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Personal Theorizing of The Importance of Inclusive Education in Schools


Theorizing and Analysis on inclusive education.

Integration of critical literacy into teaching practices.

Differentiation strategies.

Supporting students with disabilities.


Theorizing and Analysis on Inclusive Education

Education mainly comprises in the basic needs and initiatives for the development and progress of every community or society. If we come to talk about inclusive education then it comprises inclusion education of the students who are getting special education because of natural happenings with them because of which they are not able to get facilitated with education of local community standards as well as they face the lack of compromise as well as the learning requirements regarding to the aspects of learning, reading, listening and other disabilities. Due to which they face several issues for getting proper education and knowledge. This type of education is now under practiced in many of the states of the world and although it has importance all over the world in raising education standards and giving qualitative education to the children ignoring their disabilities and treat them like local community to give them a standardize education and to achieve success in their future. Inclusive education should prefer the enforcement of raising children spirits and standard learning as well as teaching standards and make them able to get knowledge in efficient ways. They should promote a caliber and make the interest of parents to get involved in their children matters and affairs and to call a meeting for the parents for transferring different ideas about the child education, their responsibilities and judge their mentality and in which section they are developing interest.

For making the standardize and excellent quality the management of institution and teachers should apply universal qualitative circumstances and designs to make class rooms lovely where child can get interest to go their sit there and take lectures with full attention because of liking the place. Moreover, accessible classrooms attract the students with different beautiful designs and painting and sceneries will be proved as a source of joy and happiness for the students.

 The areas with the lack of education face too many difficulties in every manner of economy knowledge and industrial level they are far away from knowledge and advancement that’s why education is the main component of the society to build up their minds to get on the way of development and prosperity to achieve goals in their life. Without education, a person is like without mind and clothes and although without eyes because an illiterate can’t see things of the world like that person who has knowledge and education brightens his personality and change the scope of thinking. Besides money, and several other facilities necessary for a good living standards, education gives an efficient and excellent ways and methods for the different matters of life whether how much critical they are. Education gives a person a caliber and confidence through which he is able to face and overcome the difficulties.

Regarding the economic and social aspects, the necessity of education is founded in every department of life you will notice the need of education. At national level, many of the schools are there and students get admission there but when a point comes the classification starts where the schools and educational levels are classified. (Anghel, 2018)

Integration of Critical Literacy Into Teaching Practices

 The schools and educational institutions are classified on the basis of education level and level of learning and teaching abilities needed at an efficient level. The faculty needed to be well organized and develop a behavior management plan. They should prefer a standard of learning and teaching the students to teach them the well manners. The students should be given full attention on individual basis in the class and give them friendly environment that they do not feel fear or hesitation while asking something from the teachers. The teachers and facility should need to organize a strict environment in tasks like they should wear proper uniform, complete their homework on daily basis, keep prepare their tests, don’t make noise during the class and should stay attentive during the lecture as well as they need to implement polite behavior too to make students friendly for asking any question from teacher and not be feel hesitated. Moreover, treating students like this will build a standardize intelligence level and they will talk in effluent ways and stay intelligent in any manner.

Inclusive education makes a new methodology and association in excellence of methods of teaching and gives efficient education and make compromised and treat well regarding the children disabilities of learning, reading and writing as compare to the normal people. The main responsibility depends upon the teaching and management faculty that how they treat and apply a responsive behavior towards child and take a pity behavior on them. Faculty plays an efficient role in raising the standards of quality education and also enforces parents to give their children good education and get their child to get ad missioned in a good institution where all the requirements and needs of study are fulfilled by satisficing students through excellence of learning and teaching them in a good manner. These characteristics in a constitution make parents in interest and involvement in the matter of their children and give proper time to their children regarding study and also co-curricular activities. Another thing that can make an exclusive impact in raising education standards as well as facilitating students with a strength of learning under the same roof with same quality and standards of education with the normal ones and feel like they are all same to get maximum potential level and study with their keen interest. The management should contribute in organizing an environment with a standardize background, learning facilities, learning modalities and abilities which are the source of students to feel equally. (Hasan, 2018)

