Health, Law and Ethics - Case 1

Under the National Law in Australia, it is the responsibility of every nursing students to get enrolled in an approved study program and also to be aware of certain scopes and responsibilities. It is the responsibility of the nursing students to introduce themselves with the patients and their families during the start of every shift (Anderson and Moxham, 2016,p.639). Also, the nursing students need to ensure that they are having the appropriate educational background to perform any form of the specific task. Again, it will also be the responsibility of the nursing student to discuss their daily plan and also informing the preceptor after providing adequate care to the patients. As per my understanding, it should be understood that being a nursing student, to prepare good patient assignments, the different knowledge’s concerning direct patient care need to be articulated.

Every time, the student nurses need to have the designated skills, knowledge’s as well as abilities to perform a specific task (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, 2018). In this entire context , at the time of dealing with the disturbed and agitated patient , it is the responsibility of the nursing students to work under the named or the accessible registered nurse who will be accountable enough in undertaking their actions, Their practices is actually governed by 10 practice standards. AHPRA manages the registration matters of the students on behalf of the Board where the nursing students gets enrolled under the approved programme .This kind of nursing training is helpful for the nursing students to get successful and also to be developing the self-confidence as well as the self esteems.

This indicates that to some extent they need to adhere to the University’s scope of practices where lesser discrepancies shall be followed. This helps the students in rationally thinking before undertaking any complicated tasks. As per the particular study, I have involved in one incident some years back with a patient. He was very rigid and shouted at me like anything. At that time, I took the responsibility by myself and had given adequate time to him, so that everything turned out to be normal for him in the upcoming years. Instead of doing any form of physical harm and shouting at him, I had handled the situation very patiently and nicely and the patients after some days tried to improve himself in every aspect (McKellar, 2017.p.96).

The person was old and his family was not with him after admitting him to the hospital. This was the main reason besides his rude behavior. Hence it can be inferred from this, that communication is one of the basic criteria for every people especially among the nursing students to engage the patients and at the same time it will also help the patients to get recover faster. Also, basic hygiene needs to be maintained for the patient remembering his particular physical needs and the sufferings which he is going through. According to the Australian Nursing and the Midwifery Federation, nursing care been provided by the nurses who are actually educated, registered, and also qualified as per the Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, 2018).

The registered nursing student in this context needs to undertake initial as well as ongoing nursing care needs assessment based on which different care aspects can be easily delegated. The legal compliances behind the nursing students are based on factors like the students should be well augmented through flexible as well as innovative means both in the context of distance as well as online modes so that the equitable, as well as the optimal access, can be easily present and provided for the students. The other responsibilities which need to be performed by the registered nurse for the patients are checking of the patient bands as well as the allergy bands and also with that checking with the vital signs of the patients along with the height and weight. This way, appropriate pain assessment will be getting gradually developed. As a registered student nurse, it will be his responsibility in conducting the shift checking on the patients and can also be able to develop verbally and can also be able to demonstrate basic knowledge’s to communicate with the medical emergency department (Tierney, 2018,p.214).

Health, Law and Ethics - Case 2

In this kind of situation, if I was a nurse , I should be responsible for ensuring the living standard of my flatmate and at the same time should also raise certain concerns for her. In this aspect, I need to first communicate with her parents for consultation and in certain cases, I will also inform in a different way to our concerned University on Nursing regarding do with this. I need to do this in a very patient way and without any form of agitation. This implies that my nursing practices should comply with standard safety and measurements like providing a safe health system for my flatmate which will help me in understanding my role as a safe as well as the competent nurse (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, 2018).

This way, I can also be able to secure my professional learning and along with that I can also gradually able to learn to handle the complicated situations in the future at the time of facing any form of the problematic condition. However in addition to this, to protect the confidentialities of the flatmate, I should also be responsible to limit my information’s in conjunction with the Guidelines of the National Privacy Principles which supports the Privacy Act 1988. I should understand that we as a nurse are having certain obligations and restrictions that is we cannot exercise all our powers as a registered nurse since we are students no and gradually learning to how to be successful in the future. As a nursing student, I should be matured enough in delivering the impartial, honest as well as accurate information’s in context to the nursing care as well as the health care products (WHO, 2020).

