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Professional Community Needs Assessment and Engagement Plan

Table of Contents


Community mapping.

Need analysis.

Goal setting and strategic planning.



Introduction to Osman Mosque Analysis

This Professional Community Needs Assessment and Engagement Plan will draw attention in the direction of the Osman Mosque. The Osman Mosque is a community mosque in Blacktown NSW 2148, 15th Avenue, Australia. The purpose associated with the Osman Mosque is in the direction of raising awareness about the Prophet Muhammad's teachings as well as throw some light in his family. It is in the direction of promoting self-spirituality as well as behaviour in light associated with Islamic morals (gopray.com.au, 2020).

This study associated with the Osman Mosque community is interesting from the professional point as it subjects a vital role in the direction of the ones associated with the Muslim, Afghans well as online communities. The mosque works with the Blacktown community in multiple ways with different ethnic backgrounds as well as religious affiliations. Inclusion with different communities is effective when the mosque serves as an element at community events. Therefore, this study gives an idea associated with how a mosque works as well as what it takes in the direction of developing a community.

Community Mapping

From the beginning, the Osman Mosque was the centre of attraction associated with the community. The coordinating team leads the community in achieving the enlightened goal associated with becoming a Biblical partner through the ways preached by Prophet Muhammad. Although it meets their spiritual needs, the Osman Mosques well as its members face difficulties that may hinder its noble purpose (gopray.com.au, 2020).

First, the financial problems are obvious because they depend on donations from members associated with the entire community. As it is the only source associated with income, money depends on the number of units as well as the interest quotients of the community members. The money is gained from the non-profitable events that the committee organise like the reading of the Quran to the children of ages 5-9.

Also, there is a kind associated with stereotypes in the Osman mosque as well as the Muslim community in the west that has caused some tension. Addressing an issue () suggests that, such issues range from politically motivated differences to those of the current transformation of the system's power to gain more control and command. The position associated with power decides what causes Islam phobia (Possamai et al., 2016 p350).

In terms of its association with remuneration, these results tend to give a reason in the context of the direction in not having a new occupancy at the Osman Mosque. The Muslim youth associated with Blacktown as well as its respective community’s expel deviation from their religion. They did not blame Islam phobic claims (Cochrane & Corbett, 2020 p707).

Need Analysis

Located in the heart of its community, the Osman Mosque in Blacktown has integrated the moral application associated with Islam in different countries to face various challenges. One area is the Digidrum associated with financial development, which is identified as an optically binding context in the direction of human development. One way in the direction of easing the financial woes is in the direction of hosting more tempting religious or community events. These include celebrating important Islamic dates as well as family fun gatherings in an average community, by conducting dinners within the larger Blacktown community. Additionally, during such community-based events, the Osman Mosque may sell Islamic books as well as CDs that provide additional financial support. This will also, benefit the young people in the direction of attracting attendees. Additionally, as youth attendance has declined, the financial correction strategies listed above have helped the Osman community invest in guest lecture sessions conducted on Friday night presentations (Cochrane & Corbett, 2020 p315).

The youth attendance however has decreased; the aforesaid improvements in financial strategies help the Osman community to invest in guest speakers who can subject lectures (Friday night). This ensures that they address issues related in the direction of them as well as provide the detailed information necessary for ensuring development associated with an effective future functioning community. Streaming lectures online will not only help the young people but also the working families. It provides flexibility in the direction of working families as well as increases youth participation. This step increases the engagement of youth as well as spiritual growth (Possamai et al., 2016 p345).

As stated by Ife (2016), a community centre is a focal point of meeting of the community members; it needs to integrate more fluent English speakers to the Osman Mosque committee. It subjects inclusivity and also helps to address the moral ethics of Islam to diminish stereotyping. It is observed that 6.7% (2016) of Blacktown’s population speak Arabic at home which accounts for 22,645 people and 28.5% are Western (Roman) Catholic. It also subjects that there are more English than Arabic. This percentage also suggests that the community needs to adhere to more English speaking people that they can coordinate with people who want to know or gain knowledge about Islam. In short, inclusion increases their chances of achieving their goals because they support the public and collaborate with community members; while reducing stereotypes that are currently seen as a challenge (profile.id.com.au, 2016).

Prioritising community needs:

Investing in context to the guest speakers is instrumental in helping to cater to the youth’s needs in today’s modern society and it helps to increase the engagement of youth’s attendees.

Increasing events associated with profitable or non-profitable support in the process of developing Osman mosque that is needed for the effective social cohesion’s future.

Developing committee by including fluent English speakers helps to cater to the non-Arabic speaking member’s need for availing a wider Blacktown community. This helps in the decrease of Islam phobia as individuals seek knowledge develops a better understanding of Islamic ethics.

Implementation of online accounts so that lectures can be streamed with the youth’s engagement by providing working family-based flexibility. 

Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

In the direction of decreasing financial difficulties, the Osman Mosque can be able to plan monthly dinners to indicate Islamic rituals. These dinners are more profitable rather than non-profitable as it serves with a consistent flow of income to subject the needs of the community. Instead of relying only on donations, the strategic way in the direction of achieving goals is to organize family recreational days every 3 months. These events further contribute in the direction of the uninterrupted revenue as all tickets get purchased. The Osman Mosque has reached out in the direction of its community with the goal associated with creating insightful Islamic jurisprudence. Thus, the Osman Mosque can alleviate financial problems by attracting the general public through such events by putting together dinner as well as family fun days that are instrumental in connecting the public with them (Gordon, 2019).

Also, with the financial improvements, the mosque can use these earnings in the direction of investing in guest speakers who employ young people's increased presence. This is considered as a prerequisite because it is important in the context of young members to come and understand Islam in a better way. Both face-to-face, as well as online surveys, can be subjected to enhance the awareness of the committee to the young members. It increases the attendance rate associated with young people because they see their needs are taken into consideration and are thus being met. Also, these surveys may focus on to understand the topics which the youth want to hear to grow in the direction of spiritual development (Gordon, 2019).

Similarly, the opening Australian media platforms can help in increasing youth engagements with their participation in mosques. The Osman Mosque though social media can engage with their community virtually through online lectures. This virtual community subjects flexibility in the context of young members and the working families (Possamai et al., 2016 p343).

Also, the statistics indicate that English-speaking families are more prevalent than Arabic-speaking families, so there is a need for a committee that is bilingual. Thus, implementing English speakers in context to the Blacktown community will be helpful. Being at the centre, providing English speakers and English books on Islamic law can reduce people's assumptions and stereotypes in regards to Islam in the Blacktown Mosque community (Pauha & Konttori, 2020 p347).

Conclusion on Osman Mosque Analysis

In conclusion, social planning identifies community needs through mass propagation as well as analyses implementation strategies. Osman Mosque has worked in the direction of raising awareness of Islam through Prophet Muhammad’s teachings as well as behaviour in the light associated with the moral values of Islam. Raising the funds as well as increasing income from work, play an important role in setting goals in context to the direction of mosques, individuals as well as communities. Organising profitable events will help overcome financial challenges, as well as it will help the Mosque to invest in the English speaking speakers who can teach Islamic jurisprudence to the community members, general public, diminishing Islam phobia.

References for Osman Mosque Analysis

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