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Brand with Purpose

Table of Contents

Introduction & Background.

Organizational Strategy.

Culture Recommendations.

Marketing Recommendations.

Proposal Summary.


1. Introduction & Background of 

Despite the successful history of the company for over forty years, there are a few challenges that are faced by the company in the last few years. These challenges include:

  • Lack of awareness, low differentiation, and lack of appeal amongst the potential clients of the company that have no experience in any of the operating markets of Firefly.
  • Low-level engagement of staff and issues in the recruitment especially of the younger staff and hiring of the millennials and junior employees.
  • Lack of coordination and unity amongst current employees and staff within the diverse network of offices in Canada and overseas.

An individual, as well as an organization, can define a purpose for themselves. For an individual employee or a worker in an organization, purpose can be defined as a belief that is given by the work to create a difference in a way that derives meaning to that person (Izzo & Vanderwielen, 2018). It is that element of the work which is not only about earning a salary or having a particular status in society, but it is about a sense that there is a meaning attached to the work itself underlined with a feeling that the job is creating a positive impact on the society as well as personal values of the individual (Izzo & Vanderwielen, 2018).

Purpose can be defined for an organization as an aspirational reason for brining improvements in life now and also in the future (Izzo & Vanderwielen, 2018). These benefits are associated with all the stakeholders including customers, society, and also the planet.

A purposeful organization is an organization that has developed its whole enterprise depending on this basic reason for existence (Izzo & Vanderwielen, 2018). The organization may be involved in the manufacturing of products, providing services, and generating profits. However, the entire system of the organization must keep in mind this need to bring a positive change in the life of customers, staff, society as well as the present and future environment (Izzo & Vanderwielen, 2018).

Although the primary concern for any organization is to generate maximum profits but the organizations must accomplish a certain purpose by serving the customers for getting profits (Chakraborty & Ganguly, 2019). However, in today's time, many businesses are not connected with their sense of purpose and their main business goal is to generate maximum profits instead of analyzing the level of accomplishment of the needs of their customers or who they serve (Hanaysha, 2016).

The following are the objectives that Firefly needs to work upon to become a purposeful organization:

  • Create awareness among the present as well as potential clients, educate them using the differentiation strategy of the organization to make them understand the work of the organization and how it will create value for them and bring a positive change in their lives (Hanaysha, 2016).
  • Work for creating engagement among the staff and formulating recruitment solutions regarding the hiring of the younger staff (Chakraborty & Ganguly, 2019).
  • Developing unity among the employees and promoting linkages between the staff working in different offices of the network such as in Canada and other overseas countries (Wilson, 2017).

2. Organizational Strategy

Firefly is an environmental consulting firm with its offices in diverse countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Botswana, Calgary, and so on. The company makes use of its passion and expertise in the fields of environment, scientific and technical to assist their clients in creating sustainable and socially responsible infrastructure and conserving natural resources and power projects. The company has been successfully working for the last forty years. However, it has been recently facing some challenges in particular departments and employee-related aspects of the organization. 


Purpose: To provide solutions for the clients in developing sustainable and socially responsible infrastructure, natural resources, and power projects.


  • To be an asset to our communities and try to fulfil the client's expectations by being their valued partner (Hanaysha, 2016).
  • Will take responsibility for any project regardless of its size (Horak, 2017).
  • To provide a differentiated offering by returning a value.
  • Work for the clients sustainably.
  • Follow environmentally friendly practices in our work.

Core Values:

Firefly is an environmental consulting firm and has certain values that work as the foundation of the organization. These significant values guide the firm in making decisions to support the clients, employees, and other stakeholders (Chakraborty & Ganguly, 2019).

Mutually-Beneficial Relationships

  • Respect everyone and value differences
  • Build strong and honest relationships

Commitment and Accountability

  • Accomplish responsibilities
  • Strive for growth in profits
  • Ensure to do the right thing, each time (Rezapouraghdam, Alipour & Arasli, 2019).

Learning and Development

  • The consistent growth of talents and abilities
  • Develop career-related opportunities
  • Take part in our professional organization

Excellence in work

  • Improvement in quality and encourage sustainability (Ji, Li & Wang, 2017).
  • Delivery of innovative solutions (Horak, 2017)
  • Enhance ideas and new ways of thinking.

3. Culture Recommendations

The following are the two key programs that can help in building a purpose-driven culture in the organization. They will help in improving current employee productivity, employee recruitment process, in the engagement of employees, and empowering unity among the staff.

  1. Start activating Purpose

There are three ways in which the companies and leaders can know and start using their higher purpose:

  • They must realize that their business is their cause (Ji, Li & Wang, 2017).
  • They try to fit their purpose to their work
  • They start activating the personal purpose of employees.

