Service Management For Tourism And Hospitality

Table of Contents

Executive summary


Operating Strategy

Service Blueprint

Service Delivery System

Service employee management

Quality management measures



Executive Summary of Strategic Service Vision

The purpose of this report is to give an idea about the management, human resource, and service providing management of organization Travel Safe. Travel safe is an agency that works on providing service to clients. It works on providing a safe travel experience that would compel the clients to choose the agency again. To provide an elaborate concept of the working of the different sections of the agency, the report is divided into five sections. Each section of the intervention will go through the customer's expectations and the impacts it puts on them. All the departments of quality checks are interrelated and they influence each other. The five subparts systematically will evaluate the demands of clients and how it affects them. The strategy of operation emphasizes the standardized outcome of the service in line with Heskett’s theory of service quality measurement. The service blueprint provided in the report will look at the process followed while working. It also works to identify the points in which failure might occur and also implement necessary steps to avoid the mishaps that can occur. Customer’ feedback will also be included. The delivery of service and operating system are linked together and it influences the market value of the company. The last two sections will look into employees’ efficiency in delivering the service. They are employee management and quality management respectively. Their thorough training and mentoring will brush up their skills from time to time. The process will also include rewards and incentives to increase motivation and positivity.

Introduction to Strategic Service Vision

The following report is a continuation of the working of Travel Safe. In these interventions, the concepts are elaborated with strategies used in the operation, manpower, and marketing tactics. It also elaborates on how all of the elements discussed here affect the customer and their expectations. The analysis is achieved by dividing the report into five sections: analyzing the operating unit, blueprint, delivery of the service, management of the staff, and measures to analyze the quality service. All sections are into how all aspects affect their satisfaction and feedback interrelated and influences the relation of the customer. All the parts have a special focus related to the customer of the Travel Safe and also look after the environment of the working staff to provide satisfaction to them while serving the organization. It also covers the requirements of the manpower working for the agency. The utilities required for the efficient working of the organization must be taken into consideration for overall assessment.

Operating Strategy

According to the Heskett framework, the service chain builds a relationship between profit, customer loyalty, and satisfaction. The model proposed by him states that gain and growths are connected by the loyalty of the customer. It is the outcome of the satisfied customer. Customer satisfaction is based on the services provided to customers that are only possible by employees who are content, loyal. While evaluating, it is discovered that the service encounters and product help in bringing positive feelings among the staff.

From an operator’s point of view, it is important to achieve customers’ positive attributes and content in a way by which the service provided brings profit. Travel Safe identifies itself as one of the safest and pocket-friendly service companies. It propagates to provide safe and secure hotels while touring. To ensure safe transactions of money, the organization uses an online mode of payments for the services. The organization also takes care that the ratings provided for the hotels and homestays are credible. It also works during the season of traveling targeting the customers so that it benefits the organization as well as the customer in providing class services. The amount of online bookings is checked and limiting the number of bookings for certain time periods manages the rush so that the portals of the organization do not hang or tend to compromise in providing the services. Additionally, efficient staffing levels ensure that minimum all sections of the organization are covered and the customer’s queries regarding the tour are fulfilled.

Back of house marketing management for Travel Safe, the organization follows recent trends and use of social media to enhance communication and forming connections with the clients. The social Channels are utilized for promotion and also connecting with the tourists for instant feedback on hotels, homestays, and other services provided by the company. However, the main criteria of marketing are the relationship with human resources. Therefore it is essential that the right people with the right character and knowledge must be hired. They must have the proper capacity to deal with stress. Further concepts of the blueprint, delivering the service, and staff management are discussed in the mentioned parts of this report. To measure and assess the efficiency of the staff, customers are always asked to provide feedback through surveys that are done online. The grading are done for the measuring efficacy of the types of services provided while conversing on the phone and other aspects are measured according to the ratings. The calculative data obtained from these results help out with qualitative marking of service quality. According to Herington and Weaven, the customer occupies the first position in whatever field of management is engaged. Therefore, the customer forms the most important part of the business. The group must always aim to provide quality services to the customer without any discrepancies(Herington and Weaven, 2009).

Service Blueprint

Action 1

Choosing of the destination

Conversion with the travel agents

To avoid failures

Action 2

Booking of the flights or rail tickets

Booking it via agents of the organizations

Travel insurance provided for trekkers

Action 3

Booking of the hotels or homestays

Bookings are done through the agents in the hotels.

Certified drivers to be provided for road trips

Action 4

Bookings of the drivers or cars for traveling in the city

Bookings are done via agency using contacts from hotels

Good rating hotels and homestays must be provided in keeping the safety of the customers.

The above blueprint is an overview of the working of Travel safe. The first act will include making reservations for the service that the customer wants. It will include choosing the destination. The next action that would take place is booking the flight or rail tickets for the trips. It will be followed by booking the hotels or homestays. Tourists interested in national reserves have to book slots for visiting the reserves.

The payment process of the customers has to be completed online. The payment is done as soon as the confirmation is done. The failure which is to be looked for is the possibility of avoiding circumstances which can lead to cancellation of the service provided by the agency.

Service Delivery System

Travel Safe is a travel agency working on the requirements of people who are in love with traveling. The organization tries to provide high-grade services so that the tourists experience a memorable visit and the visit encourages them to revisit the organization again for tourism purposes. The facilities that are provided include

A tour guide is very important in tourism. The tour guides are the person who guides the tourist in order to help them in their new destination. The tour guides based on the specific country are to be provided by the organization.

