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Continued Hostility in India Pakistan Relations Has Contributed to The Growth of Terrorism in Indian Sub Continent

Pakistan and India are the two neighboring countries that have a familiar background and culture in the way that they should have the warmest relationship but on the contrary, the relationship between both the countries has been hostile all the time over major political as well as geographical issues. India and Pakistan have in the past negotiated on different issues including the fights over Siachen, Tulbul with very little amount of achievement on the same. The representatives of both the countries met and had the debate on the issues keeping their point in front of the other and vice versa. Kashmir is very crucial between both the States over which they have fought multiple times. But now the hostile relationship between the two countries has started affecting the subcontinents, contributing to the growth of terrorism in the Indian Sub- Continent (Yaseen and Muzaffar 2016). The research will further reflect the light upon the hostility between India and Pakistan and its repercussions under various forms

On July 1st, 2016, Bangladesh Captured headlined all around for the terrorist attack that it experienced in decades. The IS claimed responsibility for the same, but there was no evidence that claimed that there was an involvement of a terrorist outfit. Bangladesh can become the future source of Jihadi manpower with possibilities of ramifications on the other nations of the South Asian region. As per a study conducted by the Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Securities study (BIPSS) the focus of the majority of terrorist outfits is to use and recruit the youth for carrying out terrorist activities. Bangladesh Human rights organization Odhihkar concluded that there has been killing of over 2000 people since 2001 because of the counter-terrorism unit. Bangladesh border with Indian and china have also challenged terrorism mostly through the flow of unwanted funds, Bangladesh’s (The rise of political and islamist terrorism in Bangladesh n.d.)

Jihadist groups have been raising funds through Drug trafficking and others by other illegal means.

India has emerged a part of the local politics of almost the entire boundary sharing Countries where sentiments and practices against India are taken in use to support the nationalist credentials of various government formations. The existence of an international terrorist group is a threat to both nations. The current deterioration of the treatment of minorities by the Indian Government, in recent years, has contributed to the growth of anti-India rhetoric. Bangladesh took a pro-India stance after its formation in 1971 because India became an activist in Bangladesh’s fight for of liberation against Pakistan. Terrorist groups have been exploiting anti-Indian religious as well as sentiments in Bangladesh. These groups have framed the Indian framework in such a way that they have portrait the policies as non-colonist attempts by non-Muslims to defeat Muslims. (Siyech Mohammad sinan 2018). 

Bangladesh, in terms of culture, economics, language, political, and the region is very common with India. But, New Delhi’s relations with Dhaka have been neither good and have been always close to disputes. Bangladesh came under military and pseudo-democratic rulers. Therefore the relationship between the two nations from that point of time has been never that good, they have always been strained. (RAO 2012)

AQIS (Al Qaeda in the subcontinent titled “Code of Conduct”) have framed India’s influence on combing Bangladeshi policies as a threat on Muslim community. Moreover, it also stated that the country’s water-distribution and sharing practices have been framed in a way to deprive the Muslim population of their rights (Code of Conduct : Al-Queda in the subcontinent 2018).

In Bangladesh, anti-Indian Sentiments have made terrorist such as Babu Bhai, who was a madrassa- an educated person who was a part of Harkat ul Jihad Bangladesh as a Chief bomb specialist with the motive of exploding the Babri Masjid. Indian Policymakers are worried about the activities of the Bangladeshi Islamists. Growing illegal Immigration into India and by Cooperating with Pakistani’s ISI-D against India and cooperating Pakistan is targeting India, are few of the contentions made by the Indian Policymakers. New York Magazine it its article dated January 23, 2005, written by Eliza Griswold also stated that the rise of Islamic militants groups in Bangladesh and there a possible connection with the US is a concern for the USA government. Even India has a concern regarding the involvement of Bangladesh in the northeast which could cause more Pakistan involvement. The area of India next to Bangladesh has experienced major political tension and internal frustration. (Ganguly 2006).

