• Subject Name : Management

The Effects of Ethical Leadership and Ethical Climate

Role Play 1: Wrong Order

Shift Manager: What is the problem with table 15?

Susan: I mistakenly delivered the foodstuffs to the wrong table. The client is frustrated with my service and dissatisfied with our customer service at the sports bar.

Shift Manager: What was your initial response to a customer complaint?

Susan: Initially, I responded with the saying “I am extremely sorry for bringing the wrong order. I know a mistake like this can be very distressing, I apologize to you sir, this will not happen again.

Shift Manager: How do you want to handle this situation? I understand the customer is not happy with the meal

Susan: I will treat this complaint as an opportunity for me to earn a second chance to win the customer back. I will pay attention and actively listen to the customer again. I will create a bond with the client by apologizing and empathizing for the entire situation. I want to handle this situation by asking the customer about the rectification of the situation.

Shift Manager: Do you need my support, or you can handle it?

Susan: I can handle this by myself. I will let you know if I need support.

Shift Manager: What was the customer response after you solved the customer complaint?

Susan: After I resolved the situation, the customer has turned from a dissatisfied to a satisfied customer. 

Shift Manager: What is the learning from this incident?

Susan: I learned from this incident that how to handle similar situations in the future. I comprehend that the customer complaints must be resolved as soon as possible to retain them for future service. It is essential for creating more loyal clients and refining the services at the business so that to deliver better quality customer services next time (Liat et al., 2017).

Role Play 2: Negative Post

Shift Manager: What is the matter, Bryan?

Bryan: The customers at table 30, 32, and 35 were not being served for 15 minutes. They posted negative comments on our social media page.

Shift Manager: I was not around these tables at that time. I know it may have an undesirable impact on our business when the post is read by everyone on social media.

Bryan: You can be busy with your task, but you need to look around all tables and assist the staff whenever needed.

Shift Manager: Yes sir, I will take care of that next time. I assure you not to repeat this mistake and will take care of quality customer service to the clients. Even, I am planning of giving a training session to all staff in respect of customer service norms and guidelines set for our business (Dhar, 2015).

Bryan: What did you learn from this situation? What happens if we do not serve the customer on time or don't attend them at all? What is the impact on reputation and revenue?

Shift Manager: I learned how the carelessness of a person may lead to miss the opportunity to make new clients and retain the existing ones. If we do not attend to the clients on time or at all, they can spread the negative posts about our business via social media channels that have a stringent power to reach people at large. This creates a bad image of the business in the minds of people at large that may lead to lessen the revenue and brand equity at the same time. However, there must be a response from our business to the negative post by writing a short apology letter to clients (Grégoire, Salle & Tripp, 2015).

Role Play 3: Roster Dispute

Manager: Can both of you explain to me what was your roster agreement between two of you?

Melissa: I was supposed to work on Saturday night in place of Chris.

Chris: I already negotiated with Melissa about my absence this Saturday night due to an important family gathering to attend to. She was ready to fill in my Saturday night shift. Moreover, I have filled her Friday night shift last week. Now, it is her turn to fill my shift.

Manager: Melissa, are you aware that Chris has already filled your roaster last Friday, and the roaster was updated. Is there any compelling reason that you can't fill his roaster this Saturday?

Melissa: Yes, I was aware that Chris has already filled my Friday night shift last week, and the roaster was updated when the request was approved. Now, it is my turn to fill that shift. My reason for not be able to work my rostered shift is that my cousin is coming on Saturday and I have to spend some time with her.

Manager: Melissa unfortunately your excuse is not good enough to justify your situation. Also, you must be aware that any changes need to be communicated at least 5 days before and you have failed to do so.

Melissa: I know that as per the company’s norms, I must tell the company about my presence on that day 5 days before to fill the shift. However, I told to Chris just two days before the shift. This is a violation of the company's policy and may lead to disciplinary action. I must talk with my manager before Chris about the situation

Manager: For the time being, I am not punishing you but the repeating of the same mistake will put you in trouble. What was the learning from the above situation?

Melissa: My learning is that if I am promising with my teammates about anything at work, I must adhere to my words or promise and accomplish it as per the commitment. Further, I learned that I have no right to violate the company's rules and policies (Lu & Lin, 2014).

Chris: My learning with this incident is that I too must have to go through the company's policy once and talk with my managers whenever needed rather than my peers.

Role Play 4: Incorrect Bill

Manager: What is the matter, Melissa?

Melissa: The billing for a customer has been done incorrectly and he was charged with $125 but the price of service was just $70. Some error has occurred as he is giving proof of credit card payment statements.

Manager: Why the bill was not double-checked and compared?

