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Assessment 2: Marketing Plan.

Suitable target market

Positioning by Foodbank Australia.

Development of Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy.

Assessment 3: Marketing Strategy and Recommendations.


Promotional Mix.



Assessment 2: Marketing Plan

Suitable Target Market

The need for Foodbank Australia to expand its operations, since the demand for emergency food relief has been increased. The management of the organization through the Food bank’s Shop and Share Camp needs a target to deliver around one million food products through the distribution of food to around 2,600 front line charities around the country. In this context, the management of the organization needs to target many volunteers who will be able to provide an adequate quantity of food among the charitable organizations to reduce the hunger problem in Australia (Foodbank, 2020).

The primary reason behind targeting the volunteers since they are the prime pillars of the organization through whom the food can be distributed among the charitable organizations in Australia. After the pandemic, the panic buying among the customers have been increased at a higher rate and hence it became necessary for the particular organization to extend their operations to support the excess demand and hence in this aspect, adequate volunteers are required who will distribute the food among the charitable organizations at the time of their emergencies (foodbank, 2020).

Positioning by Foodbank Australia

Positioning in the marketing context means the development of a good brand image among the customers (volunteers) so that they can get easily attracted to the company and provide adequate food relief for charitable organizations. To get the maximum amount of volunteers who will be working with the organization in the future, the management of Foodbank should provide adequate product details to the new people. Along with this, other details on their previous Annual reports through which they can be able to understand the profit position of the concerned organization also need to be shared by the management of Foodbank (foodbank, 2020). These involve certain product positioning strategies that needed to be followed by Foodbank Australia. The steps involve a new food launch strategy along with the attractive positioning statements. Along with this, the product details need to be cleared where the benefit of the particular food products, stating its features along with defining the target audiences are some of the effective positioning strategies needed to be followed by Foodbank in Australia.

 Through positioning, the management of Foodbank Australia should try to develop effectively as well as legitimate governance arrangements through certain internal protocols so that the partnership based working gets easily facilitated. Here the effective engagement can be made by the charitable organizations present in Australia who will help Foodbank in extending their operations in other parts through active participation in the decision-making (foodbank, 2020).

The management of Foodbank Australia should source and rescue around 40 million Kilograms of food for charitable organizations, which can only be possible through proper training for the new volunteers. This can only be possible through intensified strategic assistance to minimize the issue of hunger in Australia, aiding in developing solid relationships between national donors and the key industrial supporters. The existence of robust intervention monitoring along with the effective evaluation of the wider policy actions will help the volunteers in Australia to take an active part in the decision making process at the time of delivering food relief among the charitable organizations (Rosier, 2011). The positioning statement by Foodbank Australia will be “Forever for People”

Development of Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy

The integrated communication strategy involves the development of a shared understanding and clear sense of purpose along with clearly identifying the roles of Foodbank itself. Developing an Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy is only possible through the initiation and the incorporation of the effective along with appropriate training strategies for the volunteers, which will help the volunteers derive satisfaction and their personal growth (foodbank, 2020).

In this aspect, three of the important promotional tools that are needed by the management of Foodbank Australia are advertisements, digital marketing, and public relations. This in turn will assist the management of Foodbank Australia to get a good place in the heart of the volunteers.

  • Advertising: This particular tool is considered one of the effective ways of promoting the brand image in the minds of the volunteers. Through this tool, the marketers also need to ensure that the right message is reaching the customers at the right time. In this aspect, the advertisers should be aware enough regarding the advertisement content (Spencer, 2018). The advertisement lines will be such, which will help clarify the roles and the volunteer’s roles and the responsibilities and also regarding their good future with the company.
  • Sales Promotion: One of the primary aspect necessary for recruiting the new volunteers in Foodbank Australia at the time of distributing adequate food relief to the charitable organizations is the incorporation of the individuals within the organization from different cultural backgrounds, which in turn will help in generating interest among the volunteers to work for the organization (Budianto, 2020).
  • Digital marketing: It is defined as another form of promotional tool and an important marketing component through which both the internet along with the online-based technical technologies get utilized to promote the products and the services for the concerned target market.

Assessment 3: Marketing Strategy and Recommendations


The positioning statement, which will be used by the management of Foodbank Australia, was “Forever for People”. After introducing the aspects in Assessment 2, it can be stated that a particular target market that is the volunteers should be gaining adequate trust and knowledge for Foodbank Australia. To do this, the management of the organization should be developing certain attractive training facilities and the faith for the new people who will be working as volunteers for the company (Foodbank, 2020).

Besides, at the time of recruitment, Foodbank Australia should ensure that would-be volunteers are well acquainted with Australian food protocols and the regulations at the time of distributing adequate food relief to the charitable organizations. Besides, concerning the marketing strategy, Foodbank also needs to ensure the prevalence of cultural upliftment among the volunteers and their presence in the society and the advantaged ones, who are working for the society. This will act as one of the motivational criteria for the volunteers to work for the organization honestly (foodbank, 2020). The volunteer motivation will be helpful for them to develop certain knowledge and skills through which unique contribution by each of the volunteers will bring a positive impact on the organization, Foodbank in Australia.

