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Differentials in Attitude and Employee Turnover Propensity

Table of Contents

Background of the case.

Work behaviour and attitudes.

Changes in behaviour.



Background of The Case

The case is about Smith Linings & Seals which is a family-owned business specializing in the development of waterproof bathtubs, waterproof linings. The company has successfully hired effective employees who can perform well in a challenging environment. Lem Williams has been working with the association for over a year. The case revealed that the employee is happy to work in a challenging environment. The sudden change in employee behaviour shows that he is not motivated or happy towards the work. The overall aim of this analysis is to assess the behaviour of Lem Williams. It will further provide effective suggestions to improve the work attitude of employees and provide suggestions to top management.

Work Behaviour and Attitudes

 Job fulfillment and organizational promise are the two important approaches that are most pertinent to significant outcomes. Companies evaluate employee attitudes through a survey of workers, satisfaction, and through exit interviews (Pukkeeree, Nan & Wongsuwan, 2020). The case identified that Lem William has changed its attitude towards work. Initially, the employee is extremely attentive and enjoys the freedom to complete his work. He also showed strong work ethics and offers various suggestions to new employees.

It has been identified that an individual with a high level of job pleasure showed a positive attitude about the work while a person with a low level of commitment shows a negative attitude about the job (Guha & Chakrabarti, 2016). In this case, the employee is not happy about the compensation policies of the company. The company failed to involve the suggestions of the employee. Also, the happy worker has a higher inclination to be more occupied at work and they also want to perform well and always motivated (Cook, Levitt & Grimm, 2017). If there is a company-related issue that makes employee angry and disengaged then it is highly is essential to resolve the issue most effectively. Also, there are two ways through which a company can track work attitude. Attitude service and exit interviews can help understand the issues that are affecting the work attitude of the employee. 

Besides, the performance has a humble association with personality traits particularly consciousness. People who are organized, dependable, and reliable, and oriented are more likely to outperform other others in various contacts. Employees revealed a wide variety of positive and negative behaviour at the workplace (Ross & Padovani, 2016). How an individual is treated at work, the level of pressure experienced, its attitude and the personality are some of the factors associated with the job. The case of Lem William shows that he has a poor work attitude towards the work. Also, this type of negative attitude is responsible for creating absenteeism and increasing the dissatisfaction level of employees (Olusadum & Anulika, 2018). Also, people with negative work attitudes experience a great deal of stress.

Changes in Behaviour

Work values on the personal views of an employee are about what one expects to get from work and how one should behave at work. Also, expected rewards can be self-respect, money, or status. These values are relatively static and offer guidelines for behaviour (Guha & Chakrabarti, 2016). Additionally, work values include ethical values, moral values, justice values, and utilitarian values. Ethical values are one’s belief of what is right and what is wrong (Charoensap et al., 2019). In this case, Lem Williams shows strong work ethics towards work and is always open to suggestions to improve safety processes. The analysis shows that decision of top management has influenced the overall working capability of the employee. To sustain the employee behaviour, change employee behaviour, and help them perform and develop activity it is not enough for managers to change their attitude towards their subordinates. They should also focus on utilizing the key levers such as motivation, psychology and supporting environment, and ability.

It is the responsibility of the management to build a supportive environment for behavioral change (Straatmann, Rothenhöfer, Meier & Mueller, 2018). Lem William is a highly skilled employee in the organization and it is necessary to provide support and improve the consultation process to engage the employee with the tasks. Also, the managers can strengthen employee's performance by providing a supportive environment that includes team dynamics and organizational cultures (Cook, Levitt & Grimm, 2017). When employees and organizations share values and have a positive attitude and explain experience positive moves it is most probable that they will trust each other.

It is important to understand employee behaviour to make an alliance with the goals and objectives of a company (Straatmann, Rothenhöfer, Meier & Mueller. 2018). The clear understanding of employee behaviour is necessary because it helps to understand different issues that are influencing their overall performance.

The company is striving to enhance project results and better meet company targets by looking first at their group and make sure that employee behaviour is favorable to meeting the goals. The behaviour of Lem Williams’s shows that he is not encouraged and motivated to attain the objectives. Neither had he wanted to give any suggestions regarding the attainment of goals and objectives. The leader must focus on monitoring employee behaviour in order to provide maximum support and assistance even in the challenging environment (Cook, Levitt & Grimm, 2017).

Recommendations on Smith Linings and Seals Analysis

 It is necessary to implement an effective feedback process to understand the issues that are influencing the work behaviour of Lem Williams. Also, rewarding good behaviour can be an effective motivational tool to improve the productivity and overall engagement of employees. This can be done in a wide variety of forms like including verbal praise, and thanks to group acknowledgment, peer recognition when someone achieves their goals. Also, the manager must be fair and transparent in the decision-making process to increase employee engagement and provide satisfactory work environment. Open and transparent communication must be implemented to improve positive attitudes and enhance work behaviour. The leaders can implement a transparent work environment by involving the employees in decision making process.

It has been identified that a manager who has an establishment factor was respected and trusted (Jiang & Men, 2017). They should be better prepared to manage employee behaviour.

It is the responsibility of the manager to have a clear understanding of rewards and recognition. Unfair awards and recognition practices can influence employees’ behaviour towards the company. Any unfair practice is responsible for affecting the positive attitude of employee and makes them highly disappointed (Usman & Hameed, 2017). Also, recognitions play a very important role in improving employee morale and generating more effective results. There is a huge need to plan and execute a systematic performance appraisal system that can offer adequate feedback to the employees (Mouzannar, Ohannessian & Srebro, 2019). The management must understand that the levels are highest one contingent upon, performance work. According to the expectancy theory employee’s efforts and performance would be predictable to augment when they experience that rewards that are dependent upon good performance (Lloyd & Mertens, 2018).

Reference for Smith Linings and Seals Analysis

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