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Personal Brand Reputation Management

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Characteristics showing Values, beliefs and passions of authentic leadership in developing personal leadership

Developing personal brand identity.

Impact on the individual by a leading team..

Importance of authentic leadership on employees, organization and industry.



Introduction to Personal Brand and Authentic Leadership

In the given study, a reflection on authentic leadership is done that is reflecting the personal branding and identity. Reflection on authentic leadership and personal branding has been elaborated in the context of employees and organization for the development of the personal brand statement.

Characteristics Showing Values, Beliefs and Passions of Authentic Leadership in Developing Personal Leadership

Authentic leadership is considered as the development of positivity among leaders to fulfil enthusiastic support to the subordinates. Being an Executive Manager of a global service retail company, I have utilised an authentic leadership style in my profession for developing self-concept to promote openness. I have widely accepted that authentic leadership has been more inclusive and modern in recent time to apply leadership principles. With the effectiveness of belief of self-awareness, integrity and long-term vision, authentic leaders can encourage their subordinates to support organisational success (Zehir and Narcıkara, 2016). However, I have led my values by becoming an authentic leader to learn the lifestyle of people. It is moreover to embrace true self and ethical values by determining strengths and weaknesses for potential value. Self-awareness helps in putting decisions and actions into a similar environment without any bias. I have an acknowledgement to overcome my fears by standing for self-awareness value which will often follow integrity. Strengthening the character of authentic leadership can help in developing personal leadership values by gaining the trust of people (Gatling, Kang and Kim, 2016). I have supported my work with the on respect from team members leading a purposeful vision. Authentic leadership of inspiration is to enhance genuine leadership to promote my personal belief, value and passion in personal leadership. Leading leadership values with vision have helped me realize higher professional goals to raise my aim for personal excellence.

Authentic leadership requires people to be genuine that values guidance to the decision. The ability to influence others can be strengthened with greater confidence. For the development of personal passion, authentic leadership supports consistent practice to lead their decisions in the environment (Rodriguez et al. 2017). I have entertained long-term relationships with my colleagues and entire team members with a self-disciplined approach. I am passionate about following an authentic leadership style because it targets more inspiring areas such as self-awareness, personal values, extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, support team development, personal development, stick to roots and inspiration from surroundings. Moreover, sharing success with the team members is food filled with values and beliefs to achieve personal leadership approach. I have drawn experience to follow these tailor leadership skills in my real-life story to develop a personal brand. It is actually the determination of successful components for a leader to make confident, inspirational and assertive statements for personal achievement (Pope, 2018). In fact, in the journey of authentic leadership, organisational commitment, job satisfaction and workplace happiness have been important elements to ensure long-term productivity for team and Company.

Apart from this, internalized moral perspective and relational transparency are the important components to support genuineness, correct decisions and right things in authentic leadership. I would like to admit that the core component of a moral perspective on leadership will help in evaluating external factors that are imposed by the organisation or team members. Self-regulatory behaviour is something to enhance self-imposed moral values which enhance morally correct decisions. Result oriented and task-driven characteristics can be followed by authentic leaders to push productivity and profitability based on understanding the importance of teamwork. I have used my operational skills to deal with great knowledge that has insured my adaptive capacity. The genuine characteristic has helped in potentially increased the level of trust to offer my subordinates. Empathetic value helps in understanding the transparency level for which effective communications is required (Covelli and Mason, 2017). I have maintained a friendly environment with my teammates that has improved my emotional intelligence that has showcased a high level of empathy towards fellow team members. Purpose of authentic leadership in personal leadership development has been important to bring my personal brand identity into success.

Developing Personal Brand Identity

Personal leadership brand is important to identify value and craft a personal mission statement with the help of understanding and living current brand marking a difference. Personal brand identity can be impressed by the benefit achieved from characteristics of authentic leadership style (Diaz and Gottenborg, 2020). I have experienced that true and genuine Belief in myself has delivered purposeful leadership to lead consistent values in the organisation. I have used empathy, compassion and courage like qualities to develop long-term relationships with stakeholders and team members. It has developed my personal engagement with employees and customers to initiate a personal brand value. Personal brand leadership has helped me create awareness to make a distinctiveness in the leading brand. Interaction, reaction and behaviour of individuals with the leaders in the diverse situation can produce unexpected results showing personal brand identity. Some of the popular examples can be driven into the study contact such as Elon Musk of Coca-Cola have operated well-defined personal brand for inspiring employees showing authentic transformation based on building organisational brand identity. Leadership identity can be developed with a strong presence in the work showing attitude, mental and physical presence (forbes.com, 2020). Leadership brand delivers distinctiveness and identity within a leader for offering a strong personal leadership brand. It has influenced my brand identity by generating maximum value with my colleagues and team members. Interest in four groups needs to be organised by an authentic leader such as organisation, investors, customers and employees. I am working in a managerial position for running a large business which has been added up with important traits such as strategy, innovativeness, independency, deliberative, collaboratives and result orientation. I have to define identity in three phases such as deliberately collaborative, strategically result-oriented and independently innovative. It can be stated that such development has been contributing through the beliefs, values and passions of authentic leadership to develop my personal brand identity.

