• Subject Name : Management

Technology Management - Part 1

Question 1: How has technology affected our life, education system, and business? What are some of the benefits and costs of technology? Explain.

As per the reports, the average millennial buys the smartphone or android phone 150 times a day. This is called over dependence on technology which is known as technology addiction. If the technology overused the it affects the grain system, anxiety increases and the people get into depression, people they to attempt suicide but only in the case of overusing it. As excess of everything is bad. It has bad and good affects both, if use in the moderation.

If talk about Business purpose, technology has important effects on business. It provides both kinds of benefit to the organisation both tangible and intangible, helps in making the more money and generate the results as per the demands of the customers. Technological infrastructure influences the efficiency, culture and relationships of a company. It also influences the confidential data and advantages of trade.

Technology provides greater accessibility of all the needs to make the education system better. It increased the flexibility to enhance accessibility. The interaction among students and teachers become very good.

The benefits of technology are numerous. If talk about the robot of mini medical, this report helps in eliminating the unwanted objects from the body. This mini robot can help as it is stuffed with pills and dissolve these capsules remotely into the human body. So new technology saves time and also reduce the cost for business.

Question 2: Identify and explain with examples (at least) the three trends of technological development with examples in the global level.

  1. Artificial intelligence

AI is a buzz word that received a lot of popularity in recent times. It effects the life of people, how people work. Artificial intelligence is where all the things become automation. AI helps in learning the computers to complete the tasks according to the programming done with it. It is the superset of machine learning.

  1. Machine learning

It is an application of artificial Intelligence. In this, computers are learned to do those things that they are not programmed to do. In this, computers learn to discover the patterns without instructions and without being encoded. It includes natural language processing, neural networks, and deep learning.

  1. Edge computing

As the data is increasing day by day so the cloud become short to store the data in some conditions. Edge computing is designed in such a manner that it helps in solving the problem of data quantity by bypassing the latency that is caused by cloud computing. It is used to process the data which is time sensitive.

Question 3: Discuss the categories and components of Technology Assessment

Technology assessment is an interactive, scientific and a process of communicating and its main goal is to form the political and public opinion with the social aspects of technology and science. This is the advanced mean to assess and rate the new technologies at the time of its development to the moment that it was possibly accepted by all the public and private authorities to use further. In more fine terms, it is a form of research policy that helps in examining the short- and long-term repercussions of the technology applications. The main categories are ethical, societal, economic and legal.

Technology Management - Part 2

The name of the presenter is Anne Lamott. She is a novelist and essayist. The aired date of the show is April, 2017. The title of the show is “12 truths I learned from life and writing”. The place is Vancouverbc. She was born in 1954. She is an amazing speaker. In the video she told that how she learned a lot of things by inspiring herself to the writing. The major ideas of innovations are just to keep trying, it does not matter how much hard you tried but you have to keep trying until and unless reached the goal. She is a very positive lady. The first thing that she revealed is that, all truth is paradox. The new ideas that she presented in the video is that achieve the things and keep experimenting a lot of times unless you get the desired output. People need to get out of their comfort zone for achieving something. If someone wants to do anything then it is impossible to stop this person if he/she really want to achieve something. So, take action now to fulfil the desired goals.

Technology Management - Part 3

  1. Why are companies interested in investing internationally? What are the pros and cons of expanding markets globally?

The companies are interested in investing internationally because it helps the company in increasing the consumer base across the world and if the consumer base increases, automatically the company grows exponentially. People come forward to invest the Vodafone if it is known at global level. It increased the global growth. Company always stay ahead in terms of competition. The cons for expanding the market globally can be, the cost of establishing is very high and the procedure becomes very expensive, cultural barriers and practices of businesses, and it is tough to manage the international employees in terms of payroll obligations and HR.

  1. Explain how market economies benefit from technological innovation.

There are some common benefits from technological innovation that Vodafone and American Anglo get are;

  1. It helps in creating the direct jobs.
  2. It helps in contributing to the GDP. As per study, 3.4 percent of overall GDP accounts because of internet in some economies. people sell the products online and people advertise the products online.
  3. Various services become available online with the help of internet, and the cloud computing is the one important factor for modernization.
  4. The internet is the most common and innovative ways to promote the products and services of the business and reaching to the consumers.
  1. Evaluate the impact of the M-PESA system on a small business in developing countries.

The small businesses like American Anglo view the mobile payment mode is much easier with respect to the cash delivery mode from their suppliers and business companions. M PESA system us very reliable, affordable and personal that can be used anywhere and that too anytime. This helps in operating the transaction with the suppliers and customers directly with the help of smart phone without going to the physical bank and without leaving the company premises. The main important fact is that the system does not depend on any physical infrastructure like wires of phone. It is a very speedy process to transfer the money in any business like Vodafon. It is very easy for the small businesses in developing countries to control the business with the help of mobile accounts and they can access accounts anytime and anywhere whenever required.

  1. Explain how product and process developments enable a large company like Anglo American to sustain its market position.

The development of global products helps in reconfiguring the development of products activities of Vodafone and Anglo American in many parts across the globe just to maximize the productivity and reducing the risks. The offshore and outshore is the major facts of the internationalization of activities and most of the tasks involved in the procedure that mainly revolves around the primary tasks:

  • Activities related to marketing that helps in identifying the documents of the requirements of customer
  • Designing, analysing and refining the ideas about new products
  • Concepts regrading engineering activities
  • Sustaining tasks that help in making the ongoing products refined and changed.
  • Tasks such as maintaining process, operations, manufacturing of documents and planning the activities.

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