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Use of Interpersonal Skills when Engaging with Team Members

Project Design Choices

While making the best project design choices, we were very focused on our actual goals and objectives including the smaller interactions within the project, which might impact the working of the entire project. Therefore, developing the project design, there were many design choices. A bit of confusion existed when we got to draw the domain model, relational database schema design, first of all. While developing the project design, we made sure to link the cases of our system to the immediate needs of our project. Most of the problem was solved when we asked this question to ourselves, “what problem will this project solve?”. We came up with many design choices when we were not particular about the stakeholders of our project. After pointing out the benefits of separate use cases and their advantage helped us decide the right way. In the first place, we know the importance of developing the primary use case because, without it, we would not be able to carry on with the development phase of the main application. There were multiple choices, including relational database schema and domain model or class diagram, the diagrams for a project using a different pattern (Buitinck et al. 2013).

Reason of Choice

After performing the complete observation test and spending time to understand all the design choices, we came up with a decision of design, which we thought will be more appropriate and suitable for our project. Before making the design choices, our goal was not to select the simpler one, but we aimed to choose which adheres to the project needs the most. Therefore, we chose two designs to carry on with our project that were, Relational schema and domain model. The domain model was selected because it helped us to stay in a domain and to dig deep into the project staying inside the boundary. The domain model helps to protect the threat of code duplicate. Another important reason for us to choose this model was that it is much comprehensive. It explains all the requirements and actors of one project without the chances of mess creation. On the other hand, among all the design choices, we chose relational schema because it provides structural independence and is easy to use. Also, data is presented independently in this design and proved to be saleable, which can be amended and used for other projects.

Difference Between Theory and Practice

There is a significant difference between theory and practice. One can get all the technical skills by learning all the ideas and develop an understanding of all the concepts, but there will be no benefit of learning all these theoretical concepts if one does not know how to apply them and what are the real uses of those concepts. It is believed that theory assumes an outcome while the practice allows the person to test the theory practice and see if it works (Chatfield, 2013). Referring to our project, we focused more on learning the things which will help us to develop the real project. The design which we selected for our project was quite helpful for us because they were made by us after spending a lot of time learning and understanding the things deeply. Also, I find them to be accurate enough as they are depicting all the entities of the project so comprehensively. The relational schema for our project gone very well as it contained all the tables to be entered into the database and their entities in detail. The depiction of foreign and primary keys in the relational schema explained the flow of the project too much extent too. On the other hand, the Domain model proved helpful for the development team because it had all the classes with attributes. The relationships among the types were the most beneficial thing during the entire project.

Individual Role Reflections

After observing all the weekly reflections depicting all the roles at once, the individual role reflections can be deduced. First of all, I (Gurpreet Kaur) decided to work as a system analyst. My role was significant as I was the one who had to develop project designs after consultation with Satveer Kaur, who is the business analyst. We both had to create the perfect project designs so that the development team comprising of Haydon and Taha, who was the software developer, could work on them. Individually, we used in our domain very hard and tried our best to deliver the best project at the time of submission. To achieve this purpose, we conducted many meetings where our project manager and technical writer James, assisted us in most things. Whenever we had to discuss something important for our project, we conducted a meeting and discussed all of the inputs to clarify. I should also mention that all group members put their complete efforts to make this project a success. The software developers were developing the front and back end of the project while we were continuing with the design specifications. I faced some of the issues while performing my duties for this project, but went through it successfully. The roles played by every individual was accurate enough as everyone was giving their complete input. The theory also helped us a lot to carry on without project because there were many terms which we needed to research about before bringing them into practice. Next time when we will do any project, I think that I will try my potential as the project manager as I want to observe what things I can learn if complete responsibility of managing project comes over me. During the entire project, things went smoothly and every individual took the responsibility of their tasks. So, I don’t think anything went wrong during the entire period of project development.

Lessons Learned During the Project

During the project and its entire process, my whole group and I had a lot to learn. First of all, I want to mention that all the learning we achieved is based on real experiences, and none of them are hypothetical. If you came to know that theory can not help a person gain knowledge, a practical or experience can. Therefore, in the entire journey of project development, I learned how to work with a group and coordinate with each other to ask for help or to help others. My communication skills got far better than it was before, as we had to speak up in a group and discuss the project concerns with each other.

Another thing I learned is that helping others with learning is very beneficial for a person himself too. Times came during this process when my group members were not able to continue with a thing and asked for guidance. I tried my best to help them and provide them with understanding. In return, I feel that I have learned a lot of things too. Decision- making and then fixing the problem based on that decisions are things I learned so far. My problem-solving skills are enhanced to a considerable level.

Effectiveness in Role

I observe in my role that it was not a major one like the project manager or software developer, but being a system analyst, I think that my position was the base of all other roles. The design specifications which I had to develop and then pass on to the development group. Other group members have to wait for designs so that they can start working on the project. Therefore, the project on which we were doing could not continue if I was not able to provide the right design for them. From here, the effectiveness of my role is apparent. Also, while working on this project, is a system analyst, I had to monitor all the activities and problems so that we can discuss it and solve the problem.

References for Time Series Analysis

Buitinck, L., Louppe, G., Blondel, M., Pedregosa, F., Mueller, A., Grisel, O., ... & Layton, R. (2013). API design for machine learning software: experiences from the scikit-learn project. arXiv preprint arXiv:1309.0238.

Chatfield, C. (2013). The analysis of time series: theory and practice. Springer.

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