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Thematic Trends in Event Management Research

Executive Summary of Positioning and Promoting Events

The respective report is a brief analysis about the event management process of naturally good. The paper is concentrated highly on the external environmental factors required to be considered and implemented at the time during the conduct of the event. Market analysis along with internal environment analysis is performed to support the study. There is certain recommendation measures identified for naturally good in order to adopt proper planning strategies for the event management process about to be launched.

Table of Contents

Executive summary.


External and internal analyses.

2.1. Macro environment analysis (PESTEL).

2.2. Competitor analysis.

2.3. Market analysis.

2.4. Internal analysis.

SWOT analysis.



Introduction to Positioning and Promoting Events

Naturally good Expo is planned to be conducted at Sydney exhibition and Convention centre. This is considered to be one of the top trade fair for healthy organic and natural products in Asia Pacific Region. Under this respective context, range of the exhibition includes several services and products of natural, healthy, sustainable and ecological categories. In addition to food and beverages this also refers to cosmetic and toiletries as well as home and living (Park & Park, 2017). The key strategy behind the conduct of expo is that, it is a better platform for the wholesalers, retailers and manufactures to promote their product along with identifying new mode trends in the current competitive market and establish new business contacts. The paper will be give emphasis in conducting an external and internal environment analysis of naturally good under the market of Australia. There are strong recommendations conducted to support the organization to enhance better performance in the upcoming future.

External and Internal Analyses

2.1. Macro Environment Analysis (PESTEL)




Under the political factors, with related to the market of Australia it can be a strong platform for Naturally good to conduct expos related to natural and organic products (David, 2018). This is a better segment of encouragement in the area of providing organic and natural products along with enhancing the conduct of the same in the future. This can give core emphasis in improving the health related factors of the people and the society on a complete basis.


Compared to the economic market condition of Australia, the key major factor which will help in the area of influencing the event can be, along with the current status this will support in improving the demand of the clients. Apart from this, if there is increase rapid increase in cost of labour then there can be rapid increase in the selling cost. This can be an advantage for Naturally good to conduct event in Australia.


With the launch of certain events under organic and natural product segments, the behavior of the consumers may show higher complexity in the area of purchasing organic and healthy products. This respective behavior form the part of consumers may be based on several factors such as identity, consciousness, ethics and many others. The demand of the products may increase. The retailers in the event can gain more new customers along with the existing ones. In this the demand and profitability of the event may increase which can lead to high success.


Some of the key major technological factors associated with the successful conduct of the event can be through presenting leaflets and brochures to the customers regarding the event which is about to happen. Interacting with the customers through online platforms regarding the strategy behind conducting event based on organic and natural product segments. Adopting better advertising straggles is one of the major techniques to increase the customer base for the event.


Customers or the public are more concerned about the health related benefits. So the major factor required to be considered must be to include high quality products affordable margin. With this the interest of the customers may increase to visit the event. Apart from this, certain government policies can bring a negative impact on the environmental factors associated with the event.


As the respective event conducted by naturally good is based completely on organic and healthy products (David, 2018). The core major factor required to be considered must be it is important for the organic industry to abide with several laws such as labour law, protection law and many other. They must ensure that they strictly follow certain terms and conditions in order to avoid any form of discrepancies for the conduct of the event in the future.

2.2. Competitor Analysis

The two major competitors of naturally good expo event in the Australian market include Eco expo and Mind body spirit expo. Compared to naturally good expo, they are successful in generating a different customer base for their products. This includes certain unique approach implemented by them in the event which makes them special compared to others. Eco expo has the best interacting owners with high quality natural, sustainable and organic products (Park & Park, 2017). Every year they come up with new and innovative ideas and changes in their product varieties. Eco expo also offers sustainability and free eco workshops for the public which is not performed by other expo events.

Factors of comparison

Your event (name)

Competitor 1 (name)

Competitor 2 (name)

Date& location


Eco Expo

Mind Body Spirit Expo

Target Market

Customers of all age groups who are beauty and health conscious.

Like-minded customers who are beauty conscious along with the users of industry’s best natural sustainable and organic products.

