Project Execution and Control

Executive Summary of Change Management

The current study has conducted an analysis of the required changes in the context of current context of myki project. Potential outcomes regarding time, cost, quality has also been discussed. An effective change request has been made to elaborate on how to conduct the project changes and incorporate new changes. Based on the findings of the study, recommendations have been provided.

Table of Contents


Identify changes required for the case study. Critically analyse their impact on scope, time, cost, quality of the project and the techniques used to manage them.

Explain what processes are involved in submitting a request to deal with the changes necessary from your analysis of the case study.

Identify and discuss options to satisfy each change request and any risks associated to the options.

Complete the change request/control form provided or one that is used from a workplace.

Project Change Order Request

Conclusions and Recommendations.

Reference List

Introduction to Change Management

The process through which an organisation deals with any transformation or transitional between the organisational goals and objectives, technologies and processes; are referred to the change management. In this process, effective strategies have been implemented for bringing the desired change, controlling the same and to adapt to the change. The current study aims at finding out the impacts of changes upon the myki Project, processes for submitting the request to deal with the changes, options for satisfy each of the changes and completing the change request with some recommendations.

1. Identify Changes Required for The Case Study. Critically Analyse Their Impact on Scope, Time, Cost, Quality of The Project and The Techniques Used to Manage Them

Change management model proposed by Kotter can be used here, where; it is required to create urgency that the change is required to be implemented. The change is required to be implemented with the help of a team and a common vision will be needed to be developed for completing the project successfully. Another process for ensuring success of the projects are communicating the change with each others, getting support and moving forward through completing some short term goals that will be achieved through the team collaboration and effective management of the procedures (Cameron & Green, 2019).

As given in the current case study the project needed to go through different changes. As observed in the case study, the project needed complex requirement including, over 13,000 pages, over 40 schedules, four exhibits made up of more than 370 separate documents and over 3000 outcomes. Additionally, TTA required surplus of 350 specification changes during the process of development. Key changes that are required to be incorporated in the current case study are improved governance structure. It has been observed that at the time of project management, various documentations related issues took place such as uncertainties and ambiguities over the precedence of the documents. This has led top disputes in costs and priorities (Rosenbaum, More & Steane, 2018). Therefore, changes or improvement in the governance structure of the organization could reduce the ambiguities over precedence of the documents which ultimately could lead to low expenditure and reduced time investment.

The roles and responsibilities of Transport Ticketing Authority could also change when their responsibilities transferred to delivery of myki and the management of the Metcard system in December 2012. TTA was not provided with the clear accountability and authority for managing the contractors directly. If the authority could have been provided with the authority to control, the project, the scope of the project could expand; the effective controlling mechanism would help the project to stop lagging and to proceed effectively. There required to be a system of assessing the adequacy of the existing performance of the project. It could have reduced the cost of the project from increasing 55% from the initial planned budget. Apart from that the performance data provided by the contractor was also needed to be reviewed effectively so that measures against delayed performance and disputes could have been handled effectively to manage the quality of the project (Cummings, Bridgman & Brown, 2016). Quick and effective decisions could have been taken if the members of the management team could have shared an effective work planning throughout the process which could potentially reduce the time required for conducting the project.

2. Explain What Processes Are Involved in Submitting a Request to Deal with The Changes Necessary from Your Analysis of The Case Study

The above stated changes are needed to be implemented through some procedures for submitting the request. The first step is to identify the requirements as stated earlier including changes in the governance structure and project scope, deliverables, timescales and organisations. A change request form is required to be filled where the description of the changes will be included. In the current context, the changes will be modification in the governance structure, involvement of all the stakeholders, authorizing responsibilities to the TTA and effective review of the performance data provided by the contractor.

The reason requesting the change are the factors that led the project to face financial loss, reduced time effectiveness and reduced the effectiveness of the project outcomes. Several reasons due to which the changes are required include poor functional performance which can be improved though monitoring and directing the performances of individual stakeholders of the project (Van Rossum et al. 2016). Another reason is to reduce the time and expand the project scope. The project performances are also required to be flexible enough and realistic delivery time frames are required to be developed and followed.

The benefits of the project changes include, effective cooperation and collaboration between the project team members, adequate evaluation of the performance based on which further decision regarding changes to be adopted are taken under considerations. Other associated benefits are reduced cost, timely delivery of the project and improved project outcomes. The cost of the project overall will be $998.9 million which will be broken down in accordance with requirements of the project and adherence top the budget is required to be ensured. Along with this impacts of the changes that will be beneficial will also be included (Stouten, Rousseau & De Cremer, 2018).