Hence as a nursing student, I need to be responsible enough in preserving the knowledge as well as the trust which is important in maintaining the inherent relationship between the nurses as well as the patients receiving the care. Hence to maintain the public trust and the confidence, for example, the flatmate with whom I am staying, I should not take any drastic decisions or should never be impatient as per the Australian nursing laws. As per the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, it is responsible for protecting the health and safety of the Australian Community. The program or the internal courses which I am going through under the University or the authority, I should be applying them in my practical case that is with the case of my flatmate where I should effectively learn and adjust myself in communicating differently with persons from different ages Anderson and Moxham (2016,p.638). It will be my responsibility to maintain the patient’s trust and the organizational reputation to monitor every method and in some cases, to take the counseling help for my flatmate.

This will not only help her but at the same time, this decision of mine will make me matured enough to learn how to handle the situations during the problematic as well as a challenging situation. Also, I need to undertake self-auditing prospects which will involve me in undertaking reviews and at the same time reviewing the reporting requirements and at the same time monitoring the program by myself. As per the guidelines of Section 50 under the National Law, the programs undertaken by the nursing students need to be monitored well based on which it should ensure that the program, as well as the educational powers, should be continued so that the approved accreditation organizational standards can be maintained adequately (Tierney, 2018,p.213).

Health, Law and Ethics - Case 3

In every aspect, the students learn through examples. Before undertaking any form of punishment for the student, as a registered nurse, I will be responsible for looking down the incident closely where the student might be innocent and had committed no fault. This will not only protect the student’s self –respect and self-esteem, side by side she will also start respect and care for me and will hear my instructions which will help her to become one of the successful nurses in the future (McKellar, 2017,p.95). I have to understand in order to handle the situation, tat the younger ones can perform mistakes like this , but me as one of the registered nurse to handle the situation , I firstly need to concerned about regarding the suture of the student and also regarding the family. In this situation, I can place this fault f the student to my staff or the colleagues who can make her understand and made her realize her fault by herself by not taking any aggressive stage. The independencies as well as the taking the decisions freely should be provided to every nursing student at the time of the critical situations where they can be able to learn from the mistakes (Tierney, 2018,p.213).

Like disciplining a child from the nascent stage, it should also my responsibility as a registered nurse to make my student disciplined enough so that the student’s intellect can get developed over time and at the same time, in the future, the student can feel free in discussing any fact openly to me. Those things need to be explained with the nursing student which will actually match their development levels and at the same time, the underlined problems can also get solved properly. As a registered nurse I should also be explaining the consequences to the student regarding what will be happening in the future if she continues this form of indiscipline and misbehaviour (Tierney, 2018,p.211). Side by side, I also think that I should seek the counseling help who could make the student understand and at the same time could also hear his sufferings.

In short, proper monitoring for the student to improve her performance and at the same time her behavior needs to be checked carefully and also needs to be handled with care so that in the future, before taking any action, she can be able to think twice. This is one of the nursing programs assigned to use as a registered nurse to develop and create good nurses in the future. This is one of the important aspects of facilitating the students on clinical placements in rural facilities. Hence I should be competent enough in placing my students on the clinical placements so that they can be able to learn from complicated situations and can undertake decisions accordingly.

The Code of Ethics for the Nursing Students in Australia outlines the professional commitment among the nurses in order to promote, protect as well as also respect along with upholding the fundamental rights among the people who are both of the recipients as well as providers of both of the health as well as nursing care. The nursing students should be following the fundamental responsibilities like health promotion , prevention illness . The nursing students should be rendering health services to individuals, families as well as communities so that the services can be well co-ordinated with certain related groups. The nursing student should be carrying personal responsibilities as well as accountabilities so that the competence level can be manatained through the continual learning. It is the responsibility of the nursing students to sustain a collaborative and respectful relation with the co-workers in the file of the nursing and other related sectors. The ICN Code of Ethics for Nurses is a guide for action based on social values and needs. It will have meaning only as a living document if applied to the realities of nursing and health care in a changing society.

References for Health, Law and Ethics

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