Customers who are more conscious about their lifestyles, healthy food habits. They also have inspirational speakers, meditation classes, demonstrations on healthy cooking

Market Position

The product is strictly positioned under the platform of natural health products at affordable prices.

High quality products at affordable prices

Gives more emphasis under the life style segment. Product is affordable with better qualities.

Compared to Mind Body Spirit Expo they are one among the Australia successful and most running events. The uniqueness is that, for the retailers it is an advanced platform to identify their niche brands, spokes peoples and new products which may align with their business values. On the other hand, the major benefit for the manufacturers and professional therapists in Mind Body Spirit Expo can be that, it is a better place to interact with the like-minded customers, sell the services and products and get connected with their ideal consumers. It can be a tough competition for naturally good to withstand with their two core competitors in Australia.

2.3. Market Analysis

Compared to several major prospective associated with the business culture of Australia, it is considered to be an understandable part that the market culture in Australia improves day by day. The business remains more advanced in the area of introducing new and innovative idea in the market. On the other hand, with related to the health related factors several reports identifies that almost 82% of the total Australian have completely changed their food habits ( Bouchon, Hussain & Konar, 2017). Apart from this, 86% of the people are more health conscious. According to Naturally good expo, as they give more emphasis on organic, natural and sustainable products including food and beverages, it can be systematically stated that this will be big success for the conduct of expo in Australian market. As it is conducted on health oriented products there will be better customer base which will lead to strong system of profitability both for the event and the organisers.

2.4. Internal Analysis


Several factors associated with human resource basically play a crucial role under the event management process. For the part of conducting the event with more success and advancements, it is important to structure better team management who is required to undertake activities of different departments ( Bouchon, Hussain & Konar, 2017). Budgeting on the hand play a major role in event management. Naturally good must develop a strong human resource system to manage and control the internal operations associated with the event.


The key purpose of physical analysis is to evaluate and determine the major lifecycles which form realistic reinvestment and realistic foundation requirement for the conduct event. Naturally good are planning to conduct the event on 28.11.2010 where this will last for three day in Sydney. The total planned budget planned for the event is $16 million.


The total budget planned to conduct Naturally good expo is $16 million. Establishing strong budget system is considered to be the crucial phase after setting the objectives and goals of the event. Budget is detailed forecast based on the financial happening in the event. It helps in controlling the revenues and expenses along with measuring the success of meeting event performance.

SWOT Analysis


· Compared to naturally good they have a well experienced event management team.

· High motivation among the team members for the smooth conduct of the event.

· Organic and natural product segments have high demand in the Australian market as the customers are more health conscious (Kim & Kaewnuch, 2018).

· Innovative advertisement strategies through social media platforms.


· Lack of corporate contacts and media.

· Inexperienced event management team can be the key weakness

· Inappropriate budget planning system.

· Unexplored resources can be a major part of issue.

· Weak in the area of identifying the activities undertaken from the part of competitors.

· Lack of proper coordination between the event management team.


· Growing Demand

· New markets

· Support from the side of local authorities for successful conduct of the event.

· Favorable Economic Conditions



· Compared to Naturally good expo, as it is conducted in Sydney which is famous for organising events. Naturally good may face strict competition from the part of their existing and new competitors.

· Weather on the other hand can be a major form of issue faced by naturally good.


Recommendations on Positioning and Promoting Events

Some of the key major important aspects required to be considered by the event manager of naturally good for the smooth conduct of the event can be through the system of setting clear and accurate objectives. Planning an event is a stressful case it is a continuous process where there can be some major condition under which the situation can go completely wrong. Adopting innovative planning strategy along with proper team management can lead to successful conduct of the event with less stress. Budget planning on the other hand is the core major segment which is required to be considered while organising an event.

Naturally good must bring initiative in the area of creating a most suitable budget and sticking it to it till the end in order to avoid extra expenses and losses. Several advertising apps such as ToneDen Conduct A/B testing can be implemented to evaluate which of the ads may lead to actual sales. In addition to this, it is important to connect with several market platforms through systematic application of social media. This will help in understanding the key success factor of the campaigns and other necessary actions made to promote the event along with improving the profitability and productivity of the event when conducted. 

References for Positioning and Promoting Events

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