3. Identify and Discuss Options to Satisfy Each Change Request and Any Risks Associated to The Options


The changes required to be implemented in the current projects are improvement in the project management. The management authority of the project was Transport Ticketing Authority (TTA), where, there was a lack of collaboration between the stakeholders associated with the project. Change is also required to be implemented in the context of poorly defined functional performance requirements where project workers have been confused between suggested requirements and the directions they have been getting (Altamony et al. 2016).


The project was required to make the proceedings flexible so that budget adjustment could have been performed effectively. However another reason for urging these changes is bringing flexibility to the system. For instance, flexibility over adding, upgrading and swapping components during the project without restricting the path of any of the vendors is required to be implemented. Flexibility could also be brought to the users through different pricing and structure of the fares. To ensure the timely delivery of the project the changes are required to be implemented. The risk that may take place is due to lack of project understanding, timely delivery may not achieved.


  • The changes will benefit the transport operators through streamlining the fare collection important access to travel behavior of the passengers will also be detected effectively through the changes (Domingues et al. 2017).
  • The designing and implementing of the transport system over a range of transport means will be easier.
  • Technical advances may be gathered from the vendors through effective management of the communication and operations of the project.
  • The public funds devoted to the project can be used effectively so that the cost of the project does not exceed from its initial budget.


The initial cost decided for conducting the current project has been decided to be $998.9 million; the change request would ensure that the project would be completed without exceeding the budget. This will provide the opportunity to evaluate and re-evaluate the processes through which the change is being implemented which will lead to lead understanding on how to proceed with the remaining works of the project. The public fund will be used in an organized way that would increase the project effectiveness.


The change will be needed to be preserved through implementation of the above stated procedures which will impact in an effective way upon the project completion procedures. It will expand the project scope; reduce the time allocated for completing the current project, improve the project quality and will benefit the ultimate target group.

4. Complete the Change Request/control Form Provided or One that Is Used from A Workplace

Project Change Order Request

Project name:

Myki project

Requested by: Date:



Request name: Request number:

Changes in myki project

Change description:

  • Increased communication and collaboration between all project members
  • Reducing cost through developing a successful project plan
  • Expanding the project scope

Change reason:

  • Reducing project expenses
  • Increasing project scope
  • Reducing the time
  • Ensuring timely delivery of the project

Impact of change:

Scope: It will include the extensive project monitoring activities

Budget: Budget will be restricted to $998.9 million

Timeline: Within two years from commencement

Resourcing: Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), Department of Economic Development and others

Communications: Communication will ne enhanced between all the memers into the governance structure


Proposed action:

Creating urgency, developing new and shared vision, implementing resources and ensuring timely delivery

Associated cost:


Approved by: Date

Conclusions and Recommendations on Change Management

  • It can be additionally recommended that the project workers are needed to be provided with training as they may face difficulties in adapting with the change.
  • It is also recommended to develop high quality responsive communication system so that every stakeholder can be made aware of the process and outcomes of the project.


In conclusion, it can be stated that the difficulties faced by the current project was due to lack of collaboration between the stakeholders of the project as they were not fully engaged with the current project. Change management request have been provided to develop effectiveness in the operations and to increase the effectiveness of the project outcomes. The cost reduction, scope expansion has been proposed to be incorporated into the current project so that desired project outcomes can be achieved.

Reference List for Change Management

Altamony, H., Al-Salti, Z., Gharaibeh, A., & Elyas, T. (2016). The relationship between change management strategy and successful enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations: A theoretical perspective. International Journal of Business Management and Economic Research, 7(4), 690-703.

Cameron, E., & Green, M. (2019). Making sense of change management: A complete guide to the models, tools and techniques of organizational change. Kogan Page Publishers.

Cummings, S., Bridgman, T., & Brown, K. G. (2016). Unfreezing change as three steps: Rethinking Kurt Lewin’s legacy for change management. Human relations, 69(1), 33-60.

Domingues, A. R., Lozano, R., Ceulemans, K., & Ramos, T. B. (2017). Sustainability reporting in public sector organisations: Exploring the relation between the reporting process and organisational change management for sustainability. Journal of environmental management, 192, 292-301.

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Van Rossum, L., Aij, K. H., Simons, F. E., van der Eng, N., & ten Have, W. D. (2016). Lean healthcare from a change management perspective. Journal of health organization and management.

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