Promotional Mix

Advertising: It is one form of non-personal as well as paid communication forms, which needs to be well attractive for individuals like the volunteers so that they can join. Here the positioning statement is forever with people, which not only increases the sales but at the same time also generates awareness among the consumers. In this section, the various attractive Media that needed to be used by the organization to attract the customers are print Media, billboards, television, and at the same time need to create certain attractive campaigns (Kettings, 2009). In this case, the integrated campaigns need to make effective to balance both short term sales uplifts along with building the long term brand through the combination of different channels.

The name of possible campaigns that can be used by the management of Foodbank in Australia are the short-term guerrilla campaigns or the PR stunts as a part of the product launch or the seasonal sales approaches based on which the greater consistency along with driving better future efficiencies can be managed.

Sales Promotion: The establishment of promotional campaigns like encouraging the culturally backward class in Australia to join the organization so that they can engage themselves in the distribution of the food among Australians. Foodbank should also be providing good details about its objectives and mission to the individuals in Australia who will be working as volunteers (foodbank, 2020). Integrated Marketing Communication can be defined as one form of promotional marketing function where the targeted audience like the volunteers, in this case, receives consistent along with persuasive brand messaging through the creation of different marketing channels which helps in the decision-making process. Foodbank Australia through food safety compliances should ensure that the provisioning of safe food is one of its primary goals, which is essential to bring the business success, and this, in turn, will thus create trustworthiness along with food safety compliances (Budianto, 2020).

Digital Marketing: It is defined as one form of older communication form where the organizations communicate the end-users through telephone, faxes, emails, brochures, etc. Mobile marketing in this context can be defined as an effective way of communication where the customers are communicated through text messages on mobile. Here the Foodbank should be using a crisp and short promotional message, which will be considered as one of the cheapest modes of promotion (foodbank, 2020). Social media marketing through different graphics and images is also important to attract customers and it can be defined as one form of low-cost promotional methods where a large number of users are targeted at once. Hence, the building of goodwill within the organization turns out to be important for them, which could only be possible through the mixture of sales promotions and public relations (Budianto, 2020).

Through sponsorships, the mixture of sales promotion along with public relations turns out to be important which will generate brand loyalty and along with that, product differentiation and uniqueness could be well established. Hence as a whole, flexible along with the negotiable approach is needed where the training workshops should be provided for the facilitators and the volunteers, which help in generating positive outcomes like their mental wellbeing and openness in expressing their views. This in turn helps in the enhancement of the community strengths and eradicates the fits of hunger through certain policy initiatives (Kumar, 2017).

It is important to train the volunteers since it is having certain advantages. One of the pieces of evidence as per the Australian Bureau of Statistics states that around, 4,395,600 Australians voluntarily contributed positively towards community development. From the positioning statement, the meaning can be stated as” As design thinkers, we have our unique approach envisioning intrinsic human needs, the future in food and the legacy your brand can and will leave. We strive to create meaningful food brands and believe in the power of imagination and co-creation. As such, we have developed our Food by Design positioning model and methodology” (Foodbank, 2020). The mission statement of Foodbank Australia is “Every $1 you donate provides two meals for Australians in need”. Like the existing volunteers, different touch-points needed to be developed between the financial donors and the new would-be volunteers through which the warehouse can be assisted in packing the foods properly as being placed by the charitable organizations (foodbank, 2020).

Conclusion on Foodbank Australia Analysis

To conclude, Foodbank needs to co-ordinate efficiently between the state offices as well as the national headquarters. The findings state that the positioning statement by Foodbank Australia needs to be attractive enough that is “Forever for People” to extend its operations elsewhere through the provisioning of different programs. The mission of Foodbank Australia ultimately ends the hunger among the Australians through effective co-ordination and the monitoring mechanisms by the effective and qualified volunteers.

At the time of implementing the marketing communication plan, certain steps need to be followed like the usefulness of the automated software through which comprehensive result-oriented outcomes can be driven through the incorporation of the inbound marketing analytics. There will be certain positive communication efforts, which will help in contributing positive brand value, based on which the future goals can be easily successful and the new tools and the strategies should be aligned with the target audiences in Australia. As a whole, there exist three important principles of the decision-making process like the awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage. With the help of this, the organisational complex behaviour and the decision-making system can get managed through tailoring the messages to the decision process of the audiences. It had been implied from the above assessments are knowing the audiences well from the behavioural data along with the development of the situational or the contextual analysis. This also involves the provisioning of the marketing objectives along with defining the strategies and the tactics along with the effective evaluation and the measurements.

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