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Evidence Based Scoping Proposal




Changes description.

Initiative justification.

Alternate theories.

Analyzing issues identified.

Evaluating evidence.

Qualitative approach.

Plan for stakeholders.

Ethical activity.

Task 2.


Introduction to Performance Matrics

Accenture company is one among the famous and world-famous BPO company in the world which should focus on recording its call quality properly. It was observed that in the current market situation the leaders of the company are undergoing problems in managing their teams. As a great and professional advisor of the Accenture company, it is advised that customers demand a high quality of call centers and hence it should focus on the better recording of the calls. Today customer satisfaction remains to be the biggest concern for Accenture through its customer service provided by the company especially in the it sector. Although Accenture is progressing with each day and month, threats remain to threaten the company through various corners further impacting the market share of the company. However, to improve the call center quality and overlook from all the dimensions, it is important to appoint a quality leader and implement the use of relevant theories and plans which can help in achieving the set goals. Using the relevant approach, theories and beneficial strategy can help to withdraw some of the company’s ethical problems as well.


Accenture is a famous and international professional service company in the world that has been facing issues in the current marketplace. Just like every other company, Accenture is struggling to manage its employees during the covid-19 outbreak and is also observing a decline in the share. Through deep analysis and practical knowledge implementation, it was understood that the accuracy of the client remained to be the major issue for the company. Additionally, the company’s productivity was completely dependent upon the client, and hence enhancing the services was a direct way to improve the market shares. The company in the current time is known to serve clients in more than 120 countries and has over 5,00,0000 employees across the world. Client-serving remains the foremost job of the Accenture and hence their services remain to be important in maintaining the balance and retaining the name in the marketplace.

The company has implemented the use of the kpi which would focus on measuring the call center performance rather than the agent performance. However, it further depends upon the agents of the company to answer the calls of the clients as and when they are scheduled to do so. Accenture today uses KPI to measure the actual calls and also the forecasted call in the company. Apart from this the company managers are conducting training programs and implementing useful plans which can help the employees to understand customer nature during service. Yildirmaz et.al (2016) states that learning and understanding customer nature in customer service is important as trained employees possess the knowledge of discussing product and service and also keep the customers updated with current company offers. Apart from this, the leaders of the Accenture should provide training to the employees on active listening and going the extra mile to satisfy the customer through the rightful adoption of problem-solving skills. Providing excellent customer service highlights on meeting and surpassing the expectation which shows the customer how much he is important to the company and its business (Rahardja & triyono 2020, p. 6). The rightful adoption of quality management can also help to improve customer satisfaction as it focuses on analyzing the call concerning the customer requirement and expectations. Call center quality monitoring is understood to be the most important and effective approach to upgrade customer service which should be implemented at Accenture and all the other call centers. Also, quality assurance remains to be the cornerstone of the company as it helps in enhancing the service quality and focuses on increasing efficiency and reducing wasteful spending.

Changes Description

Working in the Accenture , the front office and back office sector remain to be the two important sectors in the company. The service of the company is contracting its core business operation like payment, accounting, human resources, its services, and also quality assurance which ensures to run the business smoothly. With the company divided into two important sectors, i would like to propose a workflow and work plan which will keep the front office and back office staff connected to improve the customer service towards the client. Additionally, I would also like to focus on some of the ethical issues like discrimination over gender, pay, country of origin to be erased from the company. Maintaining a code of conduct is important in the company like Accenture with more than 5,00,000 employees as it clearly helps in outlining the behavior rules within the work culture and also provides an in-depth analysis of the preemptive warning (yildirmaz et.al 2016). I would like to inculcate respect, shared values, and also inclusiveness as important ethical codes of business among the employee. As a leader, focusing on implementing the right code of ethics in the company can help to govern the decision and also the company's behavior. It will help the employee to understand how to handle problems especially related to safety and harassment. Although the company’s motto is to get ready to work hard and live by the motto of work hard, play hard, i would like to implement a culture where long working hours are prevented.

