Health, Law and Ethics

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Introduction to Health, Law and Ethics

The legal and ethical codes among the nursing students lie in the fact that they should be advocating the rights and responsibilities for the betterment of their patients. It is also the responsibility to develop a compassionate as well as professional manner so that the patients can be able to feel safe and can freely communicate with the nursing students which will help them to towards treatment along with the setting of the future goals (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, 2018). Under the Ministry of Midwifery and Nursing Board in Australia, the nursing students should be following certain important principles like non-maleficence where the nursing students should be able to gain confidence regarding feeling competent enough in the field and at the same time can be able to report any form of suspected abuse (Clausen, 2017).

Another important principle on nursing includes beneficence where the nursing students should be able to develop compassion as well as undertaking positive actions so that the goodness as a whole can be achieved. Again through the concept of fidelity, the nursing students should be able to possess and also keep certain commitments that are based on the virtue of caring (INRC, 2018). Again through autonomy, the nursing students should develop certain attitudes like keeping the wishes of the patients and also following the principles on totality and integrity. These are certain aspects that need to be adopted by the nursing students at the time of facing a challenging situation like at the time of the patient’s treatment (Gardner, 2019).

Health, Law and Ethics - Case 1

As per the Australian National Law, the nursing students have always been trained to treat the patients with compassion as well as with integrity so that they can introduce themselves with the patients during the starting of every shift. In addition to this, the nursing students should be developing certain plans and need to inform this as well to one of the registered nurses before undertaking any action on the patient (INRC, 2018). In this particular situation, the incident shows that one of the nursing students have faced Behavioral problem from one of the patients which made her cry and fearful. However, certain duties, as well as responsibilities, should lie on the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, the nursing students should be provided with adequate training regarding performing specific tasks in context with the patient's treatment. In this special kind of situation, to deal with the agitated patient, the responsibility always lies among the nursing students to be accountable in undertaking certain actions.

In this context, the responsibility of AHPRA to manage the matters on registration where the nursing students will be getting enrolled under the approved program (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, 2018). In this kind of situation one should present there where empathy and sympathy is only the one to calm down the patient in every situation (Martinez-Martin & Kreitmair, 2018). It will be her sole responsibility to make the patient understand that what the situation, the patient is going through, and accordingly providing adequate care to the concerned patient. In this form, the nursing students should be careful in handling the situations discreetly along with effective training through which the smallest complaints can get easily handled. The more intervention need to be developed by the nursing students. Along with this, nursing students should be developing a sympathetic ear and proper listening skills to solve certain questions and problems of the patients very easily (Minoritynurse, 2018).

In this context, the nursing student should be undertaking empathy and in this regard communicating with the patients is very important in the matter of achieving realistic goals in the future. Self-preservation is one of the effective components of basic human traits. The nursing students should summarise her daily activities in front of the registered nurse through which the students can be able to undergo their self-audit. The nursing students need to reiterate as well as offering certain solutions which help in undertaking countermeasures so that the excellences can be easily achieved (Clausen, 2017).

To be a successful nurse in the future once, at present the nursing students should be accountable in undertaking certain actions. It can be stated from this, that the nursing students need to face certain practical challenges which they need to cope with up which will be get managed by AHPRA (National League for Nursing, 2020). Through this, the self-esteem along with the self-confidence among the nursing students can be developed easily. In this situation, the responsibilities of the nursing students to conduct shift checking of the patients and at the same time demonstrating basic knowledge’s based on which the communication can be done easily with the department of the medical emergency (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, 2018).

Health, Law and Ethics - Case 2

In this particular case study, according to one nursing student, then it would be her responsibility to ensure the quality standard living of her flatmate and accordingly raising certain concerns for her. In this situation, she would be there to communicate with her parents and should also suggest them to take her for some days with them (Nursing Midwifery Board, 2018). In this kind of complicated situations, family understanding and family care turn out to be important for young persons. This actually would help her in developing self-esteem along with self-confidence.

