• Subject Name : Management

Recruitment and Selection



Selection criteria.

Recruitment strategy and advertising/recruitment plan and budget

Recruitment advertising.



Decision-making selection matrix.

Decision-making strategy and criteria.

Psychometric assessment

Interview plan.

Reference check plan.



Context on Step Up

Step Up is an Australia social networking service owned by Shuffle, a Sydney based Tech Company founded by Curtis Anderson in 2014. Step Up was launched in 2019 for Android and IOS in the international market and within 9 months became one of the most popular social media apps with over 750 million daily users. The role under consideration for this recruitment and selection report is of the growth marketing manager for the Step Up app in the USA. The frequency of this job role is low as the company wants and the appointed person is expected to stay for 3-4 years. The likely turnover for this role is high because of the general trend in the turnover of marketing jobs.

Selection Criteria of Step Up

The selection criteria mention the essential and desired criteria that must be fulfilled by the candidate to qualify for the vacant position. The essential selection criteria for growth marketing managers are mentioned below.

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • More than 2 years of experience in a similar field
  • Experience of working in a hands-on and fast-changing work environment
  • Successful track record of managing performance over the internet for high-tech services and product
  • Sound understanding of market analysis and inferring market trends
  • Strong sales, communication and presentation skills

In addition to this, some of the desirable criteria for candidates are:

  • Established network with the digital channel in the USA
  • Previous experience as a growth marketing manager in a social media company
  • Ability to communicate in multiple languages

Recruitment Strategy and Advertising/recruitment Plan and Budget

The recruitment strategy describes the structured action plan which can efficiently and effectively recognize talent pool, get the best-fit talent on board, and attract candidates. The recruitment strategy for Step Up should include strong employer branding to attract great applicants. This includes investing in print advertising, online social monitoring, and online company profiles. In addition to this, the recruitment strategy should also include a referral program as referral programs are associated with lower turnover rates, shorter time to hire, better quality hires, and less money spent on hiring (Bratton and Gold 2017).

Moreover, it is expected that the organization will receive around 25-30 applicants for the vacant position, considering the increase in marketing management graduates and the applicants for similar jobs on online websites (Kaplan, Palmar, Thompson, Dustin, Arroyo, Perera and Marx 2018). This strategy includes using online job posts to advertise the vacant position and it is recommended that the said job role should be advertised for a minimum of 3 weeks, and 4 at best. In addition to this, Step Up can also use direct advertising on social media and industry publications to give exposure to the brand and to attract applicants. The company can also promote and transfer current members of the organization to fill the vacant role, along with hiring the services of a recruitment agency that manages the complete recruitment cycle on behalf of the company (Russel and Brannan 2016). Moreover, considering the nature of the job role, professional organizations for marketing professionals are also a good source for recruitment.

In terms of recruitment cost for budget planning, the itemized costs are as follows (Prakash 2018):



Advertising agency fees


Recruiter salary and benefits


Sign-on bonuses


Travel expenses for applicants and staff


Employee referral bonuses


Employee relocation costs




* Cost of advertising agency and salary of a recruiter is a monthly recurring cost, while others are a one-time cost.

Recruitment Advertising

Step Up is looking for a result-driven and experienced growth marketing manager. Growth marketing managers will be responsible for retention and acquisition across online channels such as display, search, email and social, etc. You will set up, manage, and implement the digital marketing strategy of the company, which is extremely important for the success of the organization. Therefore, you will play a significant role in realizing business objectives and goals. That is why, proven and hands-on experience, along with a proactive and passionate approach is a must.

Experience: 2+ years

Job type: Permanent

Location: Sydney


  • Exploring local channels for available growth opportunities, including performance enhancement and other possibilities.
  • Accountable for execution and performance of marketing activity through key digital platforms such as Apply store, Instagram, Google Play, Facebook, and Google.
  • Constant innovation, experiment, and A/B tests with new formats.


  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Tools such as SEMRush
  • SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media optimisation

Decision-Making Selection Matrix

A decision-making selection matrix: Insert the essential and desired selection criteria into the selection matrix then determine the assessment method/s you will use for each. Write the assessment method in the selection matrix. Briefly describe each selection method. (Use Selection Decision Making Template provided as Appendix #2.)

Decision Making Strategy and Criteria

Multiple hurdles recruitment strategy will be used for recruitment, in which selection procedures will be administered sequentially. The applicant must pass each step and any failure will result in disqualification from further consideration. This approach is considered for recruitment because of its time and cost-effectiveness. As the company is currently without a growth marketing manager, it cannot spend significant time in recruiting one (Koivunen, Olsson, Olshannikova and Lindberg 2019). This will allow the recruiter to refine the pool of candidates without compromising the validity of the selection process.

