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Reflection on My PGDM Journey (Henley Business School)

Executive Summary of Reflective Teaching in Future and Adult Education

Professional and personal development are the main expectations when enrolling in any type of course. There many benefits of management education. This paper will reveal all my emotions of the long memories which I have built in my classroom, canteen, with my friends, with my teachers, and so on. This reflective summary will take you through my PGDM journey which will reveal my experiences.


Executive Summary. 


Overview of Henley Business School

Learning in Henley Business School

Why International Business Study Is Important?.



Introduction to Reflective Teaching in Future and Adult Education

Reflection is the most powerful tool, which helps us to gain insight. Reflection allows us to write our thoughts on paper and to develop them more thoughtfully (Hillier, 2005). After writing the reflection of my journey I could understand the importance of what I achieved in this year. The achievement, experiences, knowledge, friendship, leadership is the most valuable thing of what I achieved throughout my life. I learned that valuable time I spent within the university that teach me the management skills for the lifetime. With my Post Graduate Diploma Management degree, I would like to acknowledge Henley Business School’s experience fast and easy to adapt. I decided to complete a Post Graduate Diploma Program to secure my career at Henley Business School. From the very first day after completing my high school I decided that I will become a managerial professional as I was much confident about my future approach. I choose Post Graduation Diploma Management in Operations and marketing especially to get trained in sales and distribution module. There is no doubt in it that I learned and enjoyed a lot during this journey. My dream of becoming a top level management encouraged me to take admission in PGDM course.

Overview of Henley Business School

Henley Business School was founded in 1945 and is one of the old schools (“Henley Business School courses and application information”, 2020). The aim of the university is to create professional gems and leaders of business who study here with full dedication and confidence. Henley school is known for international business, excellent learning experience, research and responsibility, and so on. There are almost 7,000 students studying in Henley business school from more than 140 countries (“ | Henley Business School”, 2020). They have their registered offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, Malta, South Africa, and so on (“ | Henley Business School”, 2020). They have their international connections with many leading organizations which offer learning and career opportunities, for example, BBC, British Airways, Deloitte, Vodafone, Barclays, Microsoft, and many others.

The professional renowned faculty are working dedicatedly to share their learning and experiences with the students. With the rise of corporate culture and business, many of the students are enrolling themselves in management studies programs. When I was enrolling myself for admission in the post-graduate diploma program, I was quite confused between the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Post-Graduation Diploma Program (PGDM). This lead to a big confusion for me to select a course. It is a fact that both of the courses only train you for the management and the business. MBA is a post-graduate degree and PGDM is a Post-graduate diploma. The degree and the knowledge help to expand the knowledge you have for managerial studies and to understand the changes going on in the business world. It teaches about leadership, organizational structure, strategic management, and so on.

Henley gives you a perfect style of learning and result-oriented solutions (“ | Henley Business School”, 2020). It motivates you to act and think interactively and practically within the diversified culture of the business. Some of the topics covered by me in this program were-

  • Leadership (Managing Teams and working on the Action Learning Project).
  • Systematic management (Environmental factors, Classroom leadership)
  • Creative wealth creation (Innovative thinking, making of business and commercial plan, Financial management)
  • Diverse management (Diversity, Leader dialogues, Corporate activism, Entrepreneurship laws)
  • Synthesis (Strategic leadership, Human resource performance management, and the related Action-learning planning)
  • Action learning project (Changing leadership in new world, Presentations of Action learning projects.)

According to me Henley business school is a very special place as it offers a stunning location, excellent faculty and facilities to make the students comfortable and gives a perfect learning environment. This change my approach to my study of Post Graduate diploma management. Postgraduate diplomas offer students a well-designed expert program for the leadership roles. I am sharing my views and experiences through this reflection.

Learning in Henley Business School

Here, in Henley, I had a relaxed and environment that motivates you to stay focused and effective. There are exercising spots to relax from learning and to have to encourage fitness. The fitness sector is occupied with beautiful grounds to enjoy your break. Apart from the entertainment environment it also has a number of meeting and conference rooms which is used to present the presentations. Other things related to form a comfortable environment was present like air conditioning, natural light within the classrooms to keep students fresh and to keep them away from boring lecturers, technology equipment (desktop, laptops, tablets, Bluetooth, wifi connection, large projector screens), stationery, flipcharts, photocopying machines, etc which make it comfortable and time-saving.

Henley hostel has approximately 100 rooms with sufficient facilities for the students . My room was quite perfect as it was having useful equipment like a personal safe and cupboard, electric press, laptop and wifi connection, telephone, television and radio, coffee making facility, and certain paintings which were making the room perfect for the living. There was a dedicated staff assigned for the student’s help to provide them food and helping them with other things. In food, our quality and preferences were taken care of. Henley is known for its excellent standard of services.

