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Abstract on Management Issue in Handling Elderly Patients in Aged Care

Australia is facing overwhelmed situations in health care homes and other organizations due to COVID 19. Workers are retaliating because they are not given paid leaves by the organization. These workers have the lowest pay and still, they are the ones who are ensuring that all the patients in the organization can get the services properly. They are fighting on the edge without asking anything but only paid leave. Since the organization is not fulfilling their demands thus they have forward and started a campaign for their rights. It has been observed that workers of the aged homes are the worst suffers because the risk of elderly people getting infected is high. Many of them have lost their lives and many of them are in isolation. Some are struggling by providing services to older adults. These workers are staying away from their families and serving patients. They are the real soldiers who are doing their part without anything in return. The demand asked by workers is genuine and the government must come forward and provide the organization with the funds so that they may give paid leaves as well as personal protective equipment so that they can save their lives from the outbreak of coronavirus in the organization. Besides, the government must give compensation to the soldier's families who died in the pandemic serving others. Their work must be appreciated in front of the others so that people take them as their heroes and learn to serve humanity at all cost.



Overview of the situation.

Management issues and respond to the identified situation.


Critical reflection.



Overview of the Situation

Aged care workers are demanding high paid leaves in a pandemic situation. It is because they are forced into isolation after getting in contact with the virus. Many workers in the organization are asked to stay at home on identifying sick. These workers are not taking leave and are ready to serve the elderly people because they have a fear that their income will be cut if they take leave. These workers in case of the mild symptoms are asked to take the annual leaves or an unpaid leave which is not justified to the work they did in the coronavirus pandemic situation [1]. Aged care workers put their life on risk and cared for those who require assistance at each hour. The workers without any discrimination did their work and if they have identified mild symptoms of coronavirus it is not something they did intentionally. Due to this, they are facing issues as they do not have a good salary and if they take unpaid leaves it is impacting their daily lives. They are not able to fulfil the basic needs of their family. The workers once identified from mild symptoms can return to work after 14 days of quarantine which is very large. During isolation, the workers do not get any facilities from the organization.

Management Issues and Respond to The Identified Situation

The management is not able to handle the situation properly. There are a lot of things the management has to take care of like cleanliness, sufficient staff members for the elderly patients, time to time assistance, taking care of their workers and so on. In such situations, the organization is not able to handle the staff members. They are revolting against the unpaid leaves. They are asking for paid leaves in case of any mild symptoms. The pandemic is at outbreak; elderly patients are getting infected, moreover, it is difficult to make the elderly patient understand the need for putting the mask in such a situation. It is due to this reason mild symptoms are seen in workers. Everyone is already suffering and is in fear and this state taking the responsibility of workers along with patients is not possible for the organization. They do not have many funds and thus cannot provide facilities to the workers who have isolated themselves after seeing some symptoms. Moreover, handling elderly people with lesser staff is more difficult. It is found that elderly adults are not maintaining social distance [2]. The risk of elderly adults getting infected is high. Many of them are already infected and taken to hospitals while some are found to have mild symptoms. No one knows from where the pandemic can spread it is thus essential to teach aged people that they need to care otherwise the impact would be serious. On the other hand, workers have taken their hand off, they are demanding special treatment during Covid-19 situation. They are raising campaign against the organization to provide them with the facility of paid leave. The situation is getting worse, workers have left the organization and stated that they will come back when they will be paid for the leaves. Seeing the situation many people came forward and posted on social media that the workers have the right to keep themselves safe and must get funded leave. They are the ones who are taking care of the vulnerable people by putting their own life in risk and thus they deserve to get paid leave. 


To protect people, the organization has come up with unpaid and paid leaves for the employees. The workers can take annual leaves if they are asked for the isolation or else can opt for unpaid ones if they do not have any. The meaning of unpaid leave application is that the employee's contract will be suspended for 14 days and will get back in the process when the employee will be back to work. The employer will not pay wages to the worker during that period even no insurance premium is declared for them. The people who are working are under pressure because they have a fear that if they get the symptom they will be asked to keep themselves isolated and will not be able to earn. Those who have kept themselves isolated are suffering for food. They are not getting food on time and the expenses are increasing without having a sufficient amount of money for the pay. It is even seen that many of the workers in the aged care services have died due to getting in contact with coronavirus [3]. The worker’s family are facing the loss of life. They are not even able to come out of the demise whereas other families are not able to see their family member for a long period as they are working in aged care organization. They are not able to stay connected with their family. They are living in aged care organizations and are eating the meals provided to the patients. The workload has increased; workers are providing care even when their duty is over. They have to wear PPE kits which makes them restless. They do additional cleaning of each and everything. They have to properly sanitize medicines and other necessary equipment's which are used for the tests of older adults. They are working hard and they are the only ones who are getting infected because they are treating adults who have COVID 19. The conditions are worse as the number of works getting affected is increasing as the coronavirus is spreading.

Critical Reflection of Management Issue in Handling Elderly Patients in Aged Care

The aged care workers are unknowingly attending the patient with coronavirus and themselves becoming prone to it. The demand of the workers is genuine as they are assisting people putting their lives in danger and return asking to be paid [4]. Coronavirus is spreading at fast speed and there is a need for the government as well as concerned authorities to stand united and help one another rather than asking workers to apply for unpaid leave and suffer financially.

According to me, no such situation must arrive in future and if anything of this sort comes, the organization must take the responsibility of the workers and give them funded leave so that they do not need to have fear of financial condition. The government must help organizations in fulfilling the demands of the workers. They must understand the rights and must give sufficient amount of money to the organization so that they can give compensation to the workers when they have kept themselves for isolation after getting in contact with coronavirus pandemic. The government must ask the organization to maintain the safety of the people under work health and safety regulation. The workers must be provided with the personal protective equipment regularly so that they can keep themselves protected from the virus. The organization must ensure that the cleaning is carried out at regular intervals so that in case a patient with coronavirus comes in the organization the chances of others getting infected reduce [5]. I also think that workers are assisting vulnerable patients and thus they must be awarded in front of the public for their work. It will increase their confidence and they will feel good for the service which they offering. I think that the workers must be treated with the respect and must be given extra care facilities. If they need to keep themselves in isolation, then they must get proper food and accommodation as well [6]. Besides this, the organization must train the workers in such a way that they maintain social distancing and also ask the elderly adults to maintain the same. It has been observed through statistics that elderly people are mostly getting infected because they are not ready to change their behaviour. These people are not only putting the lives of their family in danger but others also, the workers who are taking care of them and nearby people. Older adults need to teach how much social distancing is important. The organizations must send the coronavirus patients immediately to the hospitals and the aged care organization must check only those who do not have any symptom of coronavirus. If the things are not handled properly and workers continue to decrease, then it may happen that the organization would have to stop its services and ask the older people to stay in their homes. To avoid such situations, workers must be taken care of under work health and safety legislation [7]. The government must also give compensation to the worker’s family who died serving in a pandemic. I think all the above-mentioned steps will help in overcoming the challenge of the campaign put forward by the workers. 

Conclusion on Management Issue in Handling Elderly Patients in Aged Care

It can be concluded from the findings that management is facing issues of handling workforce because many of them are getting infected and there are very few people left who are trained in assisting. Moreover, the safety of the worker is not taken care of properly. Under the work, health safety legislation employees must be protected and must give sufficient compensation so that they can live their lives without any fear. They have the right to ask for the funded leaves because it is because of them the organization is providing non-stop service to the people.

References for Management Issue in Handling Elderly Patients in Aged Care

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