Understanding Advertising

Executive Summary of Advertising Campaign

Marketing is an essential factor for every business to focus upon. It helps business to generate sales and profit effectively making the organization to prosper growth and success. However, there is an immense need for implementing a strategic advertising or marketing campaign to ensure organizational effectiveness. One of the major problems of marketing is not having a good online presence. In the recent era of technological evolution, sticking with the traditional approach of marketing will not help the business to grow or making products to reach the target audience.

The marketing objective is to opt for new technologies and trending marketing channels to effectively serve the need. The brand positioning will be within the online business ecosystem by means of modern technologies and tools to utilize the online market largely and effectively. The target audience will be consumers within the age range of 13 to 65 years of age and irrespective of their gender, depending on their usability of different media channels. The proposition will be concerning the value that the company promises to deliver to its customers and convinces how it makes value to your purchase. Advertising objectives is to create awareness about the benefits and value of the product and push the good from the manufacturer to the point of sale. The main idea is to incorporate and implement a strategic advertising campaign that will ensure alignment with the requirements of the client’s needs.

Creative Strategy

In the environment of marketing, creativity plays a crucial role in ensuring effectiveness and efficiency at the same time. It is the creativity that empowers the distinguished marketing and advertising campaigns to reach organizational and marketing goals simultaneously (Zhang et al., 2016). With the growing creativity of advertising within the online world, it seems that creativity is booming at a rapid pace within the marketing ecosystem (Zhang et al., 2016). Gone are the days when marketers and organization used to use only the typical advertising channels such billboards, newspapers, TV advertisements, and magazines, but within the developing world, things are changing differently and the internet is taking a new pace towards consumers' engagement and usability (Zhang et al., 2019). Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ads, Twitter, and affiliate marketing are the new and emerging marketing communication channels that many companies are utilizing and gaining significant benefits (Zhang et al., 2019).

As per the USP of the company, the advertising must be accordingly to be made as it will help connect with the idea of company’s products to educate its target audience utilizing communication, for example, the company M&M did within their USP which says, the milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand, and making the advertising campaign based in that perspective has gained a lot of attention and which lead to generating huge revenues for the company (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). Similarly, as small and affectionate video interests the most within today’s online society, thus, it will be preferable if the company uses short video advertisement to be run within the social media channels utilizing pay per click (PPC) system of digital marketing (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). Moreover, it is important to make sure to connect the company's USP with the advertisement to make the audience understand and give a clear message for the product trying to sell (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). This idea will work as it is trending and it is evident that people get influences by emotional stimulation to make purchase decisions.

Media Strategy

Media strategy can be defined as a plan of action that provides assistance to business organizations to reach their target audience and to enhance their overall customer conversion rate into sales leads (Zhang et al., 2019). Employing affiliate marketing, this can be achieved wisely and effectively. Affiliate marketing is an effectual marketing process which strategic organizations implements which involves earning a commission by promoting a company’s product or services, for example, if the price of the product is $12 then the promoter will gain at least $2 as a commission. Consecutively, it will help create a win-win situation among the company and promoter to gain a mutual benefit from a definite source. It is evident that, by using affiliate marketing, many companies have witnessed a remarkable increase on their website or search engine results and viewers of promoted products which lead them to make the effective conversion of customers in sales (Zhang et al., 2019).

This can be achieved through developing eye catchy and essential contents or blogs that fetch people by hooking them with their Google search of solving problems or how to the technique of SEO marketing (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). Now concerning the media channels, using social media channels will be an effective way to reach the target customer to gain organizational and marketing objectives (Zhang et al., 2019). Creating business pages and channels in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter and creating awareness about products, latest updates on pricing, location, and availability will help customers to identify benefits, brand, and seek to make a purchase.

Creative Execution 233

The creative executive is an important factor to consider while implementing a marketing strategy or advertising plan for any company. It is the process or manner of which a marketing communication appeal is been presented to educate the customers about the company’s product details significantly (Zhang et al., 2019). By subscribing the facilities and offerings of social media channels in terms of business pages and channels so that the marketing activities go on full throttle and as per the promises by such factors to increase sales and conversion of leads effectively. Partnering with a digital marketing agency or firm will help in making some lucid and attractive website for the company and management of social media and affiliate marketing campaigns to take forward the marketing activities to reach goals. The frequency of the advertisements will be high from 9 am to 12 am as the traffic rate increases with this range of time which leads to gain more attention and leads for sure. Besides, it will also give a good online presence to the company in terms of educating about the company's product and services effectively and generate a value for the merchandise at the same time. Moreover, the running ads on YouTube and Instagram will be consistent with the user search and to be made with 30 seconds only as people do not spend more than 30 seconds in watching an advertisement.

Implementation of Advertising Campaign

Implementation is a crucial aspect when it comes to knowing what is involved in it as it helps determine projections of effectiveness (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). Concerning the mechanical specifications, the advertisement sizes will be no more than 30 seconds with every social media marketing campaigns and it should be managed by the partnered digital marketing agency. The creative production timeline would be no more than two months as it is sufficient to develop an effectual advertising campaign. There is a budget constraint which indicates that within the set budget, the overall marketing campaign has to be done. The budget shall be $5000 for the overall advertising campaign to perform, hence, within this specific budget range, all the material and purchase has to be made. Besides that, it is necessary to have compliance with the ethical and regulatory guidelines of the federal government such as adherence to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) which regulates the marketing communications and media to enhance the economic and social benefits for the community of Australia (Acma.gov.au, 2020).

Evaluation of Advertising Campaign

Evaluation helps to determine certain loopholes that go unnoticed and later incur issues which are complex to resolve effectively. Concerning such fact, it is important to evaluate the advertising or marketing strategy that has been developed to understand its effectiveness and whether it will work accordingly to satisfy client needs or not (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). By using advertising market research provides massive assistance to acquire gainful knowledge about creativity and strategies which other potential marketers use within their marketing communication campaigns effectively. It helps them to amend any changes required by following the advertisement model and run it to meet their marketing requirements and goal (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). On the other hand, by using measuring techniques like combining the cost of production, advertisements spend, and salary of marketing team divided by the total number of leads generated for sales will help determine the how efficient the marketing spend is, how the efforts are targeted and estimate how effective the overall marketing labours are (Zhang et al., 2019). Besides that, through assessing the progress report of every advertisement that was run on the social media channels and the affiliate marketing program will help give a profound knowledge on how effective the advertisement campaign was and how it is going on as of now (Hollenbeck et al., 2019). Thus, it is important to follow every guideline before developing the advertising campaign as pre-knowledge will help prevent any occurrence of loss and measuring the advertisement’s effectiveness is crucial as it assists in ensuring quality, reliability, effectiveness at the same time.

References for Advertising Campaign

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