Health, Law and Ethics

Table of Contents


Critical legislation applications related to case study.

Ethical theory/issues applications.

Ethical decision-making applications.

Conclusions are made evidence depends upon analysis.

Summary (communication structure with expression)


Introduction to Impact on Burnout and Intention to Leave

This report focuses on legal and ethical requirements by analysis prospective case study over nursing students. This report concentrates over safety practices by appropriate nurses to Victoria. However, her current condition is not well due to inappropriate or improper medication and ignorance to eat. Therefore, careful assessment is relying on proper medicines that have been provided by a nurse for her betterment purposes. Apart from that, it will also highlight safety requirements by understanding suitable law which should be helping in decision making, and that would be preferable for Victoria. In addition, it will also deliver ethical alongside legal responsibilities by understanding professional codes with standards. It will also deliver evidence by understanding proper analysis for recovery purposes.

Key Legislation Applications Related to The Case Study

Based on the case study, it is clarified that Victoria did not behave properly at the house, and she has started ignoring to consume any food. However, this incident has initiated due to cameras are placed in that television which appropriately observes the individual moment. Therefore, community health-services team is required to determine or scrutinize appropriately to Victoria and also provide an accurate assessment by improving mental health (Crisp, Brownie and Refsum, 2018). As an outcome, legislation applications are considered to remove any complications and also provide appropriate care by implementing necessary steps. Key legislations are mentioned below,

  • It is absolutely dependent upon workable and clear policy by health Services Group which is requiring for Victoria.
  • The policy has also positioned for developing the support that will be impacted by Victoria's mental health.
  • The legislation should also discover the law which should be challenging for avoiding all complications through the proper examination process.
  • A good consultation method should associate with policy-making stage by understanding or developing the regulatory system for her betterment reasons.
  • By making effectual legislation also impacted over good cooperation among legislation drafting team and policymakers.

In terms of primary legislation, suitable action should be the key benchmark for improving her mental or physical health. And, that act should be relying on transformation circumstances. This act also provides regulatory body and related to the "Provide advice" (Williams, Davies and Fox, 2019).

In the case of secondary legislation, the application has been followed by transforming and quickly removing all time-consuming process appropriately care by the team.

Ethical Theory/Issues Applications

By understanding the particular case study, multiple ethical issues are delivered or reflected after examining Victoria. In addition, nursing staff has been challenging with multiple complications, whereas ANA ethics code offers the standard through the nurse, and they can determine ethical issues. One essential ethical dilemma has been reflected over Healthcare facilities, whereas Victoria's condition has not become well due to inappropriate medication at home. Therefore, nurses are required to gain appropriate knowledge, and they should demonstrate all dilemmas to NMBA. Moreover, these are

  • Informed consent
  • Disclosing All Medical conditions for Victoria by staff nurses
  • Incompetence between all peers
  • Broader ethical problems (Doody and Noonan, 2016).

Moreover, Victoria's family was not so supportive or given any cooperation to nurses while providing appropriate care for her. This leads to an enormous challenge or complication by offering proper responsibility.

In terms of ethical theory, respective ethical principles have followed by nurses, and they must adhere to offer Fidelity, care, veracity alongside autonomy to Victoria in a reliable manner. Nurses should be fair while distributing care, and Victoria also understands the importance of getting care from them to reduce mental stress or improve their health condition.

Principle of utilitarianism: This theory has been effective and appropriate care by good consequences, and these are derived from the nurse's capabilities. Moreover, actions are appropriate while enhancing happiness alongside diminish misery by removing all opposite effect from her life (Funmilola and Aina, 2020).

Principle of the Rationalism: This theory also became beneficial and even demonstrated perceptions which are quite similar for recovery factors of Victoria. This theory has been depending upon the ethical value, which is also related to an independent element by understanding the reasoning process.