Impact on The Individual by A Leading Team

Authentic leaders can develop a pattern of behaviour that can promote positive ethical climate and psychological capacities. As a leader, I have motivated my team members with the effective characteristic of authentic leadership which includes relational transparency, balanced processing, positive self-development, Internationalised moral perspectives and self-awareness. Establishment of real ego among employees has been developed through self-awareness in which self-regulation is guided (Nkwabi, 2017). Apart from this team members are aware of leaders’ open-minded thoughts and positive aspects to lead the team members. I have processed, reviewed and analysed information to encourage my team members to make an effective decision. The well-being of employees is initiated through cognitive representation and optimal function of leaders. With the help of authentic leadership characteristics, psychological well-being and subjective well-being of my team members have been developed understanding their desires and motives in life. Stress-free conditions are observed by followers to operate socialized authentic leadership values to achieve organisational goals. Along with this, self-determination theory is integrated into the authentic leadership style for influencing the hedonic well-being positively in the leading team. Discovery of a meaningful role in the team can help the team members to focus on self-development resulting in personal leadership branding (Waller, 2020). I have taught my team members to reduce the gap between ideal and realistic egos in accordance with self-Awareness and self-regulation of behaviour. Team members have acquired psychological support and Empowerment by application of authentic leadership value to make my team satisfied with the current situation developing self-determination, positive emotions and absolute trust. High authentic leadership strengthens followers for withstanding temptation that reduces disengagement based on making ethical decisions. I can demonstrate that individuals or followers can be affected by authentic leaders to stick with the ethical act and workplace satisfaction.

Importance of Authentic Leadership on Employees, Organization and Industry

Being an authentic leader, I have demonstrated that through the action of practice with behaviour, values, passion and belief, it is easier to forecast long term success for employees, organisation and industry. Authenticity in leadership is determined with the scope and responsibility of every individual for expressing a trusted environment.


Exhibiting authentic leadership behaviour by leaders can help in increasing employee performance significantly (de Zilwa, 2016). Management practice can be arguably achieved through to employee satisfaction, self-development and job satisfaction. I have noticed that authentic leaders can increase Employee performance through authenticity and team management. It helps in balancing information input and output by the effective decision made by employees. Transparency in employees has increased effective communication skills in a constructive and faster way for discussing feelings, ideas and thoughts. Positive psychology within employees has been embraced with authentic leadership value which significantly demonstrates the moral perspective of the employee to operate a working environment.


Authentic leadership value in the organisation indicates constant self-awareness practice and self-regulation. I can determine that I have influenced my subordinates and organisational performance with significant behaviour and attitude. Focusing on relational transparency, balanced processing and internalized moral perspective, I have initiated strong ethical values and integrity into the organisation to reach customers fairly. In the organisation, authentic leadership set the right direction and Strategies for driving positive impact on the people for utilisation orientation and knowledge acquisition (Ribeiro, Gomes and Kurian, 2018). Authentic leaders engage more followers in the organisation by gaining trust that helps in demonstrating organisational value. I have been working in a Project based organisation which requires authentic leadership value through authenticity, integrity and character. It has excelled my workplace for realistic and attainable objective development in terms of motivating, inspiring and uniting my employees and co-workers.


Concerning industry, I am working in the Retail Industry for which innovation, engagement, transparent communication and inspiration are necessary for critical success. Authentic leaders have increased authenticity which means being yourself and being comfortable (Raso, 2019). Authenticity in the workplace helps in developing trust which can be seen in the Retail Industry to operate customers for the development of a loyal customer base. I have engaged my executive team members, colleagues, vendors and other employees for valuable feedback gained from customers excellent product and services. Organised action, energy, collaboration and galvanisation in the retails industry has increased productivity through the e-recruitment of soft skill personality and attitude employees.

Effect on Personal brand statement development

For the development of a personal brand statement, brand identity reality is important in leadership value (Lemon, 2020). Alignment with the personal brand statement development, authentic leadership value in employees and Organisation is effective. According to the current scenario of my business, I have maintained day-to-day discipline to make a real focus on the recent challenges by authentic leaders such as me for maintaining personal brand statement. Personal brand statements can be made with reputed leadership styles such as authentic leadership with the increased engagement of employees and customers. I have been offering high-quality products to my customers with the philanthropy sales strategy. It has helped me to support the community by developing honest and reliable brand identity of my company towards customers. Personal branding and authenticity in leadership are important for changing yourself according to situation and relationship. I have been confident and comfortable with my employees showing good characteristics of authentic leadership to develop a reputable brand of my retail business. A good personal brand statement can be made with a unique selling proposition strategy that needs to be distinctive (Gorbatov, Khapova and Lysova, 2018). I have developed my personal brand statement to enable a reputable brand of company through the engagement of employees including authentic leadership traits. I usually help employees discover their true path of success with an effective reassessment. I have developed my own sustainable models and marketing strategy to boost my small retail business growth globally. I have followed my values, beliefs and compassion to self-awareness, integrity, transparent vision and effective communication skills for delivering self-impression to generate maximum value.

Conclusion on Personal Brand and Authentic Leadership

It can be concluded that the reflection on authentic leadership and personal brand value in the organisation and employees has determined characteristic, belief, values and passions. Hence, personal leadership development needs to be aligned with authentic leadership for boosting business growth through the high engagement of employees and leaders.

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