Provide Leadership - Activity 1A

1: While discussing the organization’s vision, strategic objectives, and required standards of performance with others, it is important to take goal of the organization in the mind. First of all, determining the above factors, it is important to know what actually the organization do, what is its purpose, how it delivers the services and goods to the consumers, and what are the values of the organization. While discussing organization vision, the leader should have a clear mind about the strategy of the organization as it determines the ultimate purpose and outcome of the organization. The vision of the organization should be short and specific so that the employee working in the organization have clear aim and purpose to work hard. On the other hand while discussing the strategic objective of the organization, specific measurable results should be considered. It is important to take when, how much, and what into to consideration. For example, “By 2025 (when), increase the sales of the product to 15 per cent (how much) to improve organization profit (what).” The strategic object is created with the help of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time and Challenging).

Moreover, the strategic objective can be defined in three ways, namely process objective, behavioral objectives and community level outcome objectives. Process objective provides implementation or ground work which is required to achieve other objective whereas behavioral objective looks at the changing behaviors of people and its product. Besides this, community level outcome objectives are based on the result or product due to change in the behavior of people. Apart from this, while discussing organization’s required standards of performance with others the factors that are needed to consider are outcomes, safety, cost, timeline, quantity, quality, performance, indicators of success, and observables. Performance standards should be also related to the target and goals of the organization to insure health and productive working environment

2: Five measures that may be taken in order to fulfil workgroup communication needs are as follows:

Self-Motivation: For adoption of communication technology in the organization, it is required that employees are self-motived to use this technology. The individual decision always matters whether to accept or reject the application.

Training and technical support group: This is an important factor to consider as it will help in supporting and adopting the communication technology. If new platform is used or a portal is designed specifically for communication within the organization, training will be essential factor.

Technological Characteristic: It will define what technology is required to use for communication. This element influences the information and communication technology adoption.

A supportive environment workplace: It will improve productivity of employee and will help in better understanding of difficulties and problems occurring in implementation of communication technology.

Sharing and learning environment: Communication technology will be only useful when the employees in working environment share their experience or work and learn from others.

3: Visual: Visual learning style is one of the effective learning style which is associated with providing information learning through images. It relates to communication at workplace by enabling communication through PowerPoint, images, data and many more.

Auditory: Auditory learning style is a style in which the learner learns through listing speech or sound. It is also considered to be most effective learning style. It relates to communication at workplace through listening or speaking an individual can communicate to each other in order to be efficient and coordinative.

Reading/writing: this learning style is used form decades, where the learner learn from reading informative things like books, novels, articles etc. The learner also learns from his/her past experience if he/she has noted the important points and used them in the future. It relates to communication at workplace as individual write mails, notes, massages and other things to communicate within the organization.

Kinaesthetic: It is a learning style which requires manipulation of material to learn. It is a combination of visual and auditory learning style, which produces multi-sensory learning. Advertisements and videos are the best example of communication at workplace.

Provide Leadership - Activity 1B

1: The four questions are:

  1. How your team is going to achieve the objective?
  2. What are the risk involved?
  3. What are requirements to achieve the purpose of the workgroup?
  4. What are the strategies to maximize the productivity of workgroup?

2: The complaints of the customers can be reduced by following the below processes.

Use of advanced technology: Installing a high powered software in the business to ensure quality controls and safety standards. This will help in eliminating problems that may emerge and results in customer dissatisfaction.

Providing exceptional customer services: To reduce the customer complains it is important that the services provided by the organization are exceptional. It is an effective way and it ensures the positive image of the business with positive customer experience.

Be sure to deliver promised standards. Most of the problem that results in customer dissatisfaction is that, the customer doesn’t gets the promised services and goods. If the promised services and goods are delivered, half of the problem will be reduced automatically.

Asking for feedback: It will help improving the business processes as the customer feedbacks are accurate and specific without any filter. It will help the organization to identify where they are lacking in providing promised services.

Finding roots of the problem: The best way to diagnose a problem is to find its root. Making the corrections from the starting will have better results at the end. It will result in 100 diagnosis of problems that were before difficult to recognize.

SMART acronym can be used as:

SMART: By the next four months, decrease the number of customer complaints by 25 percent, through development of effective strategies in order to increase the base of customers by 2021.

S = Specific, M = Measurable, A = Attainable/Achievable, R = Realistic, T = Time Bound

3: Steps that should be followed in order to establish workgroup roles and responsibilities are as follows:

Step 1: Identifying the roles for the team for example team leader, developer, designer, accountant etc.

Step 2: Clarifying the responsibilities to individual and rankling them according to its priority.

Step 3: Dividing the responsibilities to each role. It means, identifying 2 or 3 responsibilities for each roles.

