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Fundamental Care Guide by The Careful Nursing Philosophy

Table of Contents


Article objectives.

Article background.

Article design.


Philosophical practice of nursing.

Professional dimension of nursing practice.

Strength and weakness.



Introduction to Professional Practice Model

Nursing which is regarding as the noble profession with philosophy along with the professional modular of practice. The paper has set its section to review a scholarly journal based on the topic of careful nursing fundamentals highlighting the philosophy behind the profession and the practice model partly. The author has evaluated the perspective and the aim of the profession, nursing which will shortly review over here.

Article Objectives

The purpose of the selected article is to examine the conceptual practice and current fundamentals of nursing and the solution of the varied care erosion related to the practice of the nursing.

Article Background

The background of the mentioned article is to motivate the nurses and to enhance their commitment. The author has put efforts to uphold the awareness and the values of the profession through motivating them in a sincere way. Even here in the article the authors have predicted that the paper will successfully forecast the crucial importance of nursing that is the major motto of the paper and beside this the practice will heighten the values of the potential care and the values of the profession in general.

Article Design

The article as well as the paper here has the intention to design the structure of the nursing philosophy and the practical approach of the profession. “Professional practice model” or the careful nursing, the term referred to in the article will elaborate the pragmatic aspect of nursing and the practice of the profession. The article even is going to illuminate the fundamental part of the careful nursing profession.

Methodology of Professional Practice Model

The methodology of the article that has used research the entire topic of nursing is “Comparative alignment approach”. This approach is used in scientific research and the majority of this approach have sent in case of any genetic or bio genetic research. Relating this order, the scholars of this article have chosen this approach to meet the objectives and the purpose.

Philosophical Practice of Nursing 

It has already stated in the above section of this assessment paper that the profession of nursing includes the philosophy as well as the practical professional model. In addition, the finding of the authors is the three basic and major principles that can highlight here relating the caring aspect of the profession.

  • Professional inherited and nature dignity:

Being part of holistic body and spirituality, human is requiring equal dignity and the values. The distinguished body, the reality of outward and the sense of spirituality or the inward body each figure is equal and right to have the equal service from the society.

Here, the term as well as the philosophy work act as the person or the nurse should recognize all the patients as human beings and needs to treat them from the physical and physiological aspect that can be referred to as the term “ p-person centered care”. 

  • Transcended reality of life process:

The transcendent reality means the stillness in the occupation of nursing. As the profession of nursing is the embodiment of love and spirituality through providing care to the patient as well as the human body it can perceive by meditation. The calmness of mind or the spiritual generosity as well as the compassion that are the major aim of Nursing can achieved only through the practice of meditation.

These two, spirituality of the spirit of the human mind cannot counted as the element but the practice of compassion and calmness makes the profession more effective and powerful and the spiritual presence (Courant, 2020).

  • Health as flourishing element of human:

Human flourishing is the part of human life despite having the adverse situation and the circumstances through showing courage, love, respect and the values of life as well as the individual may enhance the flourishing of the particular which needs to be performed by nursing (Meehan, Timmins & Burke, 2018).

The practice of providing courage is creating the bio- psychological relationship with the patient. It also has affected their life and can enhance the desire of flourish. It will achieved by the philosophical practice of the profession (Traynor, 2017).

Professional Dimension of Nursing Practice

The professional practice of nursing is one of the major prospect of the article. Not only the philosophical exercise makes the profession perfect but also the person needs to touch the bottom of the practical model of the profession (Mueller, 2016). The alignment approach has the outcome of the four professional models for the particular professions are following:
Therapeutic Milieu

Therapeutic Milieu (TM) is the most healing and the enriched practice of the profession “therapeutic interpersonal relationship” that used to calm the patient and to ensure the health stability. In this practice, the person needs to calm the patients through making the health condition stable with the proper care and compassion, tactic and the ideas (Coleman et al., 2019).

Practice excellence

This practice of nursing focus on the attitude of nurses and the direct activity of clinical care and practiced the process infusing the greater depth of the profession. In this practical approach, the person needs to assess the recorded and the health condition and recommend the clinical process to establish the accurate clinical meaning and to encounter the problem as well as the health dispute of the patient through the proper clinical process. Executing the hypothesis and the clinical reasoning the person can also perform the model.

Practice management in the health system

MPIHS or “Management of Practice and Influence in Health Systems”, the approach is based on the managerial aspect of the profession. The model stands for the collaborative approach of the profession and the authoritative management to assist the role of the profile as well the profession. Implementation of the core task is also one of the approaches of the model, in this model the professional person needs to stay worthy with the health system and to have the collaborative approach with the clinical practice (McCormack & McCance, 2016).

Professional authority

 PA (Professional Authority) directly related to the power, autonomy, political and the intellectual potentiality of the profession. The profession again needs to go through the research to make the professional approach more effective and to encounter and to meet all the responsibilities of the profession in a proper justified way (Gibson, 2002).

Strength and Weakness

The article has presented the values of the nursing profession through the proper analysis of the practical and the philosophical approach of the noble profession. The strength point of the article is that it has presented all the possible perspective attributes that need to practice by the professionals. Still the article has failed to represent some major points related to the clinical approach and the view of the profession on the behalf of the health industry. The article has only overview the perspective of the profession but not present any proper brief on its respect (Filosofova, Mironova & Kozyreva, 2017). 

Conclusion on Professional Practice Model

The framework of nursing and the varied approach of the profession is extremely valuable and has the proper vision to contribute compassion, love towards the society and also to provide values to the patient. Adhering the practical as well as the philosophical approach and through the continuous practice one can make the profession more effective and motivating to the others. In this profession, the professionals also need to practice the clinical exercise along with the proper research to ensure the health prosperity of the health industry.

References for Professional Practice Model

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