The decision making criteria regarding who will be first offered this role includes weighted cognitive tests and interview. The decision will be based upon the score of the candidates and who will get the highest score will receive the first offer. In a similar progression, if the first candidate rejected the offer, the job offer will be given to the second candidate. The third candidate will be the last one who will receive the offer and after that, the recruitment process will begin from scratch. Similarly, if no candidate met the required criteria the recruitment process will be started again with adjustments to attract better candidates.

Psychometric Assessment

The selection process will also include the Situational Judgment Test (SJT) which allows the employer to assess the suitability of the candidate in terms of core knowledge and drive. It works by providing candidates with multiple-choice scenarios and questions to measure the aptitude of candidates (Kaminski, Felfe, Schäpers, and Krumm2019). This psychometric assessment test is chosen as it assesses the judgement of a candidate against real-life job realities and also showcases whether the candidate is a strong cultural fit for the company. This assessment also helps to reduce staff turnover, by considering real-world and practical challenges and by giving the candidate an insight into the job role (Kaminski, Felfe, Schapers and Krumn 2019).

Moreover, SJTs are relatively easy and cost-effective to administer and develop as a recruiter can develop different situations based on a job analysis, and excellent employees or senior members of the organization can score the results. The test is the first part of the recruitment strategy and should be administered before interviews. It is recommended to use SJTs to weed out potential hires, and the answers of the candidate should be judged in a subjective manner. Simply put, the candidates who demonstrate the best judgement and make smart decisions should be allowed to move onto the next step.

Interview Plan

After passing the Situational Judgement Tests the candidate will be interviewed by the HR manager. Interview answers will be weighted on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the well below standard answer and 5 being the well above standard answer. The table mentioned below illustrates the weightage and its description (Mitchell and Gamlem 2017).




Falls significantly below requirements. The candidate's competency is far from adequate.


Well below standard

Below expected level. Inadequate competency in key areas.


Below standard

Meets the expected level. Candidate can perform by demonstrates minor weaknesses.


Meets standard

Exceeds expected level and can perform well, at an above-average level.


Above standard

Considerable exceeds requirements and demonstrates a high degree of competency.


Well above standard

Some of the interview questions are as follows:

Q1. Describe a time you had conducted a thorough analysis of digital marketing of the offerings of a company.

  • How did you collect the required information?
  • What did you do after the analysis?
  • Results?

Q2. Describe a time when you identified and responded to crucial points in the marketing life cycle.

  • What was the situation?
  • What issues did you recognize?
  • What were the outcomes of your intervention?

Q3. What is the most complex issue which you faced and the way you generated a new explanation or solution?

  • What was the issue?
  • Why it was complex?
  • What was the approach you came up with?
  • How it improved your work?

Scoring points

In 1st question, while scoring the interviewer should look for the way the candidate applies the required competencies in a complex or new situation and advises others. The candidate which leads all key aspects of digital marketing including affiliate, acquisition, SEO, and content marketing is well above the standard while those who simply report and measure the performance of campaigns and assess them against goals are well below standards.

In 2nd question, the candidates who anticipate future market needs and builds capability and capacity to respond are the most suited ones, along with those who can distribute resources across business lines, products, and segments according to the marketing priorities.

Reference Check Plan

In terms of the reference check plan, the organization will use the steps suggested byFairwork Australia (Roncoroni 2019). Following the guidelines, the plan follows a step by step framework to check the references.

Step1 – Obtain the required details of references from the shortlisted applicants or interviewee

Step 2 – Deciding what should be asked to referees regarding the shortlisted applicant

Step 3 – Contacting the referees

Step 4 – Choosing a successful applicant

The reference check will be conducted by the assistant HR manager. The process will be conducted before the final selection of the employee and after the interviews. Furthermore, the check will be conducted according to the given template and will check the nature of the relationship with the applicant, capacity of employment, general performance questions, strengths and weaknesses of applicants, and any concerns with the performance of the applicant (Idrees, Waqas, Naqvi and Imran 2018). The reference check will use the provided template to record necessary information regarding the performance and skills of the shortlisted applicant.


The recruitment process will also include the following sustainable practices:

  • Using computers to administer Situational Judgement Tests, and similar practices to make the recruitment process paperless.
  • Using videoconferencing to reduce the environmental impact associated with travelling.
  • Green interview environment which demonstrates sustainable practices and sets the tone for later employment.
  • Including options for internal recruitment which provides opportunities for personal development and retain high-quality employees (Renwick, Jabbour, Muller-Camen, Redman, and Wikinson 2016).
  • Sustainability competencies will also be included in the recruitment process.
  • Flexibility in timing to encourage a diverse range of applicants.

References for Recruitment and Selection Report

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