Additionally, conflict management would be implemented in the company due to frequent clashes observed among the employees in the company. Through the good practice of conflict management, it can focus on group learning and also improve effectiveness in organizational conflict. Comprising, collaborating, accommodating, avoiding, and competing should be implemented as five important plans of conflict management (Chishti 2019, p. 55). Additionally, a force management system should be implemented which can help in improving the sales of the company through high customer satisfaction. Under force management, the secondary data is often fetched from the company which can provide a daily forecast of the systems (Dhanpat et.al 2018, p. 5). It also has a proper long timing schedule which focuses on the long hour specific operation where the regular nature of the schedule will give a decision of unintended events. Furthermore, unity of command and unity of direction would be implemented as a hard and fast rule in the company which can guide employees on which direction to work and meet the objectives. Adopting and implementing a better adoption plan can focus on fostering organizational growth.

Initiative Justification

A workforce management system is an important tool that should be adopted by the Accenture to track the actual performance of the employee through call recordings. Adopting the workforce management system can assist the team leaders to ensure the right amount of talents are employed in the company and are highly engaged towards customer service (Yildirmaz et.al 2016). Additionally, adopting this approach can assist in optimizing employee productivity by providing call recording statements on a weekly and monthly basis. A workforce management system is an important tool that can help in measuring employee performance. Using this system can help to rectify and evaluate employees with low productivity and providing bad customer service.

Under the process of the Accenture company, workforce management will focus on implementing average time to the staff so that it can improve their commitment towards the client and also help in delivering high customer satisfaction through problem-solving skills.

Workforce management can also take care of the staffing needs and focus on sustaining a productive, cost-effective, and also happy workplace to work in. Additionally this theory focuses on making policies and procedures around the work which can help in employee time management, scheduling, and also absences. Additionally, using this tool is of great use as it holds the responsibility of taking daily efforts to provide great customer service and employee experience by delivering real-time management. Rahardja & triyono (2020, p. 6) states a proper workforce plan can not only reduce the overheads of the company but also identifies the gaps and areas of succession risk which stay relevant to the people development.

Alternate Theories

Not only Accenture but companies around the world employed in BPO service observe employees with a low concentration towards the customer. However, it was understood that some employees were not dedicated to solving the customer problems which impacted the overall goodwill of the company and also prevented the organization to meet its aim of excellent customer service (Yildirmaz et.al 2016). Today Accenture is reported to be one among the biggest company for providing high customer service, but still observes bad or negative concentration of the employee towards customer problems. Being a leader working at the Accenture, i would focus on implementing the labor-management system.

The labor-management system can help identify the time wasted on the non-essential task and focus on creating an environment that can assist employees to use their skill to the fullest. Additionally, it can also help in improving the relationship between employee and employer further promoting the harmonious relationship.

Additionally, i will focus on employing useful software like air call which provides fully functional cloud software that can help in tracking advanced call handling in the organization. Additionally, implementation of air call can help in finding data easily, easy collaboration, and also get detailed analytics on actual and forecasted calls. In further, the workforce management system will also be used in Accenture which is designed to achieve and also maintain operational efficiency which ensures the right number of agents are employed with the right skill set and also staffed at the right time.

Salesforce software can also be used in the Accenture as it is one of the important high-quality software which acts as an integrated platform to the business which focuses on tracking the sales, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement (Chishti 2019, p. 5). Today many companies are focused on using salesforce software as it has the unique feature of omnichannel calling which is dedicated to improving customer service (Rahardja & Triyono 2020, p. 6). It also has live agent support and real-time report which can also be customized according to the deliverables.