The facility for reservation of tickets is an important part of the travel agency. The reservation via online mode helps in the reduction of manual labor creating systematic ways of booking the seats as per requirements of the customer.

There are some locations where traveling by road is always a better option. The drivers are provided by the agency for that purpose. The provision for providing drivers is very necessary because the drivers of the particular place are well aware of the nook and cranny of the towns and cities they reside in. The drivers help the tourist enjoy the service stress-free making customer satisfaction at a high level.

Another major attraction for the tourists is Game Reserves. The agency provides game guards according to area-specific. The game guards who patrol around the forest and reserves also provide to the tourists who are interested in seeing animals and birds closely in their natural habitat.

These are the backbone of the services of the Travel Safe organization. With these certain features and steps, the agency tries to ensure customer satisfaction and make sure that the customers feel that they are being provided at the same level of attention in all prospects. To take care of all the customers, the first come first serve service has been implemented. This makes time management better by avoiding miscommunication to be formulated among the customers(Escobar Rivera et al., 2019)

The working staff can also work hassle-free when there is the least confusion in booking and confirming spots by the tourists. The plans and itineraries are put up to the customers through online mode and further discussion on it is done via a telephone call.

Service Employee Management

Customer service has been studied for a long and has an important role to play in the success of an organization. The service and the gain margins concepts the excellent service that helps in gaining success. It also explained how service personnel is attributed to providing customer satisfaction and advantages in a competitive world. According to Solnet et al., especially in the travel agency, the service providers are the ones with whom the customers communicate and negotiate their demands(Solnet et al., 2010).

The other services provided by the agency also relies on the conversation between the customer and the service provider. Suchánek and Králová in their journal indicate that a business always brings gain when its employees show loyalty to the company. The loyalty factor plays an important role in bringing profits and benefits to the organization(Suchánek and Králová, 2019). This loyalty motives to work with positive zeal and further, it enriches the quality of service. Therefore, it is essential that an organization increases motivation in employees, which helps in maintaining good confidence within the workplace. While hiring staff for the travel agency, the certain traits in the personalities are looked for is confidence and being presentable and polite in their words that help in building positive relations within themselves as well as the customer(Harvard Business Review, 2016).

Listening to the individual needs of the staff working for the agency is also very important in building relationships and promoting loyalty. Studies suggest that employee satisfaction plays a primary role in helping companies achieve financial goals (Koys, 2003).

Michel et al. examined the relationship between supportive workplace practices and service providers’ abilities to deliver the best quality customer service. Human resources management practices, including continuous professional development and having the right training, are responsible for creating both the employee and the guest experience fruitfully. (Michel et al., 2013)

Quality Management Measures

The key to the business's success is customer satisfaction. There are many suggested models for Service Quality measurement. The most used one is the SERVQUAL. It is a defined tool, which can help managers to identify the gaps between variables affecting the quality of the offering services. According to Ghotbabadi and his team, this model is extensively used by marketing researchers and scientists(Ghotbabadi et al.,2015).

It is known to all that evaluating quality of service is more complex, because it is intangible, and has a multifaceted nature of the delivery. The concept of SERVQUAL identified five prospects for examining service quality: tangibility, being reliable, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy(Datta and Vardhan, 2017). The gap in the evaluation model indicates various gaps between services that are expected with that of what is received. Five points are identified that are to be taken care of while making sure that the customer is satisfied. From the service blueprint, it is essential that customer expectations need to constantly be met, for that reason Travel Safe must use the model to identify what the customers are expecting and measures by which the expectations can be met.

The first gap which was identified is the extensive form of market research for providing the services. The gap can be filled by using the manpower and feedback from the public on the issue. The feedback can be done through technologies like mobile phones or on the websites of the company.

The second gap which was discovered was the initiation of training for the staff and regular mentoring. The regular strategies mentioned ensuring that the staff members are aware of the standards and norms followed by the company. For motivation, the staff of the agency can be awarded or given the incentive that will motivate them in a positive direction. Regular feedback from the staff to their managers is also important. It measures the efficiency of the training process and also helps in clearing the loopholes.

The third area which is looked for was an assurance that all the dimensions are being assessed or nit. The assessment will ensure that all the employees are responsible for their respective areas of departments. Their positive actions will put positive results on people and the negative ones will have negative effects.

Promotion and marketing are the fourth sides which are to be looked out for. The marketing of tourism in specific seasons attracts clients. The marketing has to be done keeping the type of crowd that has to be attracted. That can also include budgets, itineraries, and specific age groups.

Finally, the most important point to be assessed is the customer. The customer’s point of view in choosing destinations our services have to be understood at an individual level. The type of hotels required, or the locations and even the financial norms of the client must be addressed.

Conclusion on Strategic Service Vision

The report was made to present the points that affect the experiences and satisfaction of the customers by presenting the operational, human resource, and marketing group of Travel Safe. It is important for the team looking after each and every department to understand that each one of the area’s working has to be measured in connection to the others and that all evaluations and observations made indicate the holistic development of the organization. Therefore, to interpret the effects of expectations and satisfaction of the customer, it is important to go through all aspects of the operational team, staff of the agency, and marketing team and an evaluation of how each department of the agency affects the customer respectively.

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