Melissa: The bill was not double-checked and it was the mistake from our side. It was not double-checked due to the heavy rush on that day and also the meter readings were not properly working and we did manual calculations in some situations.

Manager: Melissa, I want to give some suggestions to handle such situations. Firstly you should apologize for the same to the customer making complaints and assure him of not reappearing this again. Further, you should make use of a calculator in case of incorrect meter reading.

Melissa: Okay Sir, I will adopt the recommended suggestions of yours to handle these situations in the future. Moreover, I assure you that there will not be incorrect billing issues from now onwards.

Overall learning from the above situation

The learning is that poor billing practices can be responsible for driving away from customers. There must be online support so that to solve the client’s billing issues. Moreover, helping staff is required to listen to customers and is knowledgeable (A. Israeli, Lee & Karpinski, 2017).

Role Play 5: Friday Night Blues

Manager: Vivian, what is the matter? What is happening with the team? Can you please explain the situation to me?

Vivian: The matter is about fair policies. I am tired of always getting the Friday evening and afternoon shifts, however; Muhammad never works in these shifts on Friday. I wonder why he can’t pray anytime for his religion like any other.

Manager: Ok, I understand your situation and concern. I gave him verbal approval as he raised the issue during the interview session. Between, did you read our policies and procedures mainly the anti-discrimination policy and our stand to support the policy?

Vivian: Yes, I did. It states that the employer is an equal opportunity employer. It will not differentiate and will take positive action measures to ensure against discrimination in staffing, employment, reimbursement, promotions, and so on. I have not read in detail.

Manager: Exactly, according to this policy, we do not discriminate between any individual of any religion. If you have any concern regarding the religions of others then it is against our policy. You should respect every individual’s religion.

Vivian: Ok sir, I will read the company’s anti-discrimination policy in detail and I apologize for the same.


The learning from the above situation is that anti-discrimination policy creates a working environment free from discrimination wherein staff members are treated with equality, and respect. The companies must ensure this by developing a diverse workforce, including modern principles of staff diversity, offer an effective process for complaints based on principles of natural justice. Moreover, all the staff is required to assume anti-discrimination consciousness training as part of their alignment to the company to ensure understanding of and acquiescence with this strategy. If the staff is having any concern about being discriminated against, they can directly contact to the HR team to discuss the options to handle the situation (Fine, Sojo & Lawford‐Smith, 2020).

Role Play 6: Boys’ Night Out

Manager: Guys, the bar kitchen has been closed and we won't be able to serve the toy tonight due to the responsible service of alcohol legislation.

Rowdy Group: It is will’s 21st birthday and we will celebrate this tonight.

Two group members: We will not leave this place tonight

Others: Okay, we are ready to leave now.

The situation of boys’ group night out on a friend’s birthday must be handled with an extremely friendly nature and firm tone rather than being hostile. There must be a sense of responsiveness while talking with a group that is entirely intoxicated. It can be said that the bar's people must be accountable to prevent the intoxication. Training must be provided to the team at the bar to handle such situations with being calm all the time and handle the entire condition peacefully. The things that must be not done when facing such clients are serving, shout, and ignore. We can never ignore the situation as the drunken group can spoil the image of the out bar in the minds of other existing customers present at that time. Thus, better not to ignore the situation rather being peacefully handled. Moreover, it is good not to serve them with shots they are ordering as the bar's alcohol authorization and accountability are on the line (van Bommel et al. 2016).

Role Play 7: Knock Out

Manager: What do you want to order both of you?

Customer 1 and Customer 2: We want to order drinks.

Manager: Okay sir, please wait for a while. I am making it and bring it to you

Existing staff: Sir, what’s the matter why are you knocking another person.

Customer 1: We argue with each other. Please don't come in between us.

Manager: Dear team, I will handle this issue. I am requesting you two of them to not to fight at this place to ensure the decorum of our bar.

Customer 2 to manager: Save me please, I am not feeling well and going to the unconscious.

Manager to staff: Members, please call the trained person to give emergency medical care to customer 2 to save him. If he will not recover, please take him to the hospital.

This situation can be better handled with being calm and showing empathy to the conflicting individuals. Always talk with saying “Sir” or “Mam” to clients to make them understand this is not the right place to fight with each other. Moreover, the manager must take assistance from staff members in respect of cooperation in bringing to the paramedic to the bar before taking the unconscious customer to the hospital. It demonstrates the empathy and sympathy of the bar manager towards its customers and it will increase the loyal customers for the business. Furthermore, collaboration is the key to quality customer service. This is a must for customer service policies and procedures. besides, it can be said that as a manager, he must be familiar with the company’s customer service norms as an outline for establishing and preserving an acceptable level of customer service (Bahadur et al. 2020).

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