Differentiation Strategies

Differentiation of instructions organizes an atmosphere and environment of teaching, learning and acknowledgement regarding to students of inclusive schools to differentiate among their abilities studying in the same class. Differentiation instructions forms an exclusive methodology which helps the students to achieve success in every manner of learning and help schools and institutions to facilitate all students with the skills of learning and made inclusion prosper and successful. The necessity of differentiation is important because it classifies several methodologies to form environments in which every student can be facilitated with good and efficient learning and make the ways for students to get advantages and facilities of learning. Differentiation is necessary because it makes easy for the students to exist in a knowledge environment and makes inclusive education reliable for the students of both classifications who take the task of going school easy as well as the students who find it difficult. In accordance to promote inclusive education, the students always have differences from one another in many aspects regarding learning, studying, good habits, bad habits, nature and take the things of learning easily by intelligence etc. and these changes are common and found everywhere in every institution or school in students of every classroom but this responsibility is implemented on teachers to keep students far away from differences and make to feel that they are all same. ALLAH has given them minds of same structure and same capacity and every student can learn and achieve their goal but only from the hard work. Faculty and teachers should make organized and develop a management team in which members are added who are in actual responsive and able to make the students and their learning in an accomplished way. The Moto given by the team is to give students an environment where they can exist happily with keen interest. Teachers are needed to raise up the knowledge level of the students and change their mentality to come out from the differentiation among their class fellows on the basis of knowledge, learning efficiency or any other thing and teacher should do this task with honesty and taking it as a duty not as an opportunity or treating the children on irritation basis. Teachers should treat them like as they are their own children and make them efficient to learn easily. (Mag, 2017)

Supporting Students with Disabilities

Basically, students are the source of development and progress of any nation or state and students are only the source to risen the name of state in the whole world so it’s not fair and according to ethical values that we prefer and make difference to treat students better on the basis of disabilities and normal people. It is the responsibility of teachers to evaluate all the students equal in the classroom even in the same room they should make them to feel well that they are equal and same. Teachers should keep the things in their mind that no one is better than the other on basis of whatever a disability or any other thing. Teachers should provide them a supportive environment where there intelligence level increases and by efficient support of class teacher students will learn many things and can get a big collection of knowledge and learning. By doing polite behave and supportive environment by teachers, students will learn more things by asking questions with their open minds and don’t feel harassment or any other thing which makes the students to ask questions without feeling any shame or fear and it will make students intelligence level higher. Teachers should support students in task of learning, reading, writing and teach them religious and cultural things as well as contribute in organizing an environment with a standardize background, learning facilities, learning modalities and abilities which are the source of students to feel equally. Besides learning, the co-curricular activities are also necessary to fresh the mind of students after study and make the mind healthy through playing different games. In activities like playing games, some of the methodologies should be applied and kept in under consideration of children to stay away from several wounds and disorders for the children. Some of the precautionary measures are as like while playing with the ball make it sure a circle should be lined in the playing area in which child is limited to play and not get of there to keep them surrounding in your eyes. Ensure the usage of light things and equipment like bats used in playing should be made lighter and plastic bats are better than the wooden and use plastic balls. Students with disabilities face many kind of disorders and basically as we expect disabled one with any natural disorder but it is wrong because in the present time several disabilities are highlighted for students comprising the lackage of services and non-providence of needed things because of financial issues due to which their parents hardly afford school fee and other expenses rather than the other activities and requirements needed to fulfill to achieve their task. These disabilities are proved more difficult than others because the depression and thoughts of financial disability make students far away from learning and they feel embarrass in the class by comparing with others and not feel equality even sitting closer and in the same roof. These thoughts also waste the mind as well as students attention towards study and learning is transformed to other moral values and things to think every time. So a teacher proves as a best supporter and future builder of the students if it takes like his responsibility not as an opportunity or job matters to take the students on heights of success through his honest thoughts and concern with the students. Teacher should do the career counseling and make students mentally strong like that as they don’t even think about disabilities to take them busy with you. Even there is the disorder in regardance to money, or any physical disability teacher should make such a support to students not even to feel or to think about it. Some fluent methodologies that teachers should follow to make students to read the text on level and read short wording lessons and the difficult words should be repeated by them even two or three times a single word in the same rhythm and same voice. Make it allow to students to repeat and record their reading voice and then listen it to lesson keep sit in mind. Provide facility for repeating and reading the same text over and over to build fluency. (Suzanne, 2015)

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