Project Quality, Risk and Procurement Management

Table of Contents


Identification of case project

Project discussion.

Project investments.

Description of project aspects.

Supporting plans for community.

QRP plan of management



Introduction to Project Management Plan for QRP and Presentation

Management planning in project is required to be done by the managers, as this can ensure uniformity in the actions of the responsible workers. The overall development process can be done with fewer rates of failure risks. Hence, it can be considered that the project management scheduling is effective for completing the project in a budget-friendly manner and can deliver the expected outcome timely to the stakeholders. This discussion is concentrating on QRP (Quality, Result orientation, and People) planning with respect to ‘City of Sydney’ project results.

Identification of Case Project

Project Discussion

Based on the available information sets regarding the aforementioned constructional project, it can be identified that the project is concentrating on the construction of a set of opportunities, through which the local people of Sydney and overall Australia can lead an advanced life, irrespective of their age. The management of the concerned project have ensured that their expected town centre will proved to be the first in Australia for around 100 years (City of Sydney 2020, para 1). In-depth analysis of the information sets, it also can be found that the project development team has desired to invest almost $ 540 million for next 10 or more years to design world-class features for the community. This includes aspects like new library, aquatic centre, developed plaza, child care centres, playgrounds and parks, creative hub, and many more (City of Sydney 2020, para 3). Besides all the aforementioned features, the community developer team has planned to improve some other facilities for the concerned community for better service accountability, which includes improved roads, better transport and footpath, drain system of storm water, and other features. Through these, the lifestyle of the community can be improved in a positive manner (City of Sydney 2020, para 5).

Project Investments

Based on the available sources of information, it can be recorded that the site management team has been working in collaboration with private developers, through which the project’s sustainability can be ensured and the development can be made with respect to the requirements of local communities. The requirements of the existing communities have been preserved by the developing team as well for greater and contextual improvement of their project. After gaining significant knowledge from the project documents, it can be found that the Green square town centre has been developing in 14 hectares, which consists of $ 8 billion investment in a combined nature. The population engaged within this project is around 6800 – 8600, which combines almost $ 540 million investment for the project (City of Sydney 2020, para 6). The accountability of the project can be judged after going through the ratings of Green Building council of Australia, which proves to be the highest body of infrastructure ratings. The aforementioned authority has rated the concerned project by 6 Green Stars (City of Sydney 2020, para 7).

Description of Project Aspects

After going through the available sources of information, it can be recorded that the overall Green Square Project consists of improved facilities of the users, through which they can enhance their quality living in the future. Contextually, the project includes stunning and innovative pool service within the project territory for the future users. The pool named as Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre, which is located at inner south of Sydney. The mentioned project of swimming pool has been done by the CPB contractors and the concept had been extracted from Sydney’s beaches of ocean (A virtual tour of Green Square’s stunning new pool, 2020, para 2). Based on the characteristics of the project, it can be termed that the swimming pool development project within the green Sydney is the biggest complex for swimming in the area since Olympics of 2000. This can be supported by the information regarding the project, which is like 25m indoor heated pool program with 50m of outdoor heated pool. This shaped irregular ‘beach pool’ and this is a hydrotherapy heated pool. Additionally, the pool area includes fitness and health centres and outdoor deck for yoga as well. However, the completion of the project has been delayed due to the pandemic of Covid 19, and management team is expected to finish the project by late 2020 (A virtual tour of Green Square’s stunning new pool, 2020, para 3).

Besides the pool, the project also includes sites like ‘Dying Green’, which covers almost 6200 square meters of land (our new park, 2020, para 1). The site offers open space to the local community and connects the Green Square town centre by walking path as well. This project will offer certain entertainment to the residents and the individual can find relaxation in the grass lawns too. Accountability of the concerned project can be calculated highly, as the park has the facility to include wetland water feature, through which the storm water can be stored and reused according to the requirements. The project will be completed by 2022, where the ground improvement and pilling have been done already (our new park, 2020, para 5).

Moreover, the project also offers more to the local communities to inspire them and enhance their living standard as a whole. A 6 –storey soaring glass tower, which includes music room and sunken garden can proved to be inspiring for the young generation the most, as they can borrow keyboard, guitar, and other musical instruments to play music and even they can learn robotics, 3D printing from the computer labs of the building (glorious architecture, 2020, para 3). Most importantly, the whole workshop facility is very budget-friendly in nature for the community users. Public arts will be presented in the library for encouraging the new generation to do innovations and the project of public arts can highlights the country’s strength in science and innovation to the community as well.