Step 4: refining and consolidating the roles and responsibilities by talking to teammates. For example, five developer in the team has to create unified list of developer responsibilities.

Step 5: Discussing the roles and responsibilities for clarification and doubts.

Step 6: Summarizing for ensuring the agreement of all team members and documenting the roles and responsibilities as decided.

Provide Leadership - Activity 1C

1: The five steps to achieve workplace objective are as follows:

  1. Creating goals for the team.
  2. Finding resources required to achieve the objective.
  3. Using SMART goals
  4. Implementing strategies and reevaluating the objectives periodically.
  5. Keep striving towards the goal

2: Customer Service: These measures are used by the organization to take care of needs and desires of the customer by delivering and providing them with helpful, professional, high quality services and assistance before, during and after the requirements of the customers are met. The measures include overall satisfaction, customer retention, improving satisfaction, conversion rate, active issues, competitor comparison and many more.

Code of conduct: It is a set of rule and regulations that is needed to be followed. It consist of what is and is not expected or accepted behavior. It outlines the norms and practices that an organization or an individual party has to follow. Measures that are needed to be included are mission and values, policies and procedures of workplace, disciplinary actions, and industry compliances and regulations.

Human resource issues: Measures that are needed to be taken management changes, leadership development, training and workforce development, adapting innovation, compensation to employees, offering healthcare benefits, recruiting employees having required skills and talent, retaining talented employees, and increasing diversity at workplace.

Quality assurance: Measures include defining KPI’s, feedback system, Q&A software, and coaching and training.

Dress and professional presentation: providing a dressing code to employee, so that everyone looks professional.

Provide Leadership - Activity 1D

1: The measures that may be taken in order to model and promote equal opportunity employment within the workplace are as follows:

Effective HRM system: The recruitment process should not be biased. The employees should be recruited on the basis of their skills and talent and the requirement of the organization. HRM plays a very important role in promoting equal opportunity employment within the workplace. HRM plays a very important role in an organization as it concentrates on managing, recruiting and directing people in the workplace.

Working culture: The working environment should be such that everyone gets the chance to speak and discuss during any meeting and group discussion. Everyone point of view should be taken into consideration.

Workplace diversity: Diversity should be there in order to provide chances to new talents. An healthy working environment should be created where all the employees are treated as equal and unique from each other.

Providing opportunities: Giving a chance to everyone to manage certain things and task will motivate them and encourage them and will result in better productivity.

The aspects of discrimination that should be avoided included biased recruitment process, promoting favorite employee, not giving chance to employees with whom the leader have some personal issues, and encouraging and promoting relatives and friends at workplace.

2: Workplace health and safety measures are as follows:

Proving on-going health and safety training: HRM is responsible for providing this training. The training will help the employees to take decision at the time of any risk or uncertainty. It will help in mitigating of eliminating workplace injuries.

Incorporating health and employee safety in HRM: Introducing and developing policies and procedures for safety at workplace. For example, limiting the entrance in dangerous workplace and ensuring proper clothing and safety while working with machines. Moreover, safety equipment should be installed at various places in the office building.

Legal confirmation: The building of office should be such that all the safety measures are taken into consideration like exist during emergency. Moreover, worker compensation claims and sick leaves should be processed by HRM to maintain the record of employee health.

Creating safe and healthy working environment: Working environment should be stress free and employee should be able to discuss any kind of problem related to business that is resulting in high stress and decrease in productivity.

Partnership with Hospitals: Regular or monthly checkup of employees should be carried out in order to encourage trust of employee in the organization.

3: The five activities are as follows:

  • Organizing events and small parties for organization achievements.
  • Cultural sensitive training
  • Supporting affinity groups
  • Cultural celebration
  • Community outreach

4: The three methods are direct participation (consultation, interview, project group, and health circles), indirect participation (feedback, meetings, etc.) and informal participation (during lunch, free time talk, gaming, etc.)

Provide Leadership - Activity 2A

1: Five methods that may be implemented for the encouragement of work contributions or suggestions are creating mission driven organization, implementing and focusing of personal growth and career development of employee, awarding for extraordinary performance of employee, listing to the ideas, complaints and comments of employee, and encouraging employee to be self-sufficient.

2: While acknowledging and considering work contributions or suggestions it is important know whether the contribution or suggestion is beneficial for the organization or not. The process will be followed by first identifying the impact of the contribution or suggestion to the organization. If the contribution has helped the team or the organization in a positive way, then it should be recognized. Secondly, measuring the contribution or suggestion with efficient tool to identify its importance. The result may be measured in terms of profit for the organization or may be in terms of increase in efficiency of the work. And lastly awarding and celebration the contribution. It is very important to reward employee or the team for their contribution in the organization growth. It help in motivating and encouraging them to do hard work. It also increase the trust level of employees.

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