Discussion: Other Conflict Resolution Methods

Journal used: Lytle, T. (2015, July 13). How to resolve workplace conflicts. Society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved from https://www.shrm.org/hr-today/news/hr-magazine/Pages/070815-conflict-management.aspx

Ans 1) Conflict as described in the article is a crazy song that cannot be removed from head. Workplace conflicts are normal but ignoring them can be costly for the organization. Conflicts are considered as a vital ingredient for the success of organization. But conflicts creating huge issues serve as loss for the organization. There are various resolution methods one of them mentioned in the paper is by conducting a meeting and let the employees talk with each other in a respectful manner. Then after hearing about the conflicts brainstorming should be done and ideas should be written. Than each employee should evaluate the idea and accordingly the next step is taken.

This method can be successful if the conflicts are less severe. Still there are chances that method won’t work because when different ideas are put out and evaluating, it becomes hard to get employees to like the same idea as others are liking. Varied opinions might make it difficult to reach a solution and resolve the conflict.

Ans 2) The method provided in the book is communication for the resolution of conflict. That is different from the above as here 2 parties sit together and then a solution is reached. While, in communication people having conflicts sit together and talk. The difference is in the method suggested brainstorming is done while communication is done and misunderstanding are sought.

These two methods are similar too as in both the methods people communicate about their issues and solution is derived.

Discussion- Developing Negotiation Skills

Ans 1)- There are various traits that are required for doing the negotiation. The one of the basic negotiation skill that is required is to identify the problem and the interest of parties. With that before entering the room of meeting, preparations should be made. Active listening is one of the important trait that should be followed. Both the parties should be listened too. By listening to the issues areas of compromise can be reached. Skilled negotiator will spend time in listening. Also, negotiator should keep its emotions in check. Losing the cool will make the matter worse. Another common trait that persist is clear communication. It is very important to have a clear communication while negotiating so that no misunderstandings occur. Also, a trusting environment should be promoted by the negotiator through ethical standards and reliability. These are certain negotiation skills that are common

Ans 2) To become a successful negotiator two of the most important qualities required in the negotiator are: Effective communication and emotional check while negotiating. 

Ans 3) Effecting communication and emotions in check are the most important skills because if the communication is not appropriate than it will create misunderstanding and also if the people are not communicating than issues will not resolve. In the same manner if while negotiating one loses their cool or get overwhelmed by their emotions than it will become difficult to keep the control on the situation and decisions won’t be taken appropriately.

Discussion: Heirs to an Estate Negotiation- Recapitulation and Evaluation

Ans 1) At the time of negotiation emotions play an important role. It becomes difficult to keep them in check. There are times when listening becomes emotionally exhaustive and emotions pile up. This happened while negotiating. It was a tiring process and understanding the conversation with the same level of patience is a task. Anger was felt at times. But then a solution has to be found out, so these emotions were kept in check and then accordingly negotiations were done. When things go against one’s viewpoint, it becomes difficult to handle the situation as that brings anger which is not a right emotion for negotiation.

Ans 2) Yes, I felt that the negotiations were acceptable as it was made sure that my points are heard. With that while negotiating neutrality has been maintained and the things were carried out as per the rules that were decided like everyone will get a chance to speak their point and the point was listened too. This created an environment of trust and made me feel that the negotiations were done appropriately.

Ans 3)- I agree with the article that procedural fairness influences acceptance as when rules are followed, and environment of trust is created. Neutrality is an important factor. If someone feels that they are not given an equal opportunity or the things are moving against them, than negotiations will fail. So, a procedural fairness is required.

Discussion: Conflict Resolution skills

Conflict refers to a situation of disagreement among the parties. Conflict can be positive and negative for the company depending on its impact. Positive conflicts are those that brings change and innovation in the organization while negative are those that affect the working of the organization. There are various skills that are required for resolving the conflicts. One of the important skill that is required is communication. It is better to have a conversation and get over with the issue rather than stretching it. Another skill that is required is emotional intelligence. The person should have the ability to understand the emotions of other to understand the situation and resolve it. Also it is required that stress is managed in the conflicts. Stress hampers the logical thinking of the person and leads to decision not appropriate for resolving the situation. So, it should be managed. Another skill required is empathy. A person should be empathetically inclined towards the emotions of the others and also keeps their mindset open for understanding the person and resolving the conflict. Impartiality while resolving the conflict is the most important skill. If the person resolving starts taking favors, then the other person will not agree upon anything. They will feel left out which in turn will make the situation worst. Even if there is a past grudge or anything else against any person, it should be kept aside while negotiating. This will help in bringing better resolution of the conflict.

In the same manner negotiation skills should be present while resolving the conflict. These skills will make sure that things are done according to both the person and not only one’s person’s demands are met. Points are required to be put strongly or else no one will follow, which in turn will not resolve the conflicts. Thus, these are certain qualities that are to present while resolving a conflict. It will help in easy negotiation and make the process of conflict resolution easy.

References for The Cost of Conflict

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