Life Crisis

Part 1: Introduction and Life Crisis Event

A life crisis event is a phenomenon that occurs when a person’s effective coping abilities become inadequate to deal and overcome the stress. Such crisis comes all of a sudden and often becomes threatening to the patient (Registered Nursing, 2020). I have experienced a life crisis event during my clinical practicum, One day; a 75 year old man belonging to the Aboriginal community who was suffering from appendicitis came in the condition that requires immediate surgery with his son. What happens generally, nurse is the one who checks upon the patient before the surgery and has to keep all the records of a patient like previous medical history and his susceptibility to the allergies. The nurse have to make sure and mention that all the body systems of the patient such as digestive system etc. are working normal and anything which goes wrong should also be mentioned, I went through his medical history and made a record but I did not found anything related to his allergies so, I thought patient is not allergic to anything, It is a core duty of a nurse to communicate with the patient and ask him about the things which are important and is not mentioned in any of his reports and medical history but instead of that I just assumed that he is not allergic to anything and did not try to even communicate with him effectively also because of my presumptions for aboriginals.

While having a little conversation with the patient I used so many medical terminologies which was not understandable by the patient as he was uneducated and due to language barrier the patient was also not able to communicate. According to Thim et al, 2012 ABCDE assessment is the key duty to attend prior to the surgery and convey all the information to the doctor/surgeon due to lack of communication and the assessment done was not up to the mark. I was ready with my paper work, the medical history and ABCDE assessment which includes airways, breathing, circulation, disability and exposure. Everything was going fine and during treatment the doctor gave him a penicillin injection and as soon as he was injected with this, the patient started showing severe allergic reactions and when we consulted about his allergies to his son, he told us that the patient is allergic to penicillin. I was guilty because if I would have tried to communicate with the patient or his son, the surgery would not have been faced so many complications.

The two social justice principles that were identified are Access and Right to equity.

The patient should have had access to the better services and communication during the treatment procedure. I should have communicated well with the patient and if the patient still was not able to communicate and understand the things, I should have contacted his son which would have led to better services to the patient.

It was the right of the patient to get equity in distribution of services and resources regardless of their community they belong to.


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Part 2: Citations and Annotations

  1. Citation: Martin, V.H. and Nash, W. 2017. Social Justice, Social Determinants of Health, Interprofessional practice and community engagement as formative elements of a nurse practitioner managed health center. International Journal of Nursing & Clinical practices, 4, pp. 218-222.

Related social justice principle: Access

Annotation: This article examines the key elements for building the infrastructure to direct the health disparities i.e. social justice, social determinant, community engagement, and inter-professional practice. The article discussed about the social justice principle; access. The patient should get access to care which should not be limited by beliefs. The social justice principles are the key element which has a great potential for the development of community-based research agenda to direct the health access within a nurses led practise setting. Moreover, the identified principle supports the knowledge, development, and modifications in nursing practice and enhances the nurse’s caring role.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The article is relevant to my practice for life crisis event because it enhances my existing knowledge and helps me to cope-up with life crisis events by developing and modifying my practice skills with the help of education and research, collaborative and inter-professional practice, and access.

  1. Citation: Gustafar, S. S., Fengar, K., Halldorstdottir, S. and Bjarnason, T. 2017. Social justice, access and quality of healthcare in an age of austerity: users’ perspective from rural Iceland. International Journal of Circumpolar Health, 76(1), pp. 1347476.

Related social justice principle: Access and Right to Equity

Annotation: The aim of the article is to examine health care services based on the evaluation of social justice principle: access and right to equity to enhance the healthcare quality. In this article the authors have described that access to healthcare is the widely acknowledged goal of healthcare system which should be achieved by different mode of actions which aims to offer equal opportunities and access to the patients to achieve their health potential. However, the author has defined access as multifaceted, which not only measures the characteristics of the healthcare system, but also measures the characteristics of an individual and the relevant areas of healthcare system. Access to healthcare is the right of every human which everyone should have irrespective of the places they belongs to.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The article is useful in my clinical practice for life crisis events as it has cleared the significance of access in attaining the quality health services, patient’s health potential, and positive outcome and how providing equity and access to the patients can lead to a better healthcare system.

  1. Citation: Nunes, R., Nunes, S. B. and Rego, G. 2016. Healthcare as a universal right. Journal of Public health, 25(1), pp. 1-9.

Related social justice principle: Access

Annotation: The article aims to suggest the right of access to the healthcare of appropriate quality and has proposed the necessary tools for making the access to health viable. However, author has also suggested that the right to access healthcare is vital to the hunt of an effective equality of opportunity, solidarity, and evidence based practice. This literature is also very important as it allow to conceptualize an event in nursing and is applicable in societies with different level of development. The right of access to healthcare of high quality is the humanitarian principle and keeping this thing in mind while working and maintaining transparency with patient and his family members will help in positive outcome.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The article is helpful and relevant as it provides the appropriate and adequate knowledge regarding the social justice principle which will become a guideline for me in my clinical practice and have cleared how keeping transparency to the patient and his family member leads to effective communication.

  1. Citation: Hixon, A. L., Yamada, S., Farmer, P. E., Maskarinec, G. G. 2013. Social Justice: The heart of medical education. Social Medicine, 7(3), pp. 161-168.

