Principles of Project Management



Similarities between Agile and PRINCE.

Difference between agile method and PRINCE2.

Planning method.

Team plans and timings.

Principle based.

Major focus.

Risk treatment in Agile and PRINCE 2.

Type of projected used in agile method and PRINCE 2 method.


Introduction to Agile Methodology in IT Projects

Agile method is the most important method which is used in the organization to foster growth and development. Al-Zoabi (2018) stated that agile method is the practice which promotes continuous iteration of development and also testing throughout the software development in the lifecycle. Under the Agile method, it was understood that development and testing activities are concurrent which is not as the one in waterfall model. In the other way, agile method is also defined as the particular approach to project management which is used in the software development. This method is useful in assisting the team while responding to the unpredictability of constructing the software. Kanban and scrum are some among the widely used agile methods in the companies. While trying to understand PRINCE2, it is also understood to be structured project management method and practitioner certification program (Hasibović & Tanović, 2017). In general, PRINCE2 focuses the diving projects into manageable and also controlled stages and is adopted on worldwide basis. Today, most of the Australian, UK and companies in the Eastern Europe has understood the importance of the PRINCE2 and adapted to this method. Being used in across 150 different countries, PRINCE2 is known to be a process based approach which focuses on organization and also control throughout the entire project from start to finish.

Similarities Between Agile and Prince

Many experts and scholars of management have conducted studies and pilot testing to understand the similarities between agile and PRINCE2 software. However, it was learned that although the major difference between these two applications were the difference, but they lso follow same process, principles and also the different themes. It is stated that both, Agile and PRINCE2 reply upon the exact themes, process and principles. They have similar goals of making the client happy and content. Additionally, they are involved in performing the same activities which include collecting designing, requirements, testing and also deploying.

Difference Between Agile Method and Prince 2

Planning Method

The planning method followed by agile method. Agile method focuses on short term goals and plans while on the other hand, PRINCE2 allows the customers to remain focused on the business goal. Additionally, it is also understood that agile method remains responsive towards the environmental changes while on the other hand, PRINCE2 does not considers environmental changes more. On the other hand, author states that PRINCE2 focuses on the product requirement while on the other hand, agile method focuses on the customer requirement (Hasibović & Tanović, 2017).

Team Plans and Timings

Agile methodology is considered to go well and also fit completely with PRINCE 2 for this reason that there can be one or one more time boxes that help with the team plan. Apart from this, it was understood that PRINCE2 does not explains the time boxes a team should propose to plan because it generally focuses on the agile team members. According to the claims made by Al-Zoabi (2018) one of the suitable methodologies that can adapt to the transition is agile methodology. PRINCE 2, on the other hand, remains more resistant to changes. In PRINCE 2, the key point of preparation is to predict and be ready for the changes and losses as well. Raharjo & Purwandari (2020) states that there is no other way you can prepare for future performance, but PRINCE 2 is far more versatile than reputation indicates in the research paper introduced.

Principle Based

The key difference is that PRINCE2 focuses on seven principles while Agile is based on the twelve principles on the other side. The PRINCE2 provides the fundamental rule that any project, such as providing specific business rationale or the strategy that should be adapted to each of the projects, should obey (Gablas, Ruzicky & Ondrouchova, 2018). In addition, there are 7 values that complement each other, 7 key project positions, and 7 key project phases. Agile, on the other hand, is considered to follow 12 principles that have been published in the Agile Manifesto, a document created by Agile 's founders (Hasibović & Tanović, 2017). In order to please consumers and also welcome evolving conditions, the Agile principle is known to encourage concepts such as the highest priority.

Major Focus

The core philosophy behind Agile methodology as it focuses on the self-organizing team where the team decides for themselves how the job should be done without leading them to the objectives by the external workers. Mousaei & Javdani (2018) stated that the primary assumption is that the participants know about best strategy for them in the agile process and how they can go forward. PRINCE2, on the other hand, does not concentrate on how the teams should be coordinated (Verlaine, Jureta & Faulkner 2016). Under this approach, it is not as important how the staff or the team conduct work as the project structure and how they integrate into it. PRINCE2 focuses, however, on organising the system and also the project staff positions that comprise the project board. Gablas (2018) states that agile methodology is important because it focuses on the self-organization of the teams while on the other hand, PRINCE2 does not advocate how teams should be organized.

Risk Treatment in Agile and Prince 2

Wang (2018) have re-instated on the fact that the treatment of risk management in the same way as you do in the waterfall is important. In Agile, risk management is handled with more processes compared to envisioning. Additionally, many agile practices generally look to identify and also mitigate the risk throughout the project. In addition, the degree of conventional risk management should be carried out and should be connected to the scope, length, and expertise of the various types of projects being undertaken. PRINCE2 was, on the other hand, understood to be one of the systematic methods taken into account for risk management. It quantifies the risk by the probability and also the effect, making it useful for management. According to Verlaine, Jureta & Faulkner (2016) PRINCE2 method describes risk as something that could be better and also focuses on risk concerns and opportunities. The further research was that, when accessing PRINCE2 risk control, risk can be both positive and negative for a product. In general, PRINCE2 is known to use an entrepreneurial strategy that acknowledges the danger that is unavoidable and can either be a real issue or prove to be an asset for the business (Gablas, Ruzicky & Ondrouchova, 2018).

Type of Projected Used in Agile Method and Prince 2 Method

After a detailed review and study carried out, it was acknowledged that PRINCE2 is a process based method that is mostly used in the UK government sector and is often commonly accepted and practised in the UK and international private sector. For the private sector, PRINCE2 is commonly used as it focuses on identifying the organisation's structure and thus applies the study's product-based approach. In the current scenario there are large number of companies like Apple, Practo and Gamble, Microsoft, and IBM who are known to practice Agile methodology (Verlaine, Jureta & Faulkner 2016). Today most of the largest MNC organizations implement the agile method that embraces the agile working in small multi-disciplinary teams that focus on delivering the results fast in an interactive manner. In addition, the studies showed that people have moved from PRINCE2 to the Agile approach and almost 97 percent of businesses are using agile methods of growth today (Hinde, 2018).

References for Agile Methodology in IT Projects

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