Business Capstone Project



Reflection on the subject.

Knowledge of health monitoring systems.

Stakeholder’s knowledge.

Setting business goal leadership.

Reflections on assessments.

Business proposal




Introduction to Responsive Leadership Intervention

In MBA, capstone projects are assigned to improve critical thinking and solving complex problems. Furthermore, the project helps to improve the skills and decisions making abilities of a student. The subject has helped me in enhancing my communication skills, adaptive thinking skills, collaboration skills, and many more. This project also helped me to prioritize and organize things in the most effective manner. In addition, the subject has helped me seeing the patterns and classifying the information and data according to the requirements of the problem. It has also helped me in enhancing my knowledge of different areas, diverse cultures, different opinions, and belief systems. In addition, the project has also involved practical research and theories which are necessary for the overall development of a student. The project gave me a chance to explore the current conditions of the health systems in Australia. Initially, I was not aware of the issues that are affecting the overall health systems but now the factors that decrease the capability of our health sector. The main aim of this project is to present a reflection on the process and experiences related to the business capstone project.

Reflection on the Subject

I believe that the capstone projects are specially designed to help us study the subject in detail which guides us with the various future scopes in the specific field. The project offered new opportunities and responsibilities to make us more responsible. During the following days of the week, I was learning about the research and theories that are necessary for understanding different issues and projects. The project was based on a specific topic that helps us to understand the different concepts (McKeever, 2016). This makes us more responsible and dedicated to work and more time-conscious so as to stick to the deadlines. I believe that the completion of search projects post self-confidence and help us alone the value of our efforts. The particular purpose project is to provide different skills likes leadership skills, self-discovery networking and effective time management. Also, the presentation was very helpful in presenting the ideas in front of everyone.

The very first lesson I have learned from this course is time management. Time management is one of the best approaches for completing the tasks in the stipulated time frame (Sainz, Ferrero & Ugidos, 2019). I believe that time management is one of the most effective skills as it gave an opportunity to attain the predetermined goals in the most effective manner. Time management is about prioritizing things and developing a plan that allows balance, productivity, and creativity to flourish. The reason that I think we are sometimes late for meetings or an event is that our life is not balanced. Therefore the project has helped to understand the value of time management. With the help of this project, I was able to manage different tasks in the most effective manner. An unpredictable schedule has presented various difficulties with balancing projects and other matters together (McKenzie & Sansone, 2019). However, my lecturer also helped to manage and understand the project. I came to know that research and evaluations were the most complicated parts of this project. My idea was to gain an understanding of the system that can provide effective supervision to the patients living in remote areas. Furthermore, I was not sure about the consistency of these systems. In addition, intensive research was required to understand and gain information about the role and effectiveness of the new system. I also faced some difficulties in understanding new aspects related to the healthcare system. With the help of effective research and information, I become familiar with new ideas and concepts (Divine & Zachry, 2018).

Knowledge of Health Monitoring Systems

Healthcare was an important part of my research project. Furthermore, the project gave me an opportunity to identify the factors that affect the effectiveness of healthcare systems. During this phase, I was a bit confused as I was not able to identify the factors that influence the effectiveness of healthcare systems. In addition, I also gained huge knowledge about marketing and sales in the MBA course. With the help of necessary support and guidance, I was able to answer questions like what is the target market? What is the problem associated with this project? How new ideas help in resolving the issue? These answers helped in making the project more effective and comprehensive. After extensive research and evaluation, I was able to create a remote health monitoring system that can improve the current condition of healthcare (Groves, Grootenboer, & Ronnerman, 2016). I have developed this idea to increase the consistency and quality of care so that healthcare systems can provide necessary care to patients during covid19.

In addition, my views have changed in nursing from this course. When we started discussing the factors in class I felt overwhelmed and was so anxious about the unknown the intensity and the expectations of the course. Fortunately, the professor engaged individually with me and provided encouragement and motivation (Janeslätt, Holmqvist, White & Holmefur, 2018). I also received support from the clinical setting which helps me to become more confident and increase the ability to finish the project. Initially, I was not aware of the fact that the Healthcare systems were not capable enough to provide effective treatment to the patient suffering from COVID-19. I did extensive Research and found that the current Healthcare system requires a remote health monitoring system in order to provide effective health care to the students. It has given me an understanding of what the typical Healthcare system looks like. Dealing with time management is difficult for each individual. Personally, I cut down my work hours work overtime when I am not behind with other responsibilities and receive extra help from my tutors. Now I have understood that it will help in improving overall knowledge. The consideration I came to know that a pandemic highly influence the operations of a system. I invested my time in researching and analyzing the different new concepts so that I can develop the most effective and appropriate project. With the help of necessary guidance and support, I was able to develop a good project. I have also used my past experience to understand and reflect on different key areas. Now I have also understood that lecturers and stakeholders play a crucial role in improving overall outcomes of a project. I believe that the capstone project gave an opportunity to improve and enhance the learning experience (Jaarsma, Riegel & Strömberg, 2017). I think that the knowledge and skills will help me to develop effective long term goals for the future. Now I can learn and manage different complex projects within the deadline. I believe that this project gave me a chance to explore different ethical solutions for a problem.