PGDM is a journey that builds knowledge by giving original examples and approaches (Trafford & Lesham 2009, Wellington, 2010). I am glad to choose this journey. Over many years I have used managerial solutions in management and in my academic career. With this, I came to know that my approach is much managerial so I thought to convert this to the academic and professional field. Going to business school is much likely to change your personality overall. A bachelor’s degree alone cannot help to survive in this corporate world, you must have extra skills and qualification to prove yourself. If you want to enhance your skills and knowledge you much choose a perfect course according to you apart from the educational qualification. A post-graduate diploma opens the gates for you to work anywhere in the world. That’s why there is an increased number of colleges that offer a post-graduation diploma program.

Why International Business Study Is Important?

Businesses are expanding internationally nowadays, the business world is becoming one. Business is rapidly spreading itself in other countries. International business focuses on the specialized development to the International Business. We as students are happy to learn the international business and their principles and scope. It provides an overview of how international business works and about professional transactions which is an important part of international business. The main objective is to find the perfect business leaders who have the capacity to meet the needs of the business and in international job markets. Import-Export knowledge and Logistic supply chain courses can add a star point in international business marketing qualification. It specifically focuses on international behavior and international operations.

In my PGDM class, there were many students who were not fresher and was having an experience of more than 2 years. However, their jobs did not give them an advantage as they do not have a PGDM degree with them. They were more mature than me but still took admissions in the post-graduation diploma course to learn the benefits and understanding of managerial solutions to international business. There I have learned that it is very important to choose the right course and the right job. Much of the study courses are all about the lecturers, classroom debates, case studies, plays, special professional sessions, understanding trade industry, learning managerial solutions case reports, and so on.

In this one year of my program, I learned about both core and the elective courses briefly. It is the mixed study of techniques, foundation, and functional courses within the university. It gives us the information and complete knowledge of management discipline and business understanding. Business globalization is a fact of today. Many financial, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, and technology services are expanding internationally and making the brand international and successful. Colleges and institutions are working dedicatedly to convert Post-graduate diploma students to business leaders. The study encourages students to adopt new skills, techniques, and knowledge in order to implement that to the business world.

The first thing that I felt while studying is to develop an understanding of reflection and influenced thinking. The most important thing I learned from university is to bring yourself to the world confidently and fearlessly. My PGDM semesters provide me gave me plenty of opportunities like membership, management, pieces of training. The business school is very student-friendly and helpful. The director of the university was also taking session and inspiring us for the program.


Work placement is something every student looks for. It has a number of benefits to work for you after getting the degree. Unlike many courses, Post-Graduate Diploma Management course programs are updated every year approximately. The benefit of Post-Graduate Diploma Management course according to me is that it is not limited to interpersonal growth in the business management world. There are multiple advantages associated with it. The main advantage is that it makes you ready to step in the corporate world, it is very tough to enter the corporate world without any courses. It’s like you should know swimming if you are going into the deep water. Multi-national companies always prefer a Master of Business administration degree or Post-graduate diploma management degree hence it is important to take admission to the related university. Henley brings the business values inside the student and develops him personally and professionally with the help of knowledge, sessions, role plays, and so on. It is important to achieve each factor to have a complete experience. I achieve not only studies but also the trust, mutual support, and a lifetime friendship from Henley business school as a gif along with the post-graduate diploma management degree. I form a family there along with my supportive friends who were also helpful when I felt alone.

There was a daily growth program as well as with the PGDM program where I can feel myself learning something new on daily basis. It was enhancing my overall knowledge and understanding of the core business concepts. It was the perfect year of making new friends with a similar mindset, visiting new companies, and to present yourself, to achieve deep learning of the subjects through the trained professors, and so on. My decision to choose the Postgraduate diploma management course was a combination of all the right factors. I was able to understand the knowledge and most importantly I was able to present my ideas and thoughts in front of everybody which was improving me and my work. I myself was noticing the improvement in my performance and the way I put myself in front of everyone was making me more confident. The demand for PGDM employees is increasing rapidly in the business world. There are more than 500 companies (including small-medium companies and even start-ups) who are looking for my type of candidate for their firm who holds the post-graduate diploma degree. All Post-Graduate Diploma Management programs are basically designed to fulfill the needs of the corporate world. The course includes some of the corporate subjects like logistics, international marketing, supply chain, finance, currency conversion, and other key areas basically to start the journey of an entrepreneur. Some of the top roles you can hire for are-

