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Describe the Star Wars Fan Base as A Cultural Phenomenon

The multi-film Star Wars saga of science fiction by George Lucas has greatly shaped contemporary mainstream culture. References to the Star Wars have a broader influence on mainstream culture in many English speaking countries. Identification of the key characters and concepts of Star Wars are rendered incidentally, believing that some would recognize the comparison. Many attempts made in the field of science fiction, especially in film, have now become apparent in the original Star Wars trilogy, in the scope of sequels, spin-offs, games, etc it created (The Rock Pit, 2014). In American society, noises, pictures, and even the famous music of films have become essential components. In this assignment, insight has been given to how the big franchise of star wars made a huge impact on the fan base.

Star Wars is profoundly embedded in the mainstream culture, reflecting both memorable and contemporary values and thoughts. The Star Wars is broadly considered as the most powerful film franchisee throughout the entire existence of film and has created a fan base among millions. Numerous generations have grown up with gallant tales, powerful spaceships, thrilling battles, and extraterrestrial creatures (Guynes & Hassler-Forest, 2017). While the basic crowd grasped the films for their sheer amusement esteem, critics have regularly attempted to deconstruct the way of thinking that rises above the innovative wonders. 

Star Wars became a cultural phenomenon when the film A New Hope in the year 1977 hit the theatres. The Star Wars series has since the release of the film has established itself as a huge icon in the world of pop culture. Star Wars became more popular with its shows, books, cartoon videos, etc. Almost all the entire books, plays, TV programs, etc., received good feedback and more followers in the younger generations. The film franchise became the 5th highest-grossing movie series overall for the entire 6 film variations and from there on the Star Wars movies has developed a large fan base. Star Wars' cultural phenomenon is the result of the visuals used to render Episode IV successful: a Fresh Hope, rendered Star a cultural sensation (Elovaara, 2013). The visual dynamics and appeals used in the film were advanced of that period, revolutionizing the sci-fi genre. Along with the sequels and the prequels' anticipation, Star Wars has become a global sensation and global symbol.

With the wide world of TV series, books, and comics, "Space Wars" has gained a follow-up beyond the cinema. Although all of this extra content has been excluded from the official continuity since the latest trilogy was released, the latest storylines and spin-offs are still being dreamed up. There are too many viewpoints from which people will get closer to it than videos. The tale manages to fascinate the nation despite 40 years of the "Star Wars," entertaining young and old audiences alike. Few film series may have such an enduring influence inside society. While it is an incredibly remote galaxy, the story nevertheless suits people around the world with significance and enthusiasm. Star Wars itself, since it is a constant in the wider mainstream culture, is a cultural phenomenon in its nature (Zyck, 2017).

The first trilogy regarded good and evil as supreme substances. The Jedi and the rebels were depicted as the harbingers of light and flourishing while the Empire was malevolent. The conflict between them was of fanciful extents, with confidence, reclamation, and war all meeting up to build the account. This is contradictory to the prequel trilogy. Return of the Jedi that presented ethical equivocalness through Darth Vader, who needed to pick between his confidence and his child (Benson, 2020). Yet, his reclamation toward the end was very straightforward. Han Solo also is an average character a rebel with a kind nature. He is a brave however skeptical wannabe who acts simply out of personal responsibility. Yet, toward the end, he provides Luke with some much-needed help out of empathy for his comrade. Solo has a slight dash of a cowboy, depends on his courage to get away from dubious circumstances, and is a type of a womanizer. Princess Leia speaks to womanliness in Star Wars. In the primary film, she is portrayed as a maid in trouble trusting that a legend will save her an old-style method of review a female character. Rather than lessening the nature of the motion pictures, these original characters make them relatable and unique. While the scale and degree is epic. The Empire speaks to a severe military autocracy in the Star Wars films. This is maybe an inference to Nazi Germany or post-World War II Soviet Union. The arrangement and ascent of the Empire from the remains of the Republic are additionally like the functions in Germany in 1933 (Spark Notes, 2019). The Empire concedes no polite freedoms and fiercely suppresses all voices against it. The homogeneity of appearance and activities of the huge number of Stormtroopers splendidly catches how instruments of publicity work in an undemocratic culture. The Force Awakens has brought sex parity to the franchisee. Princess Leia is the solitary female character in a universe of men in the first trilogy (Guynes & Hassler-Forest, 2017). The producers attempted to portray her as a free lady. Lastly, her progress from a completely secured to an inadequately clad symbol at Jabba the Hutt's sanctum in Return of the Jedi stays a notable picture of the male dream even today. 

Star Wars is also considered a cultural phenomenon among the fan base due to its mined blowing breakthrough and huge global cultural influence. The Star Wars has gained its presence in cultural phenomenon due to its inspiration and advancement in social media platforms. The Star Wars also recognize the filmmakers and genre to show concerns over their potential. The Star Wars have inspired the scientific name of organisms. However, Star Wars is used in public due to its convenience for communication (The Charger, 2017). Furthermore, it enables the region to modify and version their beliefs based on Star Wars as a concept of the living things' energy field. Star Wars demonstrates the link connection between its fans and the community.

The social and cultural impact of Star Wars led to the understanding of how films have a role in shaping and influencing various aspects of society. In this analogy, that is why there has been continued production of Star Wars either as animation, cartoon or through direct references and acknowledgment by other movies and series. These different works and homage are to Star Wars enhance an understanding of what the film has been able to have such cultural phenomenon and influence in the world (Discover, 2015). Star Wars dramatically changed the styles and narratives of Hollywood movies, shifting the focus of Hollywood-made movies from intense, substantive stories focused on putting pressure, themes, and irony to sprawling special-effect-charged blockbusters, as well as radically changing the Hollywood film industry. 

Thus, it can be concluded that a movie like star wars has helped in shaping the mindsets of people, for instance, Princess Leia saving Luke changed the stereotypical mindset that only men cannot play the hero but even women have the capacity to do it. It has helped in making people aware that there is much more in the movie business than the same kind of movies. It has enabled in giving a new direction to the movies and how they can shape a large fan base among millions of people and in all sorts of generations.

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