Mostly, every business has an inherent purpose, that its products and services have a potential in them to make the world a better place in some way. In the case of Firefly too, the business is helping the clients by fulfilling their infrastructural needs but in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way (Ji, Li & Wang, 2017). In the same way, each organization begins with a cause to provide solutions to their clients and must have a mission for leading their purpose. They must focus more on what they are, what are they doing, and where they are going. Knowing about the business and always committing to its values is the beginning to frame a company’s higher purpose (Popli & Rizvi, 2016).

  1. Make employees ambassadors for your goodwill

As the employees have many opportunities in their daily lives to convey the purpose of our brand and it is also very evident that there is much probability that consumers will be able to trust and believe them more than the marketing efforts of the company (François-Lecompte, Bertrandias & Bernard, 2017). Therefore, the company should put more effort into helping the team to understand and believe in the purpose and work of the company. Some of the companies are involved in this practice a lot as compared to others who do not pay much attention to it. The employees at Hewlett-Packard informed that at the time of employee orientations, the HR folks and leaders stress the efforts of the company related to the sustainability and social responsibility and link it directly to the founding story of the company (Izzo & Vanderwielen, 2018). The company always wanted the employees to focus on the purpose of the brand since the very beginning of their tenure. The company refers to its goals, values, and objectives by the name of "the HP Way". Based on it, the company shows its commitment towards employees by providing them promotions and rewarding them based on their performance and by building an environment that reflects the values of the company (Izzo & Vanderwielen, 2018).

Both the above-discussed programs can help in engaging the employees and establishing unity among the staff by making them aware of the purpose of the company and how their work is producing benefits for all the stakeholders. The employee recruitment of young employee will also become easy when the company establishes brand value as it helps in attracting more youngsters as everyone likes to work in a firm which is socially responsible and working for the conservation of the environment while serving their customers (François-Lecompte, Bertrandias & Bernard, 2017).

4. Marketing Recommendations

Brand awareness is used to make consumers identify and remember your business (Shabbir, Khan & Khan, 2017). The greater the brand awareness of the business, the more audiences will be familiar with the logo, message, and the products/services offered by the company. Brand awareness is a wide term which involves ways to inform people about what your business has to offer to its customers (Shabbir, Khan & Khan, 2017). It helps the audience to understand, remember, and become comfortable with the company's offerings (Lee, Park, Song & Yook, 2017).

Different ways can be used by businesses to build brand awareness:

  1. Partner with influencers to review your brand and create content

If there are some issues in connecting with the target audience, then there is another way to reach them by using their reliable and favourite creators and influencers (Shahid, Hussain & Zafar, 2017). The consumers nowadays are much influenced by and trust recommendations from influencers as compared to the traditional ways of advertising or even the endorsements done by celebrities. Hence, the businesses can begin influencer-marketing campaigns by locating their industry-related influencers and reaching out to them for partnerships. This can be done by using the hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to view which influencers are involved in your industry related brands (Shahid, Hussain & Zafar, 2017).

The influencers can be used to create content pieces (Shahid, Hussain & Zafar, 2017). They are very well aware of the content which can grab the attention of their audience, and by engaging with them, they will be able to develop such content which is not only attractive but will also help to influence their loyal followers and generate awareness in them about the brand from a source that they trust.

  1. Run Facebook and Instagram ads

The businesses can have a social media presence but are sometimes not able to grow through it. That's when they can make use of content advertising strategies that can help to increase brand awareness to reach those people who might have an interest in your brand (Kim, Choe & Petrick, 2018). This can even include targeting those audiences who have some specific interests and preferences. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can be used for brand awareness campaigns which help in improving reach and remembrance (Kim, Choe & Petrick, 2018). Using such ads, you can target the audiences by using categories such as age, location, gender, and interest as well as devices. This helps in targeting those people who have more chances of converting (Kim, Choe & Petrick, 2018).

Both the brand awareness strategies will help to increase reach and improving brand awareness. They will help in establishing the brand purpose in the minds of the target audience and make them understand how the brand will benefit the clients as well as generate a real, positive social, and environmental impact.

5. Proposal Summary

Firefly is an environmental consulting firm that has been working for the last forty years and is serving client solutions using its passion and expertise in the environment, scientific and technical fields (Ji, Li & Wang, 2017). It has its offices in many countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Botswana, Calgary, and more and has been assisting its clients by developing socially responsible and sustainable infrastructure, natural resources, and power projects. The company has been facing some issues and challenges in creating a purposeful organization, there have been issues in the engagement of employees, unity among the staff and the recruitment process for the younger talents as the company hires most of the young staff. To handle these issues and develop solutions for them, the firm can use two key programs to establish trust and unity in the organization and help the organization to become a purposeful organization (Wilson, 2017). This will help in increasing employee engagement and attract younger talents. The employees will gain a better knowledge of their work and become more committed towards their work which will again be beneficial for the business. The two key strategies for brand awareness will help in gaining the required attention of the potential clients who have no experience with the organization (Shabbir, Khan & Khan, 2017). Using the brand influencers and Facebook as well as Instagram ads will help in increasing brand awareness among the present clients as well as potential clients to increase the earnings and maximize profits of the business. 

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