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Dear Recruitment team

I, xyz, am writing to you with immense joy regarding an application for the position of registered nurse in your esteemed institution. I believe I will be a perfect fit for this role with a qualification and experience that suits the needs and requirements of this job role. With a master's degree and an illustrious experience of xxx years, with different terms including xyz, I feel that I have gained a significant amount of knowledge and efficiency in managing both patients and staff with utmost compassion and diligence. My composure and organisational skills help me to keep calm even during the adverse situations. I am passionate about delivering extraordinary healthcare services do every patient and try to inspire my team members to focus on providing quality services according to the best of my ethical abilities. I feel this is one of the essential requirements that it will help me achieve a benchmark in my profession. I seek to be thwarted in a challenging work environment where I can utilise my leadership abilities and make crucial decisions with ease. And, I feel no other institution will give me the exposure that I need during the course of my profession. If given a chance to work in your esteemed institution, I can bring in a sense of values, integrity, focus, dedication, and commitment within my team, and a sense of happiness and satisfaction of services in the patients. I feel that I will be a value addition to your esteemed institution and when have the opportunity to grow in my professional tenure alongside providing services to the best of my abilities and the standards of professional code of conduct.

During my entire professional career I have developed a sense of moral integrity and feel fit to be associated with your institution. I possess all these seven selection criteria as mentioned in the job requirement. Please give me this opportunity to take you through with my personal briefings on the seven selection criteria as mentioned in the job role provided by you.

  • Registration- It gives me immense pride and a sense of establishment to let you know that I am currently registered as a Residential Nurse (division 1) with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. This gives me the liberty and discipline of working according to the best of my abilities to evaluate and analyse the medical vitality of more than 20 patients a day without any difficulty.
  • Communication and interpersonal skills- I possess excellent verbal and written communication skills due to my educational background and schooling from a reputed institution. My immense experience and exposure to the routine works of everyday has trained me with the highest level of interpersonal skills and the ability to identify key messages without any difficulty. This gives me an advantage of serving the patients with utmost efficiency and without any delay. During my tenure at xyz institute, I had encountered multiple situations where the patient party wasn't clear about the medications and instructions. I had effectively communicated with them and explained them the next course of the proceedings.
  • Proactive engagement with patients- my job role needs to be proactively engaged with the patients and clients to enhance Swift delivery of the services. My experience through the years has taught me to be proactive and be patient with my patience and understand their requirements without much difficulty. In my previous employment, I had been recognised as a dedicated, reliable and ambitious employee who could conduct her responsibilities without any supervision. I always make sure to note down and set an alarm for the next diagnosis and medication timings of all my patients. I particularly make sure to explain the courses of every medicine and the further steps of aftercare to all the patient-parties before their discharge. Every patient that i have attended so far have given me positive testimonials for my services
  • Ability to work in a team- As a nursing support staff, I was trained to work as a part of a multi-disciplinary team and become a key member of any team strength. During the course of my work as a nurse in my previous employment, I have incorporated a strong sense of working harmoniously within a team and focusing upon resolving internal team issues without any difficulty. I feel it is important to be recognised as a key team player for the success of the team to ensure swift delivery of any service that we provide in due course of time. During my term at xyz institute, I was responsible for regulating the shifts of my fellow staffs so that no patient is left unattended even for a second. I take my job of procuring service excellence in the highest honour.
  • Basic computer skills- I have also received a diploma in basic computer skills which enables me to operate devices with ease and provide swift assistance as and when required without any difficulty. Being knowledgeable with the basic computer training is an added advantage that keeps me at par while delivering my daily duties. 
  • Risk management- I possess a detailed understanding and knowledge of risk management. I am completely aware of the fact that my job role requires me to undertake risk management and requires swift solutions to mitigate the criticalities of the patients that I will be taking care of on a daily basis. With my years of experience, I have come across a wide range of such issues and have been test fired to give the rightful solutions at the right times. I understand that such matters need to be dealt with extreme efficiency and skill to safeguard a patient's life. Hence I am absolutely aware of the essentiality of this factor and am ready to deal with it with utmost composure and ethical values.
  • Commitment towards professional development- Being a reliable nurse for over xyz years, I understand the importance of commitment towards my professional development. This is the reason I wholeheartedly participate in every training program that can enhance my skills with the modern day approach. In my previous institutions I have always been proactive in participating in every such professional development programme that would help me gain more experience and expertise in my profile. I possess testimonials from my past patients, who had marvelled at my quality of providing superior care to patients and them while they were admitted under my management. I have attached all my certifications with the cover letter for your perusal. In addition to my credentials of 8+ years of experience, I can provide you with a referral letter obliged to me by my team highlighting how well I have maintained my personal life with my ongoing professional development