Providing a safe environment along with adequate health for the flatmate actually would help the nursing student in understanding how she might work and acted responsibly like the registered nurse in the future. In this kind of situation, to maintain the flatmate’s confidentialities, the nursing student should be responsible to limit any form of confidential information about my flatmate and at the same time, she could learn that how to keep them secured and safe with her (O'Sullivan, 2019). This lies under the Guidelines of the National Principles which supports the Privacy Act 1988. Overall, being a nursing student, she needed to be responsible and also careful enough in preserving the trust along with the knowledge’s through which the stable relationship can be maintained between the nurses and the patients at the time of receiving the care. According to the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, protecting the safety and health of the Australian community (Gardner, 2019). Through this experience, the student could be able to learn how to adjust herself in communicating differently with the individuals belonging to different ages. This way, trust as well as the organizational reputation can get maintained well (RCN, 2018).

Health, Law and Ethics - Case 3

As a registered nurse, one should be responsible to look at the particular incident closely where the student and to try to communicate with the student personally. Like disciplining a child from the very early stages, the nurse should be responsible enough in making her student disciplined enough based on which the student can be able to establish open communication with her through which she could clear all her sufferings and facts in detail (O'Sullivan, 2019). Again as a registered nurse, she should portray responsibilities and should try to teach the student a good lesson through good words and understanding which will make her believe that what could be the consequences in the future if she behaved in an undisciplined manner.

In this situation, The Code of Ethics for the Nursing Students in Australia frames the professional commitments so that the respect can be well promoted and protected along with maintaining fundamental responsibilities like the promoting health, preventing the illness. This way the nursing student when she will be the nurse in the future should try to implement practically through which the competencies along with the accountabilities can be well achieved (INRC, 2018). As per the ICN Code of Ethics for the Nurses, the nurses should be guided to undertake action based prospects through which the social value and needs can be well attained.

Reflection of Health, Law and Ethics

Like case 1, I had faced one practical problem when I was a nursing student. I had been provided a charge to look after an old woman. Often she behaved rudely with all the nursing authorities including me. In the beginning, I felt very miserable and always thought of running away from the situation. However, the training had provided me with a certain good patience level which had ultimately helped me in solving certain forms of complicated tasks. I began to communicate more with the person and tried to find out what is ultimately bothering her. This made me realize that she got admitted to the hospital by her one and only son.

It was months and years, he did not come once to the hospital to see her mother, nor even called. This made her cried also in front of me which I handled with adequate care and compassion to make the person feel better and secured. From that time, I started to communicate well with the person and at the same time also tried to listen to all of her sufferings so that she could feel free to share her problems. Again, from the second case, I understood how to adjust and behave indifferently like challenging situations. If I was there with the flatmate to communicate in a friendly manner so that she could feel safe in sharing the information’s those were ultimately bothering her.

During that time, I could start matured enough in dealing with problematic situations and could be able to undertake self-auditing monitoring programs for the betterment and better communication in the future. According to Section 50 under the National Law, the programs and the exercises which I was learning will monitor them well and tried to apply them practically. This would further help me in thinking twice at the time of taking important decisions during critical situations. Again in Case 3, I feel that one should strive to achieve along with the maintenance of the optimal level of personal health. The accessibility towards treatment and rehabilitation of the students should be integrated so that both of the mental as well as physical issues can be stabilized. Like the situation under Case 3 , I have faced previously where I handled the situation very confidentially and with adequate care. This would not only create self-esteem and confidentiality among the student, however, but she will also be starting to respect me and would learn to listen to my instructions and will work accordingly.

Conclusion on Health, Law and Ethics

To conclude, the students should be encouraged enough in developing the critical judgment capacity and engagement in both sustained as well as independent search for truth. Each of the single institutions should be liable for performing duties so that policies and procedures can be developed easily through which the students safeguard can be maintained easily along with the adequate freedom to learn. The Australian policies should be considered properly based on which the academic, as well as the student affairs, can get defined easily. The disciplinary proceedings should be developed only to control standard of conduct violations based on which the grievances procedures can be maintained according to The Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for Students of Nursing.

It can be learned from the above incidents, the legal implications of the nursing practices are only responsible behind the licensure, state as well as federal laws, the scope of practices along with the maintenance of the professional standards. Hence as a whole, it can be stated that the nurses should be documenting the health needs and should access that how the notification of the health needs occurred along with the actions and the outcome among the patients. The participation of the nurses in the execution of the plans as per the NCCHCs Standards for Health Services in Prisons.

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