China is taking advantage of the terrorism between the nations. China president Xi jinping signed investment agreement with Dhaka worth approx. $20 billion with Bangladesh. China is also improving terms with Pakistan to form alliance against India.

The proxy war that is on the verge of taking part between India and Pakistan and Afghanistan seeks to confine the power of military groups with anti-India agenda (Like the Taliban) and has reacted to this by being a part of the anti-Indian activities of the groups in order to confine the Indian Influence. As per many theories Taliban provides Pakistan with strategic analysis against the historic enemy, a nation many times broad and vast, more dense , and even more prosperous. The other countries are now focused on Afghanistan because the famous Taliban activities in the southern Pashtun region of Afghanistan are serving as centers for international territorial activities and all the territorial activities of the Taliban are funded and supported by sympathizers in Pakistan. Moreover, India has also increased its contribution as well as Afghanistan since the break of the Structure in 2001, but most of the territorial activities happening in Afghanistan are supported and funded by the Pakistani terrorist groups. Terrorism in South Asia is a problem which is increasing day by day because of the terrorist group who are reaching and spreading at a fast rate across State Boundaries. The US is now focused more on promoting regional cooperating between the three counties India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and is also trying to improve its relationship with New Delhi without spoiling its relationship with Islamabad. If an action is not taken to achieve regional stability then there will be high possibilities of religion tension between the three-nation and not safe for the countries that possess nuclear weapons and the method and ways to deliver them. (2008).

 India and Pakistan have always had hostile relationship from the time of independence only on many issues whether they are political, regional, and geographical and the main topic of conflict was Kashmir. But now the involvement of the Indian subcontinents is also of great issue of tension and the necessary steps have to be taken up by the respective Government in order to reduce the same. One of the action taken by the Government of India was the Introduction of CAA (citizenship Amendment Act) in the year 2020 only, in order to restrict or impose restrictions of the illegal migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan which was highly protected by the people state it to be a violation of Article 14 of the fundamental rights that are given by the constitution of India. Moreover Pakistan supporting Afghanistan and forming Anti-national Indian Groups is also a matter of great concern. The Interference of India in Bangladesh’s Domestic affairs has stopped upon to garner sympathy and support. Whereas Indo- Pakistan relationships have sought to capitalize the terrorist outfits. Bangladesh Nationalists party has blind faith to alliances such as JMB (Jamaat-ul- Bangladesh) which have made their targets on India and in Bangladesh also. In Bangladesh anti-Indian sentiments have made terrorist such as Babu Bhai who joined Jihad Bangladesh as a chief Bomb Specialist. AQIS takes control over the Muslims OD south Asia, in order to form organizations that are alleged to be misleading the minorities section of the nation.

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi made a policy after the time when the Uri terrorist attack, in order to remove terrorism from the subcontinent. Just like India, other South Asia country also suffers from the terrorism which is being made up and sponsored by Pakistan. Modi make a statement that there is no ‘good’ or no ‘bad’ when terrorism is done or when people take the walk of becoming a terrorist. While most of the big powers are supporting Narendra Modi for his anti- terrorism strategy, Indian’s neighbor is completely supporting the same. Regional Corporation with neighboring states is the fore-font to fight against terrorism.

The world never remains the same; it keeps on changing with the passage of time. Similarly the relationship between India and Pakistan has evolved with the passage of time but they are still living under the roof of tension, fear, mistrust, and suspicion. There is a gap between legitimacy and efficiency. The Ups and downs in the relationship of India and Pakistan and now the aim is to reorientate India Pakistan relationship because Afghanistan is deeply affected by the same. South Asian counties should corporate with neighboring states in order to hinder future cross-Border terrorism. This can be achieved if there is good democracy and governance among the nation. Pakistan’s proximity to Afghanistan made it a candidate for its alliance with the US. Therefore, the relationship between India and Pakistan can be improved by a bilateral agreement or maybe a foreign mediation between the nations in order to avoid terrorism and improve the relationship between them.

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