While applying for the job role in your esteemed institution, I had meticulously gone through every selection criteria, and felt that I possess every characteristic traits and quality of being a reliable nurse thereon. I would moreover like to cite a few instances that further testify my virtues as a trusted professional in the field of expertise.

  1. Risk Management Abilities- The duty of a nurse is supposedly one of the most agile job responsibilities. This needs every nurse to be extremely diligent and have a mind set of critical thinking ability at the right time. I am observant to even the smallest changes and matters that concern my patient's health. I understand how these small observational skills and quick decision making abilities can save valuable lives. And hence, I have developed a swift critical thinking ability that will help me immensely in my job role. Such decision making abilities have helped enormous patients that I have aided so far. And my efforts have been lauded tremendously by my seniors and colleagues from time to time. During my tenure in xyz institute, all my colleagues and patience have testified my abilities to take rapid decisions during the times of crisis. I have been laurelled and conferred with a certificate of excellence for my superior risk management, safety and quality assurance skill.
  2. Communication- I feel it is extremely essential to have a clear communication to be able to treat the patients and undertake my job in a smooth and efficient manner. It is extremely important for healthcare professionals to be able to understand and execute the various problems and their respective solutions without keeping any loose ends. This will not only enhance the ethics of our profession but also becomes a moral responsibility for providing the best services to all the patients that we cater to. I feel privileged to be able to possess this quality which gives me an extra edge to qualify as a reliable and established nurse that you are looking for your esteemed institution. This also gives me the advantage of making a mark for myself in the team and among my seniors. As apart of my job-role in my previous employment I always used to communicate with the patient parties and explain them the next course of treatments and such other requirements which further testify my efficiency in communication.
  3. Commitment towards professional development - Through my years of experience as a nurse, I have learnt to work with acute risk management abilities thereby giving me an edge over my fellow colleagues to handle situations in a far dignified manner. Here I would like to explain that I possess the required ability that helps me in planning every allocated task so that it can be conducted swiftly and in a much disciplined manner. This has helped me win the trust of everyone around. What makes me most appropriate for this nature of the job is a caring nature. I have always been available for patients those who have felt wanted to be supported and have required a friend in the hospital. I honour every patient's privacy and believe that a bond between a patient and a nurse is sacred and should be maintained with utmost dignity.
  4. Ability to work under pressure - I am totally aware of the fact that the job role of a nurse requires me to have a calm mind and handle any situation diligently. I feel that with my extensive training and commitment towards my profession throughout the years, I have learnt the ability to carry on my professional expertise under any situation with acute calmness and practicality. I reflects a sense of calmness and a strong foothold in every situation which needs to be handled with care and reasoning. This has made me a trusted aid to all my seniors and fellow colleagues throughout my professional journey.

Being a nurse is a matter of immense pride and responsibility at the same time. Also, it enables me to gain a huge sense of responsibility towards serving mankind. I am incredibly passionate about my job and look forward to work in your esteemed institution with the sole motive of bringing in my experience and expertise in enhancing and uplifting the goodness and reputation of your institution with my abilities.

I sincerely thank you for considering my application and giving me this opportunity of being a part of your esteemed team which I feel is a matter of owner and cried for every aspirants applying for this job role. I assure you that I would live up to your expectations and conduct my job role with tremendous dignity and diligence without giving any scope of this appointment at any end. Working in your esteemed term will put me in the brightest part of my career so far. I promise to be a value addition to your team and make sure to comments my job role to the best of my abilities. I once again express my heartfelt gratitude to you for considering my application and giving me a chance to put forward my abilities in the best ways possible and look forward to receive a positive feedback from your end. 

Yours Sincerely

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