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Abstract on Disrupting the Speech Motor Network

An investigator has successfully planned and executed the 2×2 experiment to factorial design and delivered multiple elements needed in this scenario. This report also demonstrated the importance of the within-subject factor that has helped to represent the overall cost during this particular experiment. ANOVA methods are also illustrated and delivered by representing the null outcome and also discussed the significant impact on factors level two participants and interaction effects. The factorial design has multiple importance specifications where great flexibility has enhanced signal for performing an experiment, which is also mentioned.

Laboratory Report and Experiment Results

Generally, this report usually focuses on the essential experiment, referred to as a 2-by-2 experiment inside the lab. The respective laboratory report has also concentrated on 2×2 design, which describes the trial design and is effectively scrutinized to actions in a singular sample. Apart from that, multiple familiar kinds of literature will be review by understanding 2×2 Factorial-design. The respective report will also deliver the major reason for presenting this document by analyzing and discussing all laboratory results in a reliable manner. Each result is randomized and directly impacts over assessment test. Moreover, suitable methods will be demonstrated by understanding participants’ materials and protocol.

The Reason for The Present Document

In this matter, the major reason behind presenting this document is to permit the investigator to understand each variable, and interactions would be developed by reacting do essential variables through factorial experiments. According to (Lakens & Caldwell 2019), it has two essential levels. In addition, it is essential to organize an experiment by recognizing the results impact. The individual experimental condition should be influenced over design alongside the preferred protocol. Moreover, this experiment will be determined in terms of 433 subjects, whereas 357 females and 76 males are included. Besides, this experiment should also concentrate on an investigation by understanding handedness questions. Therefore, the experiment must be performed by monitoring the condition variable on every side, left alongside right. It will also observe the quantity regarding left interference alongside the right interference. The respective experiment should also observe all conditions by scrutinizing the interference factor and delivering t-test outcomes appropriately (Zhang et al., 2018). Moreover, 2×2 experiment design should also concentrate on factorial design, and variable should be effectively implemented in multiple groups. This experiment should depict the factorial design through design notation, and combinations are also associated with level factors executed via random factors.



For performing or continuing this experiment, the investigator should execute essential methods in terms of 2×2 design. According to (Liu & Bailey 2019), ANOVA methods or processes are suitable, which decides whether to apply the complete factorial design on not. It also advocates resource management and helping in generating the decision. In addition, multiple participants are also involved where individual one should be scrutinized through one condition, and remaining conditions have to be balanced in a significant method. In the factorial experiment, the respective decision should be taken among within-subjects or between-subjects for the individual independent variable. These participants are becoming essential and independent variables should be manipulated among subjects, and they could be scrutinized through this experiment. Moreover, it would be suitable for individual participants and appropriately tested in one proper condition. On the other side, the null outcome should be justified that designs quite help deliver the distinction among individual subject cost, and participants have given major contributions to execute this vital experiment.


According to (Geffen & Pitman 2019), essential materials are required while involving this particular experiment. In terms of 2×2 design, ANOVA methods have been appropriately utilized, whereas new materials would also be needed. In addition, these essential materials are precisely relying on multiple materials, whereas additional personnel training should be executed or provided for performing this experiment. In addition, precondition costs have provided equal charges for a similar scenario, and experimental conditions should also engage with time-intensive alongside complicated laboratory-equipment factors. The experiment should be analyzed by utilizing either regression or ANOVA analysis. To compute major impact has been appropriately reacted to offer experimental runs, and suitable materials would also engage thoroughly. As an outcome, useful exploratory tools are suitable for a respective factorial experiment, which also includes interaction plots, major effects plot, and general probability plot alongside Pareto plots.


In this paper, the major procedure was derived from the research paper. All the participants have been recruited via an advert on the university intranet as well as advertisement leaflets. The advert explains that the experiment needs several participants to tell the truth about the two by 2 experiment from the year 2007 to 2015. According to the samples that have been collected by the researcher, there are 76 males and 357 females compromising the students who are from ECU campuses (Mullet & Chasseigne, 2018). On arrival towards the laboratory, participants will be given a participation information sheet as well as all the participants needing to sign an informed consent form. Both the right hander's as well as left hander's then completed a selection form on which they needed to specify about their condition where they were left-handed or right-handed and having a condition of silent or verbal. All the participants were handed a set of questionnaires, and with the help of these handedness quotients, it will be calculated. From this group of participants, the handedness quotient was around 0.85. In order to avoid participants about the feeling they had within the subject, verbal lie detection measures were implemented in a rush then the researcher will ensure that they have given plenty of time to develop it (Vrij et al., 2018). All the participants were participating in this research were told that they were allowed to make some of their notes while doing their research.


The researcher has interviewed to collect the data related to the research. Before the interview, the researcher has provided all the necessary information to all the participants. To make the interviewee feel comfortable and avoid several floor effects in creating the rapport among the interviewees, the researchers have offered a glass of water as offering them sometimes helps create a better connection. The researcher uses the questions that were based on descriptive statistics that mean and have a standard deviation. All the items that have been asked by the researcher are upon the experiment between two by two.


The researcher collected the total sample size of 378. It also included the measured time across four different conditions, such as left-hand silent, Right-hand silent, left-hand verbal, and right-hand verbal. These are hypothesized in terms of speaking conditions where wheel balancing time measured on the right-hand will be shorter than the left.

After collecting all the data related to the average time of dowel balancing across several conditions as well as interference that has occurred between left and right hand in terms of verbal conditions (Hodgson, Tremlin & Hudson, 2019), it is evident that the data that has been collected where the overall balancing on the site condition for both left and right hand is relatively better than balancing in the verbal condition for both left and right hand. Moreover, the balancing interference in the right hand is larger than the left balancing interference. Apart from that, a dependent Two-tailed T-test has been conducted by the researcher to confirm further that there is a difference, which is quite significant.

Table 1

Mean Percent Correct Scores for Participants in Both Conditions


Condition 1

Condition 2







Discussion on Disrupting the Speech Motor Network

After evaluating the results and the whole research, it can be stated that it was hypothesized that 8in double balancing time, verbalization had shortened the right hand more than the left. All the results that have been gathered from the experiment conducted by the researcher have supported this hypothesis. It should be noted that this research has a manual task that has been managed by the asymmetrical hemisphere as well as the speech by the left hemisphere. It has been identified that there has been a more massive interference, which was observed while balancing the dowel from the right hand and speaking they are both left-lateralized. Moreover, it can be suggested that every individual's speech was controlled by the left hemisphere alone. According to the results gathered from the experiment, it did not reflect this interference as it was evident that in both left and right-hand dowel balancing tasks, there has been an only degree of influence (Laganaro, Bonnans & Fargier, 2019). However, there has been one explanation that the researcher has identified from the present result, which is under several stimulus conditions where both the hemispheres could utilize the verbalization because of different cognitive processes involved.

Conclusion on Disrupting the Speech Motor Network

Based on the above experimental research, it can be stated that the hemispheric interference could occur during dual tasks because of the addictive demands over the brain for a limited capacity. However, interference makes emerge in both hemispheres instead of just one designated section responsible for conducting the task.

References for Disrupting the Speech Motor Network

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