  • Import and export manager (The job responsibility of import and export manager is to achieve sustainable international business through the marketing of goods and services)
  • International business consultant (Also known as Foreign business consultants, help in the exchange of goods and services with their foreign commerce knowledge)
  • International business development manager (The role of the International business development manager is to find ways to expand their business overseas and to generate new leads and clients for the company by which they can grow their business and profits)
  • Account manager (the role of the Account manager is to manage the daily operations of the accounting department like to generate financial statements, policies, and accounts).
  • Brand manager (are also known as promoting managers who take care of brand promotion, through digital campaigns, and through offline promotion. They actually work for maintaining the image of the brand)
  • Supply chain manager (They are responsible to manage the overall supply chain and the associated work and operations in order to improve productivity and reduce the barriers and restriction come in between when expanding the work internationally)
  • Bank investment manager (provides the information regarding investment, and financials. They maintain the trusts, bonds, stocks, and shares of the company with connected companies. He also has complete information and access to the financial statements of the company. This role is very confidential)

After completing the PGDM journey, I received wonderful exposure to the business world. It is fun to meet new people, building your contacts, exchanging skills within the business world. But it is very important not to lose track which means you should stay connected with the study and must achieve all the new upgraded skills in order to hold the position of the asset to the company. One can explore the new culture of all the countries you expand your business to. That’s why it is important to stay connected, to attend international meetings and trade shows, and to never stop learning. You can lead your way then and are completely ready to enter the world of business. It was my most memorable one year experience, from morning classes to running in the campus with books, the pressure of completing the assignments, the late-night studies, the interesting debates, and the competitions everything was exciting. We were always excited and full of hearts. There was great professional exposure for the students inside and outside the campus when went for professional meetings. Henley teaches me to present myself. The promotions and to create a promotion plan with the help of friends. I missed my family but my friends and teachers were my families there. I have felt that I am living in my home which has everything and is investing energy on me to make me stand on my own feet in this corporate world. My goal was actually to align and prepare myself with the needs of today’s management marketing world so that I will be able to survive in the competitive world. Master of Business administration (MBA) has the old theory but the Post-graduate diploma management program is a practical approach to the management. PGDM course has the ability to survive in the competitive atmosphere in the classroom which makes my career and life appreciating. Here, I spend a good time analyzing my mistakes in the supervision of my professors who helped me to convert my weak areas to the strong ones. The struggle of my teachers to make everything clear with an easy way of learning is appreciated. As far as I remember this is the first time in my entire life that I was concentrating so much on practical education rather than working on theoretical knowledge. The experience shared by the teachers is the most valuable part of the degree. Students can figure out the difference between the MBA program and the PGDM program that’s why they are running towards the PGDM program so that they can implement whatever they have learned in their journey within their job or business. PGDM is an upgraded version of an MBA. The PGDM degree holder has more requirements than an MBA degree holders just because of his practical skills. Understanding without practice is of no use. The corporate world is always looking for the leaders and the managers with practical knowledge so that they do not have to work on them more as they work on MBA candidates.

PGDM is designed for practical usage and is fully equipped to apply on the dynamic business world as many teachers who are the part of faculty has certain experience of the business industry. With this skill, they bring out the best in the student and groom them with their industry experiences.

Does your submission have aesthetic merit, i.e. is the text is artistically shaped, satisfyingly complex and not boring?

Your Comments: Yes, it contains aesthetic merit, and as a PGDM student I choose the way of writing to share my thoughts I would give myself a 15 mark out of 20 for the explained theory of PGDM, but even 3000 words were less when tried to share with others.

Your Mark: 15/20

Contribution: 25%

The core aim is reflexivity: How did you come to write this text, or create your submission? How has your subjectivity (your unique viewpoint) been both producer and product of this text?

Your Comments: Reflexivity means presenting your own belief, experiences, and judgment. Here, keep this reflection unique by sharing many benefits of PGDM over MBA so that everyone who will read this reflection can have a complete overview.

Your Mark: 18/20

Contribution: 25%

Ensure impactfulness. Does the paper/ creation affect the reader emotionally and/ or intellectually and spur them on to ask new questions?

Your Comments: This paper do not contain any useless emotion but yes the emotions which I have for my friends, my teachers, my missed family and for the passion I have for PGDM.

Your Mark: 17/20

Contribution: 25%

Express a reality: How does the text/ creation embody a fleshed out sense of lived experience?

Your Comments: There is a difference between the written text and the real senses. You cannot completely right all your emotions because it can’t be written in limited words although I tried to explain everything briefly.

Your Mark: /20

Contribution: 25%

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