Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society

Dear diary,

I was able to get through a book today named "This is my song". The book is based on the obstacles faced by the Jew community. These hurdles were inflicted upon them due to changes that were implemented by their leaders. The main storyline circulates around a young boy named Rafael and his personal experiences. He grew up watching his dad being bullied by a group of men. They inflicted grave injuries on his father, by hurting him through punching and kicking. His father was also made fun of quite frequently and was poked around evidently as well. growing up Rafael also faced racism and it must have traumatized him to a larger extent. He was being punished and bullied because of his religious faith in being Jewish. From the end of new leaders, multiple new restrictions were imposed on his community. They were restricted from visiting public spaces, buying special food items, using the street telephone, buying of selling fruits and vegetables, and many other impositions. In the given scenario, the storyline highlights as to how the common good principle of the Catholic social thoughts, was violated. The subject in the story was ripped off his basic rights and freedom, along with disregarding his dignity. Due to these past experiences, Rafael suffered from rejection and isolation as well. He can be observed as a victim of extreme capitalism and racism, subjected to trauma by a group of close-knit people. The story also highlights the extreme misery, Jewish people were subjected to. They have also ripped off their basic living rights and were exposed to un-called-for misery and trauma. I empathize highly with the Jewish community and Rafael as well. Being a child, the experience might have inflicted more pain upon him.

The diary entry reflected upon the misery and hurt that was bored on Rafael. He was subjected to multiple trauma and emotional injuries during this course of time. It all started with his father being bullied and beaten by a bunch of people. This left Rafael scarred for life, as he was not able to save his father from those physical and emotional injuries. As he saw his and his father’s rights violated, he was traumatized to a harsh limit. The story clearly describes how the good practice of catholic social thought was not ensured in the story. The concept of common good safeguards and protects the individual rights and authority of freedom (Guthrie, 2018). It also helps in making sure of justice to prevail with full efficiency and thus, helps in promoting the well-being of the people. The medium of common god helps the individual to live their respective life with full content as well. the well-being of Rafael and his family can be observed to be hampered in the story. Because of belonging to a particular religious sect, they were forcibly deprived of their respective rights and freedom. They were also inflicted with harm, beyond the bounds of social equality and justice (Schlag, 2020). It brought harm and injustice to Rafael and his family, evidently deeply impacting them in a negative manner.

Other major catholic social thought which was degraded in the process, was inhibiting the person’s dignity. As per the catholic social thought process, every human being is born equal and thus, has equal rights and opportunities. They should also get equal respect and dignity, no matter what is their respective caste, color, race, religion, sex, or social as well as economic status (Sison, 2016). The principle of dignity helps in securing the respective rights of the individuals and safeguarding them from any form of harm or injury. It also helps in keeping a balance between the various sects and communities prevailing in the society and thus, ensuring harmony between them. With his dad being punished for being a Jew, Rafael’s rights and dignity were harmed in the process of inflicting pain on their family. His father can be observed to be bleeding several times, after getting beaten up by a bunch of people, who were responsible for violating this law of dignity and justice to all. After watching his father going through this trauma, Rafael can be observed to not trust the people around him. He hid from policemen as well, which can be a sign of loss of dignity and respect for Rafael and treating himself as a victim without being charged for anything (Retolaza, 2019). The whole Jew community was constrained from having normal rights and safe practices. With the strict restriction burdened upon them, they can be clearly observed to lose their self-respect and dignity as a community as well. The story highlights multiple negative features prevailing in society, such as discrimination, racism, and neglect for a particular ethnic group or community.

The story also lacked the principle of promotion of peace. It led to violent activities within the society and therefore, hampered with the peace in the community (Frémeaux, 2017). Jew communities can be observed to live in constant fear for their lives while being subjected to hate crimes against them. There were multiple incidences that pointed fingers on the same. The old man was beaten up by the police officer, Jacob and Rafael’s father was brutally injured by a group of people and violating the overall rights of the community as a whole. There was a gruesome infliction of victimization and hate crime spread within the community dwellings. The story can also be observed to lack the idea of global solidarity. While one community was facing such harsh implications, there was no restriction on any other community or religious sect observed. There was a lack of understanding of concepts of sound organizational structures, social obligations and duties, discrimination prevention, and so on (Wolcott, 2018). Rather Rafael and his family had to face all of these miseries and bear the repercussions of the strict guidelines they were compelled to follow. The Jew community was not only subjected to severe pain and harm, they were also looked down upon as an individual, leading to a loss of self-respect and dignity within the community. There was no authority present to stop this hate crime from being instigated in the Jewish community. They had to bear the negative implications of harm, discrimination, and racism forced upon them without any fault of their own. The storyline falls far out of the ascertain bounds of the principles of Catholic social thoughts.

References for Adam Smith Rehabilitation

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