Requirements Engineering

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Executive summary



Importance of requirements engineering

Key process and performance requirements



Executive Summary of Requirements Engineering

Information technology is playing a crucial role in the business and entrepreneur field nowadays with a high range of applications. Mobile phones and tablets are effortless for use, and we can visit the web site and e-commerce applications whenever necessary. The methodology in the study is based on real-life reviews and analysis of new proposed systems. Requirements for the E-commerce system proposed could be handled in mobile phones, computers, and tablets, which functions with the internet. This system can handle multiple clients.E commerce facility help in gaining new customers based on search engine visibility; they can eliminate time and cost of traveling. We can get all details and specifications of the products online.

Keywords : - business,entrepreneur,tablet,mobile phones,E commerce system

Introduction to Requirements Engineering

With the advancement of internet and mobile applications, e-commerce website and applications have significant growth in business sectors. Medium and small scale industries are substantial contributors to the country's economy. Particular E-commerce websites and apps are the major factors contributing the business development. Proper planning and management measures shall be ensured in developing an e-commerce website or application to ensure a maximum profit in an organization. Key elements of the business shall be analyzed and resolved at the requirement stage. We research the required techniques and propose our new methods about the requirement of software development and E-commerce website development. Based on their functions, elements can be classified as functional, nonfunctional, and business requirements.

Aim :

The main aim is to propose the requirement document for the development of E-commerce website and application for XYZ Pvt ltd in hardware and paint cart. 

Objective : -

The main objective is to suggest the various requirements in favor of the development of an E-commerce website and online shopping cart by XYZ Pvt ltd for selling hardware and paints. Administrators can view, edit, and remove the products as well if checked and notice any problems associated with the products.

Credentials Required : -

The first credentials involve defining and managing an SME organization.

First credentials involve ordinary people, the public, advertisers, administrators, and operators (Veronica et al.,2014).

Credentials are tabulated as follows.



Public people

Browsing and searching for essential tools and paints.


They can add , edit and view list of items.


Retailers can browse on conditions, order and track status. They can post comments on orders, receive personalized messages and email.

Sales Representative

They can verify orders and post delivery of items.

Purchasing and Inventory Manager

Produce report on orders , manage stocks.

Marketing manager

They can post new adds regarding products.

The case study mentioned here is research conducted by Veronica S.Moertini, Suhok, Silvania Heriyanto, and Criswanto D.Nugroho named “Requirement analysis method of e-commerce websites development for small-medium enterprises, Case study: Indonesia” which was published in the journal International Journal of Software Engineering in the year 2014.

Importance of Requirements Engineering

Here we have to follow a set of instructions, and they are as follows. Only after a thorough analysis of key elements and market opportunity, the business objective risks and criteria are formulated. It is essential to study the market feasibility and competitive environment. The Similar website involved in selling paints can be searched. Features that are not available on a similar site may be studied. Its nature and applicability may be ensured after proper research. It is necessary to manage all posts from users.

The significant steps of analyzing requirements for an E-commerce website includes problem identification, resolving, defining project objective scope, and risk and designing SME organization, Formulation of business rules, and components of requirements. The Internet can be used as a secure method to advertise paints and products. Some of the factors that should be kept in mind are proper layout and design of the website, the authenticity of banking operations and advanced searching features, etc.(Veronica et al.,2014)

Mobile phones and tablets are used by more than half of the world's people, and it's becoming more popular. Marketing of these products can be done through social media as most people spend time on social media and entertainment sites. Merchants can select and purchase the items based on different specifications, and payment may be made through authorized banking platforms. Major risks involved here is difficulty in determining the users and payment through online (Saat ,2011).

Web browsers and operating systems environment shall be

  • Microsoft windows 7
  • Android Oxygen operating systems
  • IOS operating systems
  • Google chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

The USERS' characteristics may be that The members shall have a basic knowledge about computers and mobile application interfaces like google play or apple store. Users are aware of small problems in mobile phones as well as windows opera tings systems like hanging, crashing, etc. The users shall acquire users' manual guides and online help. The above discussed are the advantages of a proper requirement technique is adopted. Some of the disadvantages and constraints are addressed as follows.


If a proper requirement management system is not adopted, it may affect the business's overall credibility if a proper study is conducted regarding each sector's requirements. It will help in the progression and development of the company with better client management technology. Constraints to be analyzed here are such that : -

  • All information shall be stored on the website/ app as an online shopping system,
  • The online system shall function 24 hours a day.
  • The application shall work in all systems/computers with basic specifications and an internet connection.
  • The transaction parameters used for the online transaction shall be in safe and secure environments.
  • The users shall be entitled to user credentials and passwords.


  • Users shall have a common knowledge of computer interfaces and applications.
  • The computer/desktop/mobile phone may have excellent connection capabilities.
  • Users shall have a standard command on English language.

