Healthy Ageing

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Aged care services and interdisciplinary care.

Age-related changes and Patient assessments.

Medication management




Introduction to Medication Management

At the present time, the entire health care sector is based on medication management. The initial procedure of medication management is one of the most relevant and significant for every kind of healthcare sector. It will help to include several important facilities to the modern healthcare sectors to set efficient healthcare practices.

Apart from that, the entire medication management procedure helps in monitoring the medicines given to patients who are suffering from several heal issues. The procedure of medication management manly helps to confirm that the patients are properly taken the medicines on time and try to accomplish the strategic, therapeutic results and provide a medicine-free life to the patients.

The following study is mainly shedding light on a complete nursing care procedure that has to provide for Mr. Alexander Kumar and his Wife Sara h who come to treatment, especially for Mr. Alexander Kumar's leg wound. The study also focuses on several impactful and positive factors that equally require to taken care of by the healthcare providers, especially by the nurses. Lastly, it has been essential to note that the entire study reflects several important factors that associate with the medication management to deal with Mr. Alexander Kumar and his wife Sarah.

Aged Care Services and Interdisciplinary Care

In terms of old patients aged health care services requires to be applied to provide them effective and positive care. In the case of Mr. Alexander Kumar and his Wife Sarah it has been important to provide a strong aged health care service as their condition is not that well. Firstly, Mr. Alexander Kumar needs a quick, confidential, and consistent healthcare service. After reading their medical history it is important to provide them some immediate help as they have no services in place and their children all live interstate. Secondly, being the healthcare provider, it is my prime duty to be more careful and polite while interacting with Mr. Alexander Kumar and his wife Sarah as they need to trust the medical helpers to do their jobs and treat them quickly and efficiently. Thirdly, it is also essential to note down all the potential factors that are associates with Mr. Alexander Kumar and his wife Sarah's health and daily habits to provide them efficient medical support. In my opinion, as Mr. Alexander Kumar and his Wife, Sarah does not have any children or other supports so it is important to help them to find government-funded aged care services. That will help them to get better treatment without providing any expenses for their treatments (Liau et al., 2020).

In term of the interdisciplinary referrals, it has been important to note that the entire practice of interdisciplinary referrals includes a thorough general accepts that involves accountability of a healthcare provider to referring the patient according to their symptoms to a specialist, and identifies the strength to transmission the trust to establish an efficient relationship with them. It is also essential to note that the healthcare assistance or nurse needs to refer to a surgeon first as there is a small wound that appeared on Mr. Alexander Kumar’s left leg over 3months ago, unsure what caused it (Bemben, 2016).

In the case of Mr. Alexander Kumar and his Wife Sarah it is important to create a great bond with them as they don’t have any relatives nearby. Being a health caregiver, it is my prime responsibility to provide an effective connection, the healthcare giver and, the specialist they must interact well to gain Mr. Alexander Kumar and his wife Sarah’s trust (Reeve, Low & Hilmer, 2019).

Age-Related Changes and Patient Assessments

Part one:

In this specific case, there is a small wound that appeared on Mr. Alexander Kumar’s left leg over 3months ago, unsure what caused it. So, it has been important for Mr. Alexander Kumar's proper treatment of some effected body systems to identified assets effectively. At first, Mr. Alexander Kumar's lung needs to be assessed because of his heavy smoking habit. It is clear from his medical history that he Smokes more than 15 cigarettes daily. Rolls his own from tobacco. co pouch, no filters. Secondly, Mr. Alexander Kumar’s heart needs to be assessed due to his age and smoking habit along with his Hypertension record. He also had a Myocardial Infarction health record so we have to assess his heart condition primarily.  Thirdly, I think we should assess Mr. Alexander Kumar’s liver as well. Mr. Alexander Kumar is admitted to the health care center as an underweight patient so his present condition of the liver requires to be assessed. Fourthly we need to assess his stomach as he has a history of Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease so we check the present status of his stomach. Lastly, he has arthritis too so a thorough assessment is needed on his legs from knee to the wound. To provide him a better and quick medical support.

Part two:

Being a healthcare giver, I would like to perform several assessments on Mr. Alexander Kumar to provide some impactful healthcare supports. At first, I would like to provide some effective physiotherapies for his arthritis. Secondly, I would like to recommend him to do an ECG to check the present heart condition. Then I try to understand his Mental status to get a clear idea about the reasons for his hypertension. Lastly, I would like to perform a Neurovascular assessment along with a Psychosocial assessment. These assessments will help to understand Mr. Alexander Kumar’s present health condition and produce an effective or proper health report on the basis of his health condition (Sluggett, Stasinopoulos & Bell, 2017).

Medication Management

Part one:

In terms of pharmacokinetics, it can be stated that in terms of Mr. Alex due to his age the entire practice of pharmacokinetics faces some issues. His age can put some impacts on the entire procedure of pharmacokinetics positively. the entire procedure of divided into Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism & Excretion, and each of these parts got affected due to the age of MR. Alex. Firstly, it can be stated that the age of Mr. Alex can be the main cause behind reducing the renal removal of drugs. On the other hand, his age also influences the preservation of usual serum creatinine levels. The age also misleads the creatinine range and effects the normal kidney function. The age of Mr. Alex also influences the tubular function along with glomerular function. So, it has been important to take care of all the potential implications associates with the age of Mr. Alex (Smith et al., 2017).

It is important to note that age upsurges, the purposes of organs along with tissues in the human body that slowly weakening and because of this weakening process the initial organ function of the human body slow down so the entire practice of pharmacokinetics along with drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion faces a large number of troubles in comparison to the youth people. It is equally important to reflect that the Pharmacokinetic changes involve a decrease in the renal and hepatic authorization. It also puts an impact on the lipid-soluble as it helps to uplift the volume of circulation of lipid-soluble drugs while pharmacodynamic fluctuations include a reformed understanding of a large range of drugs like anticoagulants. Due to the old age of MR. Alex the entire procedure of Pharmacokinetic has to face issues (Look & Stone, 2018).

Part two:

In terms of Mr. Alexander Kumar's case, there are a large number of aspects that puts a deep impact and increase the risk of an adverse drug event. Firstly, Mr. Alexander Kumar's age creates a massive risk to the adverse drug event because at his age his body could not able to react with every kind of strong drug. Apart from that several other medical histories of Mr. Alexander Kumar also create a huge abandonment as he had suffered from several health hazards like Hypertension, GORD, Myocardial Infarction 10 years ago, angina, arthritis (knees). Due to the GORD and Myocardial Infarction, his present condition of the heart is not stable so that he could not adjust to all the medications that need to be applied for him. Multiple drugs can be another impactful factor that increases the risk of an adverse drug event as Mr. Alexander Kumar already having some medicines due to his previous issues. So that the doctors require to keep in mind his previous drug habits as that can create a huge abandon or increase the risk of an adverse drug event for Mr. Alexander Kumar. Lastly, it can be stated that the genetic factors and ADR or allergy are some of the impactful factors that can create a negative impact and generate the risk of an adverse drug event (Kim & Parish, 2017).

Part three:

In term of the potential complications that can be faced by Mr. Alex due to the medication, it is significant to note that,

  • Aspirin 100mg mane
  • Perindopril 2mg mane
  • GTN 400mcg spray S/L prn
  • Omeprazole 20mg mane
  • Panadol Osteo 2 tablets
  • Ibuprofen 400mg prn

These are the medications that have been prescribed by the doctors and pharmacists for Mr. Alex it is equally important to note that due to this Medication Mr. Alex has to face some complications as he is an older person with a large medical history as well.

He can have a headache, breathing problems, heart problems, Dizziness, Nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, and many more. Due to a heavy dose of Aspirin 100mg, Stroke can be caused by a burst blood vessel. So, it has been important and equally significant to take care of all the side effects that can be caused by the medications that [prescribed for Mr. Alex to give him effective medical support (Wilz Sz, Walczyk & Meagher, 2016). 

Reflection on Medication Management

The entire case of Mr. Alexander Kumar helps me to understands several critical phrases of being a health caregiver or nurse. Mr. Alexander Kumar who is an 85-year-old man has come with his wife Sarah because of an Ulcer to the left lower leg. This specific case helps me to get a unique and important experience in medication management as well as taking care of specifications.

Mr. Alexander Kumar had an impactful and long medical history that indicates his weak heart condition along with lung. On the other hand, due to Mr. Alexander Kumar's medical history, I have to be more conscious and aware while providing Mr. Alexander Kumar's help and other medical assistance. Then after checking his entire medical history I got to know that Mr. Alexander Kumar needs very special care so that I started reading to provide him more effective assistance. His entire medication procedure also comes with several risks so I have to be more careful about the doses and proportions of the medicines. The case of Mr. Alexander Kumar helps me to develops my initial skills as a healthcare provider or nurse. Apart from that the entire case of Mr. Alexander Kumar also helps me to get more positive experiences on medication management and its terms and efficiencies. 

Lastly, it is important to note that I personally believe that to provide effective health care support for Mr. Alexander Kumar I need to gain his long with Sarah's trust first. They need a companion to share their health hazards. 

Conclusion on Medication Management

The entire study sheds light on medication management in the context of Mr. Alexander Kumar's case study who has come to treat his leg wound. It is important to note that the main purpose of this study is to provide a strong reflective of aged care services and interdisciplinary care along with the patient assessments and medication management by examining Mr. Alexander Kumar’s medication history.

In addition, the study tries to establish the significance of gaining the trust of the patients to treat them well and provide them effective medication support as well. The study reflects the significance of taking care of all the side effects that can be occurred in Mr. Alexander Kumar’s body due to the medication.

To conclude the entire study, it has been important to state that in the case of Mr. Alexander Kumar I have collected a large number of experiences that will help me in the future to be an efficient caregiver.

Reference for Medication Management

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