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Case Study Interpretation

The main issue that had been faced by James since childhood is the disturbance in his family where he was unable to express his views and sufferings. Due to suffering from a long period, James often spent many times in foster care or residential homes. The issue with these sensitive young people is that they often get involved with the group of members who always at they pushed towards the consumption of more alcohol and drugs which is poisonous. This exactly had happened with James too. This is the reason, he often found himself confused where he had not fixed his career goals and always have been overwhelmed regarding his life. In this condition, the problem that was bothering James was regarding the matter that, since he was from a family violence background, his mentality became different with time and he refused to share anything regarding his family with the outsiders. As per Lindstrom & Choate (2016), the individuals who from a very young age have observed violence between their parents and especially those who belong to the Aboriginal class in Australia always feel low and guilty which hampered their self-confidence.

He was often suffering from an identity crisis and was not aware of his culture and origins. The main reason behind this especially for the Aboriginals in Australia is due to lack of adequate knowledge and also poor sociological factors which made the individuals like James think about this. They often think that they will be not acceptable in the public and their issues and struggling will not be heard by another person. That is the reason, mostly they isolate themselves from society and also refused to entertain or in any form of gatherings. These are certain instances which had forced James to spend most of the time in foster care or residential homes (Menzies 2019).

In this situation, anytime James joined my workplace, then it will be my responsibility as a citizen to converse with him only when he will be alone. It will be also important for me o clearly understand his problem and not become judgemental in any situation. In any situation, James might feel disturbed or can be emotional at the time of the conversation. During that time, it will be beneficial to end the conversation with him for that time and also telling him that there are certain organizations present from whom he can seek for some medical assistance (Australian Government 2008). After the situation getting normalized to a certain extent, my responsibility will be to assure him and also encourage him to divert his attention from those hard times of him and telling him regarding the organization, he had joined for.

As per the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare highlights that both of the family, as well as domestic violence, are very common and its impact is also beyond expectations. Hence in this aspect, to stabilize the welfare system in the families, the responsibility lies in the hands of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which involves right towards social security as well as realization. In this situation, The International Convenient on Economic, Cultural as well as Social Rights involves individual rights towards social securities and also providing the rights to the employees to maintain a certain living standard for the families. The other thing that can be suggested to develop the welfare system of Jame’s family is the involvement of the social interactionist models which being emphasized on analyzing the importance of the family welfare and at the same time should also look at the main issue or the cause behind the family violence among the Aboriginals in Australia (Muir 2019). Emotional abuse and child neglect are some of the important causes behind the deterioration of mental health among the Aboriginal child. Hence according to Human Rights and Law concerning the welfare system in Australia, a holistic approach needs to be well adapted to find causes as well as consequences behind the family violence which needs immediate consultation and counseling from the medical practitioners (Soldatic 2017).

What services can help James and how could James be encouraged to engage with these services?

In the workplace , the first thing that need to be done with James and also to motivate him is to develop his self-confidence. It will be the sole responsibility of mine to associate James with other services like associating him with other team members in the workplace where he can feel his identity and can also feel that he is having a certain job profile for which he is working for and the company also expects a lot from him. The spiritual, as well as motivational messages and the thought sharing, need to be covered with him daily in every seating based on which slowly he can be able to develop his future goals and objectives (Australian Government 2017).

Human Rights which linked with the Welfare system in Australia highlights certain things that involve proper family functioning along with social engagement among the Aboriginals in Australia. Also, larger networking is needed and important with professionals from different parts of the world who can guide and teach the family members regarding how to lead a happier life free of problems and violence (Australian Human Rights Commission 2020). The income support system in Australia also helps in the redistributing of the income through the tax system to ensure that the resources have been well channelized and the people from the lower class have also got well supported. According to the welfare system 2017 in Australia, the Victorian Government had announced its intention towards the development of the collaborative association with an NGO group so that the mental guidance can be provided to the young Aboriginal individuals who are out of home for so long (Australian Human Rights Commission 2020).

Concerning the funding system of the welfare system, the Australian Government had already taken initiatives in providing an adequate amount of school funding both for the Aboriginal as well as Torres Strait Individuals. The level of recurrent funding, which it had planned for started from USD 17.5 billion during 2017 which will be ending to an estimated figure like a roundup of USD 32.5 billion during 2029 (Australian Government 2017). Again as per the National Indigenous Australian Agency, the funding has been allocated through the form of Indigenous Advancement Strategy along with National Partnership Agreements and Special Accounts with Appropriation. Here the grant funding is also made available via the Indigenous-specific as well as mainstream programs that had been delivered by some other agencies.

To get proper respect in the workplace and also to avoid the harassments, the complaints are always accepted from the Aboriginals which can be forwarded to the Australian Human Rights Commission. The complaints need to put through writing or anyone can also complain about the website. Through this, the indigenous people like Aboriginals will get more empowered and likewise could also be developing their support systems. Indigenous Australian Health Campaigns need to be fostered well through the management of the partnership program between Aboriginal and Torres Straits (Australian Government 2008). This will slowly, in turn, empower the Aboriginals and will teach them in thinking differently sand hence the family violence will be getting eradicated in the future (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2017).

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