Analyzing Issues Identified

Considering the issues discussed above, it was understood that today Accenture has failed in providing excellent customer service to the client due to any issue. It was also known that issues were escalated by the implementation of the performance management software which remains an important tool to take care of the employee performance and productivity in an organization. Additionally, it also helps in tracking managers and leadership which can focus on organizational growth. Also, it was identified that the traditional manual system of the Accenture failed in resolving customer problems due to management issues and low dedication of the employee. However, Accenture should focus on the automatic process which can prove beneficial in the hiring process and excellent customer service as well. Using an automatic system can help Accenture to keep its employees extremely happy and satisfied as well. As accessing each employee’s work proved to be a difficult part of the organization, workforce management software can be of great use in understanding the forecasted call and actual call. It can provide better planning for the company and focus on customer service.

Evaluating Evidence

For completing this research work, secondary data was taken into consideration where various case studies and literature reviews were satisfied. Workforce management related studies were taken into consideration which can help in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the software (Dhanpat et.al 2018, p. 5). After analyzing the current problem of the Accenture it was understood that workforce management has the unique credibility to optimize the staff requirement. It also focuses on providing training to solve a problem and also customer potential in the company.

Qualitative Approach

Working as the leader of the Accenture , I’m focusing on implementing software that can handle the critical issues of the company. Forecasting of the staffing requirement has been analyzed to have a better advantage which can deliver through time-consuming concepts. Using the CSAT table would be of great use which refers to multiple numerical measures in customer satisfaction.

Plan for Stakeholders

 It is important to formulate and propose a plan which can attract shareholder’s attention and also drive their interest. To involve stakeholders in the plan, KPI factors should be identified and involved to attract stakeholders. Additionally, a transitional plan should be implemented technologically and creatively.

Ethical Activity

Today shareholders focus on the organization’s ability to sustain the marketplace and also provide employment in the country. Stakeholders along with customers are keen to observe the organization’s decision under every situation and its potential to withstand downfalls in the market. In Accenture , today the employees are having low problem-solving problems of the customers and also there is discrimination carried out at the managerial level. Additionally, miscommunication along with improper training methods are some problems that may hamper the growth of Accenture in the current market. Considering the different situations, it was understood that today stakeholders are trying to prevent investing in such companies which have high uncertainty towards consumers, employee, and the environment. To keep ethical considerations at bay, it is important to adopt relevant plans like the workforce management system to enjoy its positive advantage.

Performance Matrics - Task 2

While working in one of the great companies like Accenture, it was observed that the company is facing certain issues under the current pandemic situation and also before. The company’s human resource management plans were too difficult which didn’t keep the employees engaged and dedicated to customer satisfaction. Additionally, there was discrimination, improper training method, and motivation theories lacked in the workplace culture. Being a senior leader in the company, i have successfully reflected upon important creative theories that can help in solving the current issues of the Accenture . Focus on the workforce management out of multiple theories gained importance as has proven to deliver high efficiency towards a particular organization. Workforce management is an important tool which helps in integrating the process of the company and also optimize productivity. Additionally, with the labor forecasting and staffing issues of the company, using this theory can essentially resolve the problem. The theory helps in forecasting the labor requirement and also managing the staff which accomplishes a particular task on day to day and hour to hour basis. The company should leverage using software’s like KRONOS, Pay Pro Workforce Management, Multi Pro, Ceridian Day Force, And Nice In Contact CXONE. Through the learning and part a formulation, i was challenged towards the various assumption related to the management especially in employee retention in the call center industry and the tracking system. However, in the current marketplace, it is estimated that most of the companies have improper kpi tools that prevent them from differentiating between the actual and forecasted calls. Additionally, i had the impression that conflict management and training methods were strong in companies in Accenture and others, which turned out to be untrue. In the future analysis, it is expected that conflict management should be taken seriously as it can help in meeting the goals and also align with the company policies. Also, it is suggested that companies dealing in customer service should focus on the workforce management system, labor management system, and others which can help them in achieving goals. The above learning also helped to understand the importance of CSAT tables which should be used by call centers for the future. Using CSAT tables can help to represent the employee scores with the help of customer reviews. Additionally, companies should also focus on their hiring system so that efficient and talented employees are hired at the time.

References for Performance Matrics

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