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Healthy Ageing and Aged Care

Introduction to Role of Nurses in Healthy Ageing

The role of the nurses is prominent while promoting healthy ageing among elderly people. As described from the lens of the World Health Organisation (2015) that the healthy ageing mentions how the healthy elderly people would progress into the older process and progressing into the older age (World Health Organization 2015). As per the WHO, which describes the key characteristics of the healthy ageing process and further how to identify wellbeing that could be linked to older people the paper aims to describe the nurse's role while promoting the healthy ageing process (Bernoth, 2017).

Critically Evaluate of Role of Nurses in Healthy Ageing

In healthy ageing, nurses' role is to modify the lifestyles, make the elder people fine-tune with the better exercises which can help to increase the mobility and to push for better diets and improved quality of life (Deasey, 2018). Due to the nurse's role in the healthy ageing, the elders are encouraged to attain a piece of better adequate nutrition advice and for better physical activity.

The nurses are abided under the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), that have helped to attain better mobility, which could make the elder people attain more choices and retain necessary services. The main objective in such a process would help elderly people acquire more independence, and also attain a better social connection (Hatch, 2018). Through the healthy ageing promotion, the elderly people are aimed to overcome deterioration, from the cognitive abilities along with the functional decline (Falavigna, 2020).

Healthy Ageing and Its Promotion

At an individual level, the role of the nurses that could result in the healthy ageing that could attain the live well, that can be elder people and it is independence to reach the age. The nurses can attain the needs of older Australians and it is better healthy ageing, that could be respected and to result in the healthy person's and there can be dignity. Through the nurses can result in the diversity of older people and it is necessary to the preferences which can demand health promotion along with the care services (Ippoliti, et al, 2018).

For the community, the nurses have healthy ageing, which can depend on elder people's basic needs, to join the elderly mobility, which can be attributed to relationships and related to the elderly society (Linderholm, 2019).

Role of Nurses

The promotion of the roles of the nurses that could be anticipated to the healthy ageing which could be presented to code of conduct, which can result in legal requirements, that could be anticipated to be professional behavior that could be standardized the Australian practice settings.

Person-centered practice – Through the person-centered persons that could result in evidence-based practices that can create health along with the people's wellbeing. The healthy ageing that could be anticipated to the healthy ageing process, which can be developed in terms of the person partnership that could aid the decision-making process and it is important to provide the care delivery. It is anticipated to promote the family, friends along with the health professionals (Maatouk, et al, 2019).

The importance of cultural practices can result in respectful relationships and nurses has to follow culturally safe practices. It is important to attain a respectful way, that could be anticipated to the open and honest that can anticipate healthy professional relationships. It is important to attain privacy along with confidentiality.

The nurses also have to focus on the health and wellbeing, elderly people that can ensure the positive environment which can result in the families, colleagues, with the broader community along with the health inequality.

Biopsychosocial, Spiritual and Cultural Factors

The nurses there can be duty code to attain the codes of residents which can be anticipated to the national and international which can support the healthy ageing to be developed. The duty of promotion and demonstration which can be studied, that can access the respect and to estimate the communication that could result in the verbal and documentation skills which can help to overcome the barriers (Rodger, 2017). It is important to attain the adults and ensuring, which can access the support, understanding, along with receiving information. Nurses need to attain the skills, expertise, along with the knowledge through the reflective practice skills and attain the transitions in care with a better ageing process.


The importance of the biopsychosocial, the influence factors to attain elderly patients which would be estimated to the life, leisure activities, that could be based on the health status, ego integrity, that could result in the achievement and improving self-esteem. The healthy ageing can be estimated to elders that can be based on the activities along with the fun learning-based activities (Xu, 2017).


Through the spiritual basis of the physical, psychological, along with spiritual well-being, that can be based on substantial years, analysis of the healthy ageing that could note the socio-demographic that can be the best way to overcome depression (Wargo‐Sugleris, 2018). It is important to have better self-achievement, ego-integrity, and promote exercises like yoga and better exercises.


The socio-cultural would be based on the best ways of health status, ego-integrity that can achieve self-achievement (Viña-García-Bericua, 2019). Socio-cultural based on Erikson's psychosocial developmental theory can be based on healthy ageing which could lead to the psychosocial perspective, that can be based on the planning of healthcare for old and the aspects of psychosocial factors and to attain age, sex, or other demographic factors (Rodger, 2017). 

Based on the evidence-based nursing practices, through the health care aspects of the quality of life and to attain a healthy ageing process and it is necessary to attain interpersonal interactions, that can be based on the older adults along with the overall health-related outcomes. The related the nurses that can be anticipated to integral members that could result in interdisciplinary health care teams and to have better health outcomes. As per the evidence based outcomes, through the adoption of the better yoga styles, better exercises (increase mobility) and to have the attain good diets, adequate lifestyles can help to achieve a modified lifestyles.

Conclusion on Role of Nurses in Healthy Ageing

To conclude, it is important for the nurses that could be anticipated to the healthy ageing with the code of conduct for nurses that could fulfill the professional behavior with the Australian practice settings. The nurses need to follow the codes and also aim to follow all the decorum’s, that could help to attain the healthy ageing and also the overall signs and the information. The importance of the healthy ageing lies in the hand of the anticipating how the elderly person would be and it is necessary, the nurses have the role to better control, command and even attain a better life. The importance of the nurses skilled in the healthy ageing and having a better command of the lifestyles, can examine to attain a better roles and transition.

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