Key Process and Performance Requirements

Objectives : -

The system shall be available 24 hours with satisfaction to the user’s all three sixty-five days. The mean time failure is such that it may be established to fail only once in three sixty-five days. Even a system failure is observed, it shall be rectified within one hour. The system shall be entirely reliable for all its requirements. 

Business requirements :

Users for the application may include different age people, and they should have proper command over the computer and mobile application technologies. They shall be aware of small problems with the internet connection, system specification, etc. Here it requires mainly how the organization is implementing the particular system.(rafter ,2007).

Functional requirements : -

The information should be revised every two minutes and could be downloaded within one minute in an appropriate modem. The system shall be responded and upgraded every two minutes, however possible. The capacity of the order shall be such that around 300 users could be accessed at a time. All users shall be provided with proper login capabilities. The application/web site shall be compatible with all computers and mobile phones. The system shall be such that it may be used under HTML or its advanced technologies. Users shall be familiar with web browsers; it may be self-explanatory. The system shall be functioning under internet protocol and transmission control protocol. The system shall support all information security, and it shall be maintained under a contract period time. The standards of development codes and conventions shall be under relevant rules. Here reliability, response time, and storage requirements are to be considered.

Non Functional requirements includes : -

Intel core 2 duo specification and two GB ram, with windows 7 for server and intel Pentium iv or equitant processor and one GB ram with windows XP from client-side. Intel Celeron or a similar specified system may be used for clustering purposes. Specific soft-wares like Norton antivirus or similar may be installed to be safe from viruses. All users shall be adequately authenticated before they log in for the job purpose.

The online job portal should have a trademark may only be used with the help of consent from the authority. The usage and licensing requirements are restricted only to XYZ Pvt ltd start-up company, which signs the maintenance contract from the technical department. Standards to be followed are as per ISO 6592, which recommends the guidelines and suggestions for computer and similar based application systems, that should support and shall comply with all international standards. Software language used may be preferably java and HTML for online portal systems. Online systems for libraries and information systems on the internet may be installed. Java beans may be used as a development tool for the application.JSP based servlets may be considered an online library server option.

Out put of process : -

All specifications shall be provided online, which are required to assist the user. The nature of the system shall be innovative, combining aspects of operation and organization, including technical and content writings. The user manual should be easily accessible from users' end, and if additional help is required, it can be assisted with the influence of chatbots. A readme file may including listing the terms and conditions and other parameters needed for the assistance. A system license shall be purchased for the various products in application. The software interface may utilize softwares like SQL, Photoshop, etc. HTTP protocol will be used for communication purposes.

 Requirement elicitation techniques include observation, interviews, questionnaires, studying similar cases, and prototyping. Firstly it is required to observe the various requirements of an organization that is needed. The constraints observed processes analyzed shall be adequately sorted, and then a requirement draft may be provided indicating its nature and possible solution. Here as its an online shopping system on the web, it's necessary to check system hardware and software options and user characteristics and administration server parameters. In the interview technique, it is essential to know the appropriate users and establish information and procedures.

Some of the interview questions are as follows : -

What products are recently purchase?

Which is the company that you prefer for paints?

What is the purpose of the purchase?

These are the five elicitation techniques addressed, which are to effectively taken into consideration for the secure handling of an online shopping system. Management techniques shall be only selected by having a look with similar incidents and case studies. The scenario may be different as the nature of business changes and various methods to be identified and followed as the scenario changes. A similar case study helps in identifying the significant constraints of web development. Prototyping can help in getting details regarding uncertainty. Here early feedback from stockholders is required in advance.

Conclusion on Requirements Engineering

The success of an organization is always the success of the methods proposed in managing the business. In an E-commerce system success is still depending on organizational and enterprise factors. Effective SME management helps in business success. If SME management is poor, it directly reflects on the overall business. Customization can be made if necessary. All the activities may be prioritized on the nature of the application. The activities may be properly sequenced at the beginning stage, and any deviations may be prioritized as risk or contingencies. With the use of mobile technology and the internet, users are easily able to review different products. The shopping system is maintained for people of all ages. Internet technology adopted is a simple technique, and it could be easily accessed from users' phones. 

References for Requirements Engineering

Veronica S.Moertini,Suhok,Silvania Heriyanto and Criswanto D.Nugroho,”Requirement analysis method of e commerce websites development for small medium enterprises, Case study : Indonesia,International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications(IJSEA),Vol5,No2,March2014.DOI :10.5121/ijsea.2014.520

Saat NM Singh.”Assessing suitability of candidates for profiling report”,Electrical engineering and informatics (ICEEI),2011 International conferece pp 1-6.

Rafter Bradley & Smyth (2000).”Perzonlized retrieval for online recruitment services”, proceedings of 22 nd Annual Colloqium on Information Retrieval.

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