• Subject Name : Management

Team Management - Questions 1

  1. Develop a learning plan for suburban real estate agency that has a sales team of six people and a property management team of three people. There is also a receptionist, a part-time accounts person and the licensee-in-charge.

The following shows the learning plan table for the real estate agency to work in a team and to enhance their communications skills to attract more client:


Work as a Team and boosting of team management skills and communication skills

Target Person/Group

Potential customers to whom real estate company wants to sell their services and products

Learning Needs

To improve time management, team management skills, to communication skills to work properly in a team intending to develop a proper personal plan, to align business plan, to develop a competitive business plan in order to target the desirable market.

Training type

3 workshops in office off-time


Real estate office




Reviewing the allocated Assessment tasks and downtime reviewing after the training 

  1. Consider your current on previous workplace:
  • Identify three high priority learning and development needs of the organization:
  1. Development of the staff, procedures, and policies to increase the effectiveness, productivity, as well as sustain competencies.
  2. Development and maintenance of the competitive edge
  3. The people working in the organization must grow continuously by learning new types of techniques.
  • Identify three high priority learning and development needs of the team

The leaning and development needs of the team is identified as per the following points

  1. By using the strategic plan of the organization to plan the required skills of the staff.
  2. Reviewing of job description to determine the knowledge and skills requires for the position.
  3. Analyzing the skills of people to check whether their skills are according to the national competency standards or not.
  • Develop a collaborative learning plan to meet the needs of individuals or groups and the process for implementing the plan and obtaining the agreement.

The first step in collaborating learning plan is

  1. Identify systematically and then implementing the development and learning needs of the individual according to the organization requirements.
  2. The learning plan ensure that it meet all the requirements of group and individual training and development needs is developed collaboratively, agreed to and implemented.
  3. By encouraging individuals and equally allocation of resources

Team Management - Questions 3

Developing Plan for Sarah

  • First identify the skills and the weak areas that needs improvement
  • Determine the learning needs
  • Set the expected outcomes and goals
  • Determine the training type which is needed to be given to Sarah
  • Final evaluation of the Sarah’ skills and develop a follow up action

Devise training Session


The main goal of this training session is to arrange a formal training for employees of a specific industry where they will be able to apply their organizational competencies and can further improve it

B) Content

The main content of the learning is related to improving communication skills of the employees

C) Learners

The learners are the employees of a specific organization

D) Methodology

The methodology selected here is the off-job training in which a structured learning will be provided at a learning centre that will be away from the work place

E) Supporting material

  • Markers for whiteboard
  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Papers
  • Manuals
  • Presentation
  • DVDs/ CDs
  • E-learning tools

Team Management - Questions 4

  1. Assessment of the training
  2. By developing the questionnaire to get feedback to check whether the training was completed on the set duration and whether it allow the participant to make use of their skills and knowledge properly or not.
  3. By making feedback evaluation form
  4. Demonstration: By asking team members to demonstrate their new knowledge and skills achieved from the training.
  5. Peer assessment: By using checklist to assess individually the new skill levels of all participants.
  6. Formal meetings: By arranging meetings to review achievements and skills against goals and objectives.
  7. Record of outcome and performance of the participants:

It is necessary to record the outcomes of the trainings and participants performance after analyzing them for future planning and this can be done in the following ways.

  1. By developing the training attendance register
  2. By making the copies which briefly explain the original training outcomes.
  1. Tools used for encourage participants to self-evaluate their performance after training.

The following are the three tools for self-evaluation:

  1. The participants evaluate their performance appraisals/evaluations against KPI (key performance indicators)
  2. Getting feedback from their managers, leaders, team members, etc.
  3. Evaluation and monitoring of productivity measures.
  1. Useful records that you’ll keep about the training and why they are important:
  2. All the data and information written on the training attendance register and copies of the original training which shows the details of goals and objectives.
  3. Feedback evaluation forms
  4. Competence database and team development plan and a personal portfolio
  5. Meetings information conducted with the teams

The recording of the data is important for the future planning as well as for identifying areas of improvement.

Team Management - Questions 5

  1. Explain how learning and development can be identifies:

Learning needs:

  1. By reviewing the job descriptions and then determine the knowledge and skills required for the position.
  2. Reviewing the performance to check any gap that maybe exist
  3. Performing personal appraisal

Development need

  1. Identify and implement the development and learning needs systematically according to the requirements of the organization.
  2. By encouraging individuals to perform self-evaluation to identify areas of improvement.
  1. Why important to consult with the employees.

Consultation is needed to ensure appropriate learning needs are developed and the commitment is made.

  1. Benefits for employees self-assessing their competencies and letting them identifying what they need to grow and learn.

The self-assessment help the employees to improve their performance and they will seek new types of learnings and techniques which will help the employees to grow continuously.

  1. Methods for collecting feedback on performance of team members

The following methods are as follows:

1, Performance evaluation

2, Peer reviews

3, investigating the work output

4, Discussion with the external sources.

  1. who set the standards for workplace competency

Standards are set by enterprise, industries, and accrediting bodies.

  1. Three different learning styles and an appropriate learning delivery method

The three different learning styles are body/kinaesthetic learner, mathematical/logical learner, and rhythmic/music learner. The appropriate delivery methods are demonstrations and presentations, meetings, workshops, informal discussion, etc.

  1. Think of an example which will suit both Training and coaching in the workplace

For the continual development some professional requires both the coaching and training for retaining their current certification.

  1. Why it is important to evaluate training and list 2 examples of training evaluation:

The main objective of evaluating the training is to gain information or knowledge regarding whether it has failed or achieved its objectives. The 2 examples for training evaluation is by making questionnaire to get feedback from the people and by making training evaluation forum.

  1. List ways to assess performance to identify progress and achievement:

This can be done in the following ways

  1. Peer assessment- Team members assess each other skills by developing checklist
  2. Self-assessment- Monitoring their own development by identifying problems and then decided solutions to these problems and lastly report on their self-assessment
  3. Formal Meetings
  4. Give an example of the learning activity you have been involved in that was modified as a result of feedback

I was involved in training related to improving the leadership skills.

  1. Feedback is was taken at the end of the training through a questionnaire which was provided to me at the end of session
  2. The change was in terms of adding some practical activity involving the trainees
  • Team members supplied the feedback
  1. Yes as the change involved a practical activity where the trainees has to go on stage and play an act related to the objective of the training as this was an interesting activity which further cleared the concept.

k). Examples of training recording that the organization should keep

  1. Recording of achievement
  2. Retaining of the documents to track all the details and gain easy access of information regarding training.
  • copies of the original training brief
  1. competency database
  2. meetings record

a) Approach adopted for Sarah

I will encourage Sarah for reviewing her own work performance in area where further training is required. This could be done through informal testing method and this appraisal will be done on regular basis. Bey performing personal reflection of her own skills she will be agreed for her own personal development

b) Requirement of Sarah’s training

As Sarah has to deal with the clients on daily basis and needs to conduct routine meetings through telephone or either personally so it is very important for her to receive training related to improving communication skills of the Sarah

c) Learning and development activities

A workshop will be conducted for Sarah in which an activity will be organized. The material required for workshop include a demonstration DVDs for showing a video package for communication skill, a presentation, projector, boards, markers, a handout, etc.

d) Support to Sarah for making changes

Here, I will support Sarah by offering emotional support and will encourage her on the learning path

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