Stakeholder’s Knowledge

With the help of this subject, I gained good knowledge about the stakeholder. Project development requires an input of different stakeholders. I believe that tutors play a major role in defining different course components that are considered relevant. I came to know that the identification of stakeholders is one of the most important parts of any project. The recommendations made by the stakeholders help to realize the outcomes of the project. The involvement of stakeholders helps to improve the overall objectives of the project in the most effective manner. I have also understood that the stakeholders can influence the overall objectives of the project. The project also taught me the importance of stakeholders in any project (Ertug & Faydali, 2018). Initially, I had a little knowledge about the role and importance of stakeholders but now I understand that they play a major role in improving the overall outcomes of the project. Our lecturer also said that it is highly crucial to identify the primary and secondary stakeholders. One of the major challenges for me is to understand and identify the stakeholders for my project. My project is highly inclined towards the healthcare system so it becomes necessary to understand who the major stakeholders for this project are. I believe that stakeholders play an imperative role in enhancing the overall effectiveness of the project. My tutor also helped me to identify the most important stakeholders of the project.

Setting Business Goal Leadership

According to me, the topic selection was one of the easiest parts of this project. I believe that the success of a project depends on the deadline and timeline. It is important that you reflect on this process to determine any lessons to be learned from you as a leader and manager. However, I faced difficulties as I did not find major information about the target market innovations in the Healthcare system. One of the major components of a project is to develop a feasible goal in order to accomplish the desired outcomes in the most effective manner. I believe that it is important to make an effective plan in order to achieve the outcomes in the desired time frame. With the help of effective planning and time management students can avoid unnecessary burden and stress. I believe that leadership plays an important role in motivating the team and providing the right guidance to achieve the objectives in the most effective manner. Furthermore, the tutor also encourages us to perform well. I find out that leadership plays a major role in providing necessary guidance and improving the overall objectives. With the help of necessary guidance, individuals can improve their skills and knowledge. With the help of this project, I understand the value of leadership. The leadership styles of a person influence the overall working capabilities of students (Arifin & Ikhfan, 2018). I came to know that I am capable of motivating others. During this project, I also motivate and encourage others as they were facing some issues. I believe that effective leadership helps to motivate others to attain the objectives.

 However, I feel there are many things to improve and I am confident that I will be able to incorporate these changes in my next project. After the selection of a suitable topic, I was able to explore some of the new things. I came to know a pandemic can affect the overall healthcare system. The project gave me an opportunity to design an effective and innovative system (Jolles, 2017). During the initial stages, I was not confident enough to resolve the issue of an effective Healthcare system in remote areas. However, the other assessments were useful in developing a base for designing the most effective and useful project for dealing with the issues that are influencing the capabilities of the health care systems in Australia (Ocak & Boyraz, 2016). I also believe that this project plays a crucial role in improving my decision-making skills. In this project, we have to decide a suitable topic so I have selected a project related to Healthcare. I did extensive research to make a meaningful project.

Reflections on Assessments

Business Proposal

The initial part of the business proposal focuses on selecting a topic (Derakhshan, Turner & Mancini, 2019). I was very excited about this part as my tutor allowed us to make a proposal on any suitable topic. My business proposal was based on a remote health monitoring system. I have selected this topic because I want to explore the current factors that affect the operations of the overall healthcare system. In addition, I came to know that pandemics highly influence the operations of the healthcare system. My major motive of creating a remote health monitoring is to detect the symptoms and reduce the premature death of patients living in remote areas (Emden & Becker, 2016). I was highly engaged with this topic as it helps to identify the current problem. However, I faced some difficulty in developing a system that can improve the operations of healthcare during covid19.

 Initially, I was not aware of the role of business proposals but now I understand that business proposals play a highly crucial role in providing excellence to the individuals. Business proposals are highly effective as it includes all the necessary elements like project details cost timelines as well as the conclusion. With the help of business proposals, individuals can understand the step-by-step procedure required to create an effective solution for the business (Pleschová, 2020). I also believe that the different aspects like financial aspects cost and communication with stakeholders helps to make the project more meaningful. The involvement and participation of necessary stakeholders help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any business proposal. 


Another important aspect of this project was the presentation. Furthermore, the presentation was highly effective in improving my communication and public speaking skills. In addition, the activity helped to boost my confidence. However, it was