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Design of Battery Enclosure for Electric Vehicle

Introduction to Nissan Leaf Battery

There are various models of Nissan leaf batteries, the Gen 1 (2011) and Gen.2 (2013). Nissan Leaf uses a 24 kWh lithium-ion battery based on polymer cells. The extender battery is placed in the boot of your car, in a custom designed battery box. This battery box ensures your safety: it contains the battery and makes sure there is no way you can accidentally disconnect or break the extender battery [Kane, Mark (8 May 2020). As such, you will be able to continue to use your trunk as you see fit: placing heavy things on top, even your dog having an accident will not harm the extender battery.

Performance of Nissan Leaf Battery

It requires the plan of plastic nooks and must breeze through the thorough assessments in light of wellbeing reasons. Its convenience and accessibility of existing electric framework

Clients are frequently new to battery administrative prerequisites which can prompt entanglements during the plan of plastic fenced-in areas. Seeing a portion of the plan and the board components will help maintain a strategic distance from creation process confusion. With any fenced-in area, the most significant perspective is that the walled-in area must have the option to help the battery itself. It should likewise finish thorough assessments - particularly when related to transportation wellbeing affirmations.

One of the initial steps once a client has moved toward a maker is to decide the degree of structure the client plans and on the off chance that it is a full structure or incomplete. A full plan would permit the maker to be in full working information on the venture from the beginning. [Edelstein, Stephen,2019] The making of CAD records, dynamic gathering plans, endorsement stages, and the creation volume will be built up dependent on the need and profundity of a full or incomplete structure. The creation volume will decide the degree of tooling required. Tooling can raise costs or potentially broaden the hour of a task's culmination. The expectation is to consistently get the plan finished first time through as a result of time included, cost, and tooling. Above all is meeting the transportation affirmation necessities and the client's look and feel of the structure. [Greimel, Hans (5 September 2017)]

The total customization of a battery pack plastic walled in areas is accessible directly down to the plastic evaluation itself. It is essential to comprehend what kind of condition the application will be basically utilized in and whether it will be utilized in extraordinary or mellow conditions. [Philippe Crowe (27 February 2013)] The plastic evaluation should be chosen to oblige the proper condition. ABS plastic for a model is more affordable anyway it turns out to be fragile when presented to certain chilly temperatures. There are great deals of plastic evaluations accessible and now and again it is conceivable to make a Hybrid evaluation.

The attention on deciding the best plastic evaluation for some random application begins with the ecological conditions yet drop tests and obviously transportation accreditation prerequisites ought to be kept in thought.

After the first battery packs debase, proprietors may wish to restore, supplant, or update their battery packs as opposed to buying another electric vehicle. Be that as it may, there are hardly any choices all inclusive for this procedure. Nissan recently offered a swap battery back for the Leaf for $5,499 in addition to establishment in the U.S.,yet afterward raised the cost to $8,500.As of January 2020, Leaf proprietors started detailing that Nissan had brought down the expense of the 24kWh batteries to $5,500, with a $1,000 exchange credit for the arrival of the first battery, making the battery $4,500 in addition to the expense of work and assessment. [PLUS, Nissan LEAF Nissan LEAF,2020]

The enclosure should have liquid cooling system to deal with the high temperatures.

Design of Nissan Leaf Battery

By taking design for manufacturing and assembly into consideration, the enclosure should be built.The pack has a capacity of 24 kWh and is composed of 192 cells, each of 125-Wh capacity, that are arranged in 48 modules and located low down in the car to enhance stability. [Loveday, Eric (3 August 2010).]

Given sizes are L x B x H = 700mm x 700mm x 200mm.

There are total 48 modules needed to get fit within this box. It is having 192 cells.

The cells were packed in the aluminum shell. And it is kept inside the enclosure box.

Total 24 modules in one box. And 18 in the other and rest are in the two small chambers. Instead of doing this we can pile up the modules into 2 box and keeping the space for the maintenance and liquid cooling fan.

One module is having four cells in it.

As per the design aspect, there are consider 2 options which are suitable to make the enclosure. One more is there which is split type that can be placed below the seats. There will be slide rail in the enclosure box.

In the option 2, it will be very easy to do the maintenance. Simply, we can pull of the enclosure box. The T-shape will be an advantage. The total 48 cells in 3 modules, it will be 144 cells. And rest will be other three rows (16 cells).

Fig 3 and 4 shows the Gantt chart of the design of the battery extender. The inputs were given by the manager and other team members. For finalizing the initial design, they took around 5days and enclosure design is completed in 2 days of span. For around 20 days were given for the testing. And three days for the manufacturing of the enclosure.

Material Selection for Nissan Leaf Battery

Here, the enclosure can be made of plastic. The plastic have several advantages like it is bad conductor of electricity, waterproof enclosure can be made etc.

Manufacture/Machining: With the help of 3D printing the machining cost is about 6 Euros per in2. This is very cost effective and life of the box will be increased.

To comprehend the procedure of how the structure of battery packs’s plastic fenced in area. Information on the components of the general plan benefits the client. Having this information preceding the fruition of the plan permits the client to settle on the most ideal choice concerning what best suites the application and its planned exhibition.

The aluminum shell of modules helps it to protect during the crash.

Ergonomics of Nissan Leaf Battery

Worries with inner segments moving during use have choices to guarantee parts remain set up. The genuine item and how it will be utilized, taken care of, and put away decides how the walled in area will be made. Once there is a comprehension on the genuine item subtleties, the fenced in area would be structured inside. [Anderson, GE (22 October 2010)]. Systems for making sure about inside parts incorporate RTVs, planning ribs, blend of pastes, and much of the time froth dividing - all of which help hold parts set up and limit any moving.

Without disturbing any main components, the modules should be placed according to that. Keeping in mind, the battery were arranged in away that when it is assembled or disassembled the personnel may not get any kind of fatigue or may not have to put extra efforts.

Maintenance of Nissan Leaf Battery

There ought to be space for the opening and taking out the battery module effectively for upkeep without investing any additional amounts of energy.

There has been space for the development of apparatuses while accomplishing any work on the walled-in area.

There are regular battery cell types accessible and normally clients will in general go that course. The more typical sorts of battery cells are all the more monetarily good. A client may even decide to go from a barrel-shaped battery to a kaleidoscopic battery yet as rule clients as a rule need to remain with the basic structure factor.

There may be modifications made to the fenced-in area, for example, cutting, stalemates, or including extra froth cushioning if the arrangement is littler. There are ways around the structure to alter it utilizing either a current fenced in area or adjusting it to meet the new battery.

Transportation of Nissan Leaf Battery

The battery enclosure box should be fixed with the chassis of the car body. Due to daily running on the road, the enclosure may get vibrations transmitted. This may reduces the life of the battery. The cables inside and which is connecting to the power transmission line may get loosen over the time if proper grouting of the enclosure has been not done.

Aesthetics of Nissan Leaf Battery

The look of the box must be elegant.

It might not appear bulgy and wirey from inside. All the cable should be properly tight.

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