect and the desired framework of the person's good. It is also necessary to follow and secure it. The goods identified with the individual good can likely be following the central to the good and it is important to follow the likeliness of the living in society and for the common good. Equally, it is important for us ‘and to identify the individuals, families and even the intermediate groups that would constitute the society. The principle of the common good, the likeliness of the solicitous can go against the life of society, juridically, for the civilly, politically and for them culturally. It can follow the polis, or ‘city’(Christie, 2019). .The principle states “Is every group can attain within the benefits of society?”
"Does it workgroups excluded?”


“Through the Solidarity that can follow whether it is a person, having defined set boundaries and even a nation. It is all about the people and for the nation, that is instrumental kind with work capacity and physical strength to be exploited at low cost and defied with the discarded that can follow the no longer useful, that would work with the neighbour a helper (cf Gn 2:18-20). The principle states as in when we are questioning about the solidarity such as the“Who and what we care about?" and “What would happen to us?”


“Subsidiarity is known to be one of the forms of assistance that belongs to the human person that goes through the autonomy of the intermediate bodies. It is an assistance that could be offered for individuals or groups that could be accomplished with certain things (Long, 2018). The questions one can ask is “what the subsidiarity is such as who is making at the most what decisions and how anyone can participate.

Examples to Participate with The Community

For example, when treating the refugees the principle of equality and dignity is applied. As the refugees from the war zone areas are not allowed to migrate or escape from their countries, there has been a wide case of refusal to enter Europe or even enter to the other countries. This has lead to the deprived human rights of having the liberty to enjoy life and even the balanced outlook. As one could see, that the war-prone area sufferers are even denied the basic education, the freedom of expression and the liberty to enjoy life, the principle of the “Human Dignity is violated here. Such rights are understood to be one defined and it is the common source of the human dignity that could define one own human rights. Every person is equal and it is important to identify one's dignity and rights. It is also a similar way of identifying the human community, which can follow the race and culture as per the equality in dignity and rights(Annett, 2016).

In healthcare, during the crises time of the COVID, one has experienced the basic sacrifice of the common good which the hospital staff and the caretaker. The healthcare worker was denied the basic safety and the hygiene practice,s in certain hospitals across the globe, due to which the healthcare wellbeing was compromised. As this is the common good of providing the quality services to self and the other people, it is also the set notions, of providing the quality services to the priority people. The basic allocation of the necessary goods like PPE, vaccines or even the healthcare wear was deprived. It is important to follow the principle of the common good that could provide an essential right for the individual’s physiological, for the mental, and even having a set needs of the emotional and social cause for the people (Annett, 2016). The common good states that it is important for the individuals and communities to grow and prosper together, with the common interests, dignity and even through the flourishing people needs and the common good (ACSJC, 2016).

Conclusion on Catholic Social Thoughts

It is important to understand the needs of all people that have been met before as there would be some who are, not wealthy and even working for the power to make the educated or the healthy. It is important to focus on the flourishing and fulfilment for all the people that can be based on the humanity (for example, intellectual, physical, relational, spiritual, affective, and so on).

References for Catholic Social Thoughts

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