Intrapersonal Skills

Learning Style

It is noteworthy that learning styles are the concept that expresses people's differences in the procedures of learning. Moreover, it refers to a person's mode of attaining knowledge wherein the individual specially emphasize on diverse type of evidence, the diverse ways of recognizing information, and the level of comprehending information (Pashler et al., 2008). As far as my personal experience is concerned, I learned two different skills in the past using my two different learning styles. One year ago, I learned to drive a car using a kinesthetic learning style. I am indeed a kinesthetic learner meaning that I learn best through acting out, doing, touching, and moving. These learners prefer hands-on situations and that offer them the prospect to collect parts and take part in the physical activity (Syofyan & Siwi, 2018, July). I perceived that car driving can only be learned using this hands-on approach as it enabled me to feel the direction of my car on how much I navigate the wheel of a car. Furthermore, I was able to feel the speed of the car increased by applying pressure to the gas pedal. Initially, I found this learning style to be problematic as synchronizing my mind and body was hard, however; I have proceeded with my driving and it becomes normal to me. Therefore, the kinesthetic learning style was an effective one in making me learn driving cars only due to my willingness and confidence in learning. Besides that, I learned a skill of cooking by using a visual learning style. The people having this particular learning style are ones who can see the world by remembering the mental images. Moreover, they learn usually through what they are capable to observe with their own eyes and possess a tendency to designate everything that they see in regards to appearances. I found this learning style to be much effective in making me learn cooking as it helped me store the information for longer. Furthermore, I could be able to better grasp the cooking concepts and recipes by stimulating my imagination. It also increased my motivational skills as it helped me reducing boredom by engaging me in interesting videos of different cooking experts (Ibrahim & Hussein, 2016). These two experiences of mine assisted me in learning the two skills of car driving and cooking. In my opinion, I perceive that learning by doing (kinesthetic learning style) is the best one for me to learn things in a better manner as it allows one to know his ability to do the activity.

Multiple Intelligence

The theory of multiple intelligences was formed in 1983 by Howard Gardner in which he supposed that numerous types of human intelligence depicts diverse ways of processing the information. It refers to a psychological theory about individuals and their diverse forms of intelligence like visual, logical, and so on. Eight bits of intelligence is proposed by Gardner named as verbal-linguistic; logical-mathematical; musical; visual-spatial; naturalistic; intrapersonal, bodily-kinesthetic; and interpersonal (Rao, 2005).

I am strong in two aspects of the above-stated intelligence named interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Since I possess the workplace experience as an HR administrator for a water utility company, I had to establish relationships with the people both within and outside the organization. Therefore, I carry much strong interpersonal intelligence that indicates the ability of mine to relate well with individuals and manage associations. I usually have such skills in myself in a slight manner but I have gained and enhanced my interpersonal intelligence through my experience at the workplace. It is true to say that individuals with such skills appear to stand out in a crowd as people with great friends and can simply adjust to social situations. In the same manner, I communicate effectively and enjoy engaging in discussions, and meetings. Furthermore, I have strong intrapersonal intelligence also as I like to self-assess myself at regular intervals. Intrapersonal intelligence enabled me to comprehend and work with myself and help me to constantly evaluate myself (Derakhshan & Faribi, 2015). I have better abilities to have an effective working model of me entailing my own needs, capacities, and limitations. I used such skills when I wanted to choose my career in a field as this type of intelligence made me realize which life goals are essential and how to attain them.

I am weaker in aspects such as spatial and naturalistic intelligence. As an HR professional at my past workplace, I perceived that I am weaker in manipulating ideas and activities using visual aids like images, and videos. At some points, I had to interpret the charts and graphs that I was unable to do with my low visual-spatial skills. Apart from this, I have weak naturalistic intelligence also as I am not much in tune with nature. Also, I am less likely interested in exploring and nurturing the environment, and learning about the flora and fauna species (Piaw & Don, 2014). However, I am working on my weaker intelligence by keeping improving myself just by practising the things.

Self-Awareness Reflection

As per my best understanding from the learning of the module: intelligence. Learning styles, and self-concept, I understood that how important the different types of intelligence provided by Gardner in the corporate world as one must have one or multiple intelligences to work effectively within the workplace to bring about effective outcomes. Furthermore, I understood that the learning styles emphasize on how individuals process information using their minds. Additionally, it can be understood that everyone has a certain degree of each learning style however; every individual favours specific learning styles as effectively. The thing that I want to improve in myself is to develop and work upon my weaker sections like naturalistic and visual-spatial intelligence so that I can have better abilities in all the aspects of multiple intelligence theory. Moreover, to enhance my visual-spatial intelligence, I will start giving training myself and practicing the visual interpretations by myself. Further, I will improve upon upgrading my naturalistic intelligence by spending a little time on my schedule with nature like flora and fauna so that I can know the things in a better way. The plan that I made to improve myself will assist me in making robust relations with individuals and develop my social associations and my future career.

References for Intelligence, Learning Style and Self Concept

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