Ethical Decision-Making Applications

By recognizing the case study, it is precisely justified that autonomy alongside beneficence principles are foundational elements and also relying on the decision-making process. Apart from principles, Victoria has the appropriate authority to generate choice this and also provide allowance to nurses for giving accurate treatment (Thomas et al. 2017). Furthermore, this factor should be useful or beneficial for her development or improvement reasons, and also medical opinion should be provided based on mental health scenario. In addition, it is even required while Health Care nurses should highlight or address the conflict regarding values like societal, professional as well as personal values. Due to her critical physical health, nurses team has decided to demonstrate all issues and even provide solutions for removing appropriately through ethical decisions. These factors should influence existence perception by understanding ethical problems. Therefore, solutions are most required to decline or diminish all challenges for recovery factors. These essential factors are indicated to nurses experience and also provide an enormous contribution for providing respect and care while diagnosis to Victoria. It also causes nurses to challenge all conflicting demands of Victoria, and evidence are relying on difficulties and constraints in terms of developing working relationships. In such a manner, ethical decisions have always been effective to improve her health and also offer medication that would be valuable in further days. Nurses also associated with technological limitations alongside failures that could easily diminish the communication factor. Therefore, it is crucial to develop communication and interaction with Victoria by winning truth or faith. By understanding social factors, results also indicate that nurse requires to reflect over family members regarding her care and also necessary decisions, and that should be imperative for developing a relationship quickly. Nurses also comprehend overall characteristics by understanding Victoria's behaviour through conduct code alongside suitable law. Ethical principles alongside nursing values are major elements that impacts of decision-making process and results will also so damn on straight positive impact by understanding recovery factors.

Conclusions Are Made Evidence Depends upon The Analysis

By understanding Victoria's health condition, it is appropriately justified or understood that communication should be the vital factor that impacts nursing directions. By understanding the NMBA framework, are appropriately dependent upon an evidence-based, accurate document which is applied in conjunction along with proper standards in terms of legislation policies practice and regulations (Daicopoulos, Dugmore and Nilson, 2018). These are also relevant to nursing practices. However, divisions can easily help to improve their health condition through proper evidence, and she also realizes the significance of nursing practices for recovery reasons. The respective practice has beam depending upon protecting alongside assuring quality care by nurses for Victoria. Moreover, the respective evidence also assured that appropriate care requirements should be agreed through standard by understanding Australian law. However, NMBA also describes practice which is given relying on "Quality Assurance" by understanding recovery elements. It is also impacted over legal aspects, and nursing practices are also represented by understanding standard nurses' care. It is also illustrated that a prudent and reasonable nurse has given appropriate care for or recovering factors by taking appropriate initiatives. Moreover, strategies are also demonstrated that supports are even provided which is also reflecting upon appropriate discussion to remove all ethical issues of Victoria. The law also relying on "Health practitioner Regulation Act by 2009" in terms of recovery purposes and statutory regulation has also related to initial registration by proper care. Therefore, it is even followed by practice program in terms of nurses, and they require for fulfilling all minimum standards by understanding the NMBA framework. The respective nurse practitioner also accomplishes advanced practice by providing care in a significant way. Therefore, the practice should be involved in the credentialing process through proper registration and decision initiatives. By understanding health practitioner, appropriate initiatives are also required to balance health through the proper process or accurate communication method.

Summary (Communication Structure with Expression)

In this scenario, written communication has become effective where experience nurse can easily speak with Victoria's parents and also identify all issues over daily basis (Toronto, 2016). Moreover, it is appropriately considered as "Non-verbal method". In addition, respective communication has been followed by multiple kinds of stuff like body language, eye contact of one nurse with respective nurses. In addition, written communication should be written concisely and clearly. However, it is simple to understand by proper format, and that should be beneficial for Victoria in upcoming days. In addition, written communication has been effectively followed by nurse-to-nurse communication and appropriately make sure that communication report must be grammar checked and scrutinized. By observing Victoria's expression, not save implemented the strategy by understanding the legal aspect, which is also followed by professional nursing initiatives. These are even followed by authoritative statements by understanding nursing involved, and clinical practice should be given in the appropriate manner. Moreover, legal aspects have also influence offer appropriate care, and that must be delivered by nurses. Another side, legal concerns also shapes the respective environment by understanding how documents have stored accurately. Moreover, health services also ensure that well document records regarding the care should be provided to Victoria, which are based upon three crucial reasons.

  • Nurses make sure, treatment and care must be provided 24 hours in a day for recovery purposes.
  • To properly record accurate care, it has been provided to Victoria by recognizing mental health scenario (Vermeir et al. .2018).
  • It is also stated that accurate or appropriate care must be considered as essential evidence while any complaint should be conceived from Victoria regarding care.

-This is how; written communication must be given by understanding the proper method through nurses. By managing or balancing written communication, it would be beneficial for nurses to observe her medical records if she gets trouble in future.

References for Impact on Burnout and Intention to Leave

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