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Introduction to Functional Areas of Management - Question 1

Marketing is basically the activities that are adopted by any company to promote the act of buying and selling of any product or service that they are producing or even just selling. Marketing involves all kinds of actions like selling, advertising as well as delivering the product or service to the consumer or the customer. The marketing professionals who work for the corporation always seek for more and more attention for the product that they are selling or advertising. They adapt various ways to promote their product and to target the audience. Some of the ways include using catchy slogans and phrases for the product that they are selling or promoting, using attractive packaging and graphic designs for their product, using media as a source for the wider exposure of their product or service (Prasad, 2016). There are different industries or rather entities in which these marketing professionals work and are responsible for taking all types of marketing decisions in the company. A marketing professional is someone who has all the skill that is required to handle all sorts of marketing decisions in a company. There are various industries in which these marketing professionals take up all the responsibility for marketing. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Admission representative: in the college and educational industry marketing plays a very important role. In such entities the marketing professionals do research and keep the knowledge about the industry so that it becomes easier for them to target the audience and approach them. In this industry the professional first tries to attract the audience. For example if a marketing professional belongs to a college then they will have everything done which is youth oriented whereas when they are from a play school they try to ;approach the parents (Zohir, 2020). So this way it becomes easier for them to track and approach the audience they want. They build up strategies to promote their institute and to bring more admissions. The marketing head is also responsible for a better research on the audience as well as the field so that they can hit the spot. St. Xaviers is such an institute that has its reach across the nation. It is basically the way this institute is marketed and advertised that it could reach out to all the people and attract them with their facilities and type of education that they provide.
  • Branding: in the industry of brands and products marketing plays a vital role as in the market it is very important to maintain the brand’s name and provide the service needed by the consumer. If we take the example of the products launched by Apple people trust this product just by the name. It is because the marketing professional working in Apple knows how to maintain the brand brand image by giving satisfactory service and product to their customers. All the famous brands use marketing strategies to sustain in the market and for that the marketing professional has to have the knowledge of all kinds of marketing research, the advertisements required for the brand, ways to develop the product in the market and has to keep an eye on all sorts of techniques carried out during marketing (Ben Yahia,Touiti et al. 2016). Marketing is basically selling the brand to the consumer as with the help of marketing not only good profit can be made by the industries by they also create a trustworthy image in front of the audience so that the consumer tends to choose their specific brand in future also.
  • Media: marketing professionals in the media industry have to have additional skills than the normal marketing heads as in media they have to analyse all sorts of viewing, reading, listening and all the surfing patterns of their audience (Uysal, 2017). The marketing planner in the field of media has to have the idea to attract the audience for viewing their channel or page. In media now-a-days it is very important to keep their content ahead of the others so the marketing professionals plan the strategies accordingly so that the viewer gets the type of content and analysis that they are demanding for (Velissariou and Gkou Gkou Litsas, 2019). Let's take the example of the most viewed and known media industry in India that is the Times group. It has its hands over print, electronic as well as the online platform. Therefore it has basically become a brand when it comes to this industry so it is basically the plans and the evaluation of the marketing head who made it possible to reach such a vast audience and maintain its image.

Introduction to Functional Areas of Management - Question 2

Work specialisation if defined properly is basically the division of the labour in any organisation. It is quite helpful for the manager of any organisation as it becomes easier for them to take up any complex task or work and break it down into smaller bits of work allotted to different individuals so that they can complete the work. It makes the complicated tasks easy to understand and complete (Fernandes, de Oliveira Lima et al. 2020). Work specialisation allows or makes every employee of the organisation to have a better analysis and be an expert on what they are doing. In particular if we talk about work specialisation it is observed that it turned out to be quite beneficial in the field of manufacturing. The work is divided among the workers step by step till the product is exported by the company and is ready to be sold. It is seen that most organisations have an overall structure of how the workflow will go thus every department has their own work that they have to deal with and people are selected according to their skills and abilities in those departments and are accordingly allotted the work. So basically this is where we see how work specialisation is beneficial. In the industry the concept of work has emerged with time as the company decides about the responsibility that each specific department has to carry which suits their work specialisation. Since this concept has developed a lot and has been adapted by almost all the organisations it has turned out to be quite beneficial for the organisation in a lot of aspects such as its helped in defining the skills of the employee and knowing their strengths (Bredeche, Montanier et al. 2017). The evolution of work specialisation also showed an upward growth for the organisation that adapted this concept. The organisation also witnessed betterment or rather improvement in the quality of the product and also showed excellent results. Since the past few years most organisations have observed how rapidly this concept has been adapted by all the organisations and how much it proved to be useful for almost every organisation (Romão and Nijkamp, 2019). With the evolution of work specialisation and the benefits of it in organisation, they also have some cons such as the person gets to master only one skill though they become an expert in it but they get restricted to just one field.

There are various reasons why specialisation has been adapted by the organisation. Some of the reason are pointed below:

  • It made the employees able to be an expert on any degree or a specific task that they are slightly more interested in doing. This helped them in knowing their strength and adapting and completing the task easily that is allotted to them.
  • With the help of specialisation it is seen that the organisation observed a higher level in terms of productivity therefore dividing the work made the production simpler and easier and in a short span the company can easily reach a larger target.
  • The employees get job security as they specialise in certain fields and according to the requirement of the organisation and the organisation needs them for the working and processing therefore they tend to have job security in case they have a special skill in any field they are working.
  • When the work is divided among the categories and then allotted to the specific individual then there are chances that the company or organisation reach the target easily and make profit. So there is a higher rate of potential as well as profit if specialisation is done (Espinosa and Rubenstein, 2018).
  • When some specialise in something they can provide the target market with a superior value proposition which in a way turns out to be very beneficial for the organisation by keeping up a good market value and position of the organisation.
  • When a person specialises they can lighten the work by reducing the learning curve. When someone focuses on only one or two fields, the employee can find it easier to focus on time and can give all the attention to that specific area.
  • If a person specialises in a certain field then they have the authority to comment on the topic that they have specialised in.
  • Specialisation also helps in making better networks around. Better networking helps in getting better opportunities and it also results in making a better circle in which the business runs. It also helps in making up a profitable relationship with the dealers as well as the consumers and customers.

Reference for The Marketing of Religious Tourism

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