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Leadership in Christian Perspective

1) The benefits of mother nature i.e. free air, free water, the free sight of greenery and other landscapes are enjoyed by all of us and thus it should not be questioned as to who would take care of environmental pollution. It is us all who should be responsible for the same and do our bit so that we all collectively can take care of Earth and our planet (Li, 2018). Although we have government agencies specified for the role, the numbers of pollutants due to the population boom and rapid increase in industrial production and other related aspects have made it technically impossible for them to do their job with justice and thus we all need to pitch in with help. Such help could be a change in habit or actively contributing to campaigns or becoming a voluntary service agent (Irving, 2019). It is also important to change our habits and consider better choices of products and goods for consumption so that there is minimal impact on nature. For instance, we should strictly avoid the usage of single-use plastic in our lives. Such a practice would make the manufacturers stop producing the same. We should also think of green and clean alternatives for our daily life (Harrill, 2017).

2) In order to save the Earth, we all should take giant steps, and thus on a day to day basis we should think before we purchase any good or eat anything or do any act. To simplify, let us understand that the consumption of meat and related products has increased a lot and they are responsible for greenhouse emissions increase. It is because the amount of land used to rear the castles and animals and the amount of greenery they eat to become big rather quickly is depriving a lot of flora at a rapid pace and we are not adding up to that much flora (Erdvig, 2020). Too much fishing is destroying marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Let us think of every small thing such as usage of biodegradable substances in our lives, turning vegan and using clean energy sources, and reducing the excessive use of plastic bags rather carry their cloth bag. Thus we would observe that such small steps have made a radical change in the environment.

3) the world is much more informed these days thanks to effective communication modes that certain appeal of Peta reaches all around through the internet and social media. Similarly, there are multiple contents available which necessitate needing to stop environmental pollution and there is raising awareness than ever. Thus it is already overdue for all of us to work towards having a sustainable environment. The biggest culprits are excessive usage of meat and poultry and the usage of non-biodegradable products. We must reduce the consumption of these articles and stop the usage of non-recyclable products. I would be practicing these values myself and start using greener and cleaner energy sources so that there are lesser emissions and pollution. I have witnessed myself how mother nature has healed herself in the current lockdown phase due to Covid-19 and would use it as a live example to cite and appeal to people around to revisit their thoughts and change their habits.

4) In my professional life, I would make a change by consuming vegan products myself and thus it would be noticed by others. I would carry my food in a cloth bag and not use any plastics bottle or cover, take my coffee mug, and live a simple life. Such practices would help me to make my colleagues understand the importance of caring for nature in our way. I would also be associated with certain NGOs to raise awareness and would go to schools to deliver such thoughts at a small age so that the thought process gets developed early on and contribute to nature for a fairly long time (Davé, et al, 2020). Thus by propagating the usage of vegan products, living a life minus nonrecyclable products, and giving thought and to them to have an eye for detail before consumption of a product would help us in serve mother nature. It is need of the hour as we all have taken pollution and extensive exploitation of resources to the next level (Dunnill, 2020). 

5) As per Genesis 1 and 2 from the Holy Bible, we understand how was Mother Nature created and followed by life, human being, and others. The God created daylight on the first day and the sky on the second day, dry land, seas, plants, and trees were created on the third day and the Sun, Moon, and stars were created on the fourth day. Hence we see the creation and freedom being given to mankind and the existence of a harmonious relationship amongst all (Baniszewski, 2016). Further, on the seventh day, God created a garden and set out a human being to take care of the same. The message is amply clear wherein God skillfully created all the elements that are required for survival of life on Earth and made human beings guardian of garden or nature thus entrusting humans to take care of nature and all other related things. It is known later to us that the care of nature is in our benefit and thus it is a mutual co-existence process (Morrison, et al, 2016).

6) From the understanding of Genesis 1&2 from the Holy Bible, it is a clear message that God has entrusted human beings to take care of mother nature and reflected that human beings cannot survive without nature otherwise, human beings would have been created earlier (Ramirez, 2019). I would be a mascot to raise awareness and spread the same and encourage and inspire others to act in the interest of preserving nature and mankind as well. In the present times, we have seen news of the ozone layer healing up due to lesser pollution due to the Covid-19 situation and thus such live examples that prove how humans have exploited and damaged nature and what could happen if we start taking care of nature by changing our habits. Since a revolution starts with a small change, I would be campaigning to young children to give them insight and thought early in their days so that they are conditioned automatically besides I would also keep on spreading awareness amongst my colleagues, friends, and society to save the mother earth from harmful effects of pollution and thus help it heal up (Anderson, 2017).

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