Adds to all these, the Green project rightly include storm water preservation within the projected area, through which the drinking water level has been preserved preciously for Sydney citizens. In –depth analysis of the site can evaluate that the project site can store almost 320 million storm water (in Litre) every year. This is equivalent to almost more than 200 Olympic-sized pools for swimming and the preserved waters are projected to be used in cooling towers, toilets, laundries, local parks, and other places (City of Sydney, 2020, para 9).

Supporting Plans for Community

Adds to these factors, the concerned project development management also includes their services to make the lives of the communities’ normal after Covid 19 pandemic. Based on the available information, it can be identified that the green Sydney team had conducted a survey amongst the local citizens of Sydney, which depicts that almost 52% people have agreed to visit locality. Adds that, almost 65% of people have agreed to use parks and playgrounds for fitness, 33% of respondents have agreed to use public transport even. The project developers have decided to accelerate almost $ 23m works for upgrading local spaces, especially open areas. Besides this, the project development team also ensures 6 brand new pop-up ways for cycling, which can manage the communication services within the projected area (Nicholls et al. 2020). Offering food security measures for the local people is proved to be another relevant feature, which has been included by the concerned green project management for Sydney’s citizens after pandemic. To make the economy stable again, the community has emphasized on cultural sectors of local people. Through this, the territory can ensure almost 1800 innovative business operations through medium to small organisations in the future (Zaman et al. 2020). Hence, it can be understood that the concerned project is concentrating on overall development of the citizens and ensure greater opportunity for future generation of the community.

QRP Plan of Management

In project management planning, QRP plan is significant, as this can offer required freedom to the workers and the managers within their working process. The mentioned factor can be effective for encouraging both the managers and workers to become more committed to their assigned job and this can improve the service quality as a whole. The external stakeholders can be attracted by representing the free working culture. In a collective manner, management can control the check book of the overall project in real-time for better completion of a project. The aforementioned management tool specifically includes three aspects, like quality of the project (Fabiano, Pugliese &Guerriero, 2019). By managing the quality planning within the project, the management can ensure an acceptable project result for the users and this can attract shareholders towards the concerned project as well. Besides this, the result-orientation is another significant aspect of this planning tool. The contextual development of the project can be helpful for the managers to run their project specifically with respect to the public expectation. This reduces the project failure rate and service users can access the project results easily. Fabiano, Pugliese &Guerriero, (2019), state that all the mentioned factors can only be maintained by a skilled and professional working team. Having a motivated team within the project is effective for the developer team, as the workers can be flexible in their working and can enhance the quality of working by offering collaboration.

Based on the previous analysis, it can be identified that the ‘City of Sydney’ project for urban precincts changing has followed the QRP model in their planning. Supports this view, it can be highlighted that the potential aim of the overall project is to improve the quality of living for the citizens. More significantly, the project is concentrating on quality enhancement by implementing strategies like storm water storage and reuse mechanism within the projected area. Hence, the Green Building council of Australia rightly has rated the project by 6 stars (City of Sydney 2020, para 7). Along with this, the rebuilt strategies for managing Covid 19 pandemic and in-depth understanding of public’s mindset is another factor, which has increased the quality of project planning as well. Besides these factors, the project actions can be considered as result-oriented too. To improve the living style, the project developer team has concentrated on advanced library facilities for the residents and initiate cultural implementation within the lifestyle of people as well. This can enhance the cultural representation of the territory and this gradually upgrades the people’s living standards and project planning can reach to their desired destination.

Aforementioned two wings of project planning can help to understand that the Green Sydney project is about the people. The set up of parks, open spaces, community halls with upgraded instruments, better transportation have specifically planned for the sake of the users by the project management team. Adds to these, the rebuilt strategies for the local people after Covid 19 pandemic is going to be another milestone, which will prove that the overall project planning is concentrating on people’s safety and well-beings (City of Sydney 2020, para 7). Recreation centre set up within the projected area adds more strength to prove the aforementioned quality of the project as well. Improvements in local trafficking for ensuring a better and safer road experience for the children and old age people can easily reflect that the project planning is about people’s living enhancement. Cultural development supporting by the project managers is for developing the earning rate of the related people. This not only strengthens the country’s economy, but also improves the individual earning rate of the people as well (City of Sydney 2020, para 8). Hence, in a summarised manner, it can be proved that the aforementioned project for Green residence follows QRP management tool for better planning.

Conclusion on Project Management Plan for QRP and Presentation

After gaining all the relevant information from the current project, it can be identified that the potential aim of ‘City of Sydney’ has been designed for overall improvement of people’s quality of living. The study analyse the project features in detailed in the above sections for better understanding. The analysis depicts that the 14 hectares project area will present an advanced library facility, recreation centre with an aquatic park, energy creation from stored storm water, cultural and community precinct, and many more aspects. All these features collectively enhance the quality of living and rightly satisfied QRP management tool criteria as well.

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