Related social justice principle: Access and Right to Equity

Annotation: This article defines the roots and definition of social justice in terms of medicine. The author has focused on the “access” and “right to equity” principle of social justice. The author has described social justice for everyone as equality in access to health care and right to health. The author has also mentioned the demand of equity in nursing which says similar cases should be treated alike, without considering their economic status, social factors, gender, or income. In this article, the significance of social justice to the future of health care and how implementation of a social justice in medical education leads to better outcomes has been shown.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: This article helps me to understand the implication of social justice and will help me in being capable of directing evidence-based health practice and system level thinking and would lift my educational focus above the clinic and hospital setting and will help me in providing a framework for the evaluation of the interaction between health and socioeconomic forces.

  1. Citation: Rosales, C. B., Coe, K., Ortiz, S., Gámez, G. and Stroupe, N. 2012. Social justice, health, and human rights education: challenges and opportunities in schools of public health. Public Health Reports,127(1), pp. 126–130.

Related social justice principle: Access and Right to Equity

Annotation: The article expresses how social justice is considered as the core value of public health. The article focuses on the value of equity, access and rights as operationalised. The author has explained the clear relationship between social injustice and health and recognizes the significant role of social justice and its relation with health. Involvement of competencies, development of human potential, and creation of supportive environment with the help of collaborative efforts and consideration of social justice has been shown in this article with examples. The authors have also gave some strategies regarding social justice issues.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The article will help me in learning new opportunities and will encourage my involvement in developing social justice skills for the betterment of my own clinical practicum to ensure solid primarily healthare and provide greater access to special health care services to the patient.

  1. Citation: Fleurbaey, M. and Schokkaert, E. 2011. Chapter sixteen- Equity in healthy and health care. Handbook of Health Economics, 2, pp. 1003-1092

Related social justice principle: Right to Equity

Annotation: The article depicts the issue of the socioeconomic inequality and racial disparities. The social justice principle here, is right to equity. The authors have discussed about the social choice to equality of opportunity and fair allocation and how the partial approaches can be viewed in these extraordinary cases. On account of this, The authors have suggested the framework that offers new analytical possibilities which is sufficient for the accommodation of various ethical views. However, this article also describes the pros and cons of inequity in healthcare system into a broader perspective and how horizontal and vertical equity are linked to each other.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The article teaches the multidimensional inequality indices, happiness measures, and concept of equivalent income along with the theoretical analysis which would help me in my entire clinical practice to develop and enhance my skills and prevent me to be struck in life crisis event.

  1. Citation: Schmidt, K. B. and Lobo, M. L. 2011. Social justice: A concept analysis. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 68(4), pp. 948-958.

Related social justice principle: Right to Equity

Annotation: The article describes the fundamental concept of social justice and the involvement of nursing in social justice. The social justice principle identified here is equity. The authors have defined as the participation of the social justice in society with balancing the burdens and advantages on the basis of its attributes, consequences, and antecedents which results in equitable living. The attributes of social justice includes: fairness, systems, policies, equity in distribution of power and resources and in human development. Along with this, the author has shown the significant role of nurses in people’s health by the reinvestment of social justice.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The concept cleared in the article will enhance the social justice framework and competencies of education in my clinical practice and by the implication of research, education, policy and practice, it will help me in developing my skills considering the framework of social justice.

  1. Citation: Woods, M. 2011. Exploring the relevance of social justice within a relational nursing ethic. Nursing Philosophy, 13(1), pp. 56-65.

Related social justice principle: Access

Annotation: The article reflects the relevancy of social justice within the nursing ethic. The article focuses on the access of more refined nursing responsibilities. It is mentioned that nurses do not adopt high degree of objectivity and impartiality in association with justice view. The care-based ethics reflects the moral practice. The article explores the care-based ethic with contemporary ideas within nursing practice in regards of social justice. However, the author has also showed an argumentative statement that synergy between social justice and care-based or relational nursing produces an ethics in healthcare system and called it social ethic in nursing.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The article is relevant and helpful in my nursing practice as it teach me the moral responsibilities of being a nurse and will guide me the actions and deliberations with respect to nursing along with enhancing my full potential for social and individual good as an ethical agent.

  1. Citation: Richard, L. et al. 2016. Equity of Access to Primary Healthcare for Vulnerable Populations: The Impact International Online Survey of Innovations. International Journal of Equity health, 15(64), pp. 1-7.

Related social justice principle: Access

Annotation: The article identifies ways to improve access to primary healthcare. The social justice principle identified in this is the equity of access. The authors have described Innovative models promoting access to care transformation which aims to implement and identify the interventions for better interventions for improving the access to primary healthcare. The literature describes the abundance, complexity, and diversity of access to healthcare. The author has defined the access as the opportunity with which communities and consumers for using appropriate services. In respect to equity, conceptual framework of access directs socio-economic and cultural factors.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The framework of access given in this article is useful in uncovering the disparities among demand and supply side dimensions to shut the equity gap for accessing the primary healthcare services and will bring up transformative change and will support the development of expanded scope of practice and innovative professional duties.

  1. Citation: Akhavan, S. 2015. Promoting Equity in primary health care. Primary Healthcare: Open Access, 5(3), pp. 1000216.

Related social justice principle: Access

Annotation: The article describes the Access to primary healthcare system. The author has described the access to healthcare does not only determine the status of health but also the survival of longetivity and illness. Therefore, equity is termed as fundamental right of humans which strives for safety and provide basic principle for care in equal terms. The author has explored the equity as the central objective for health care system. Moreover, the author has presented multiple ways to explain the inequality in access to primary health care system and the macro-sociological perspective and the perceptions of health care providers.

Relevancy to my professional clinical practice: The article has shown the relevancy of access and equity in health care system which provide effective and appropriate healthcare system which will improve the continuity, consultation times, and strengthening the programs for patient education and highlights the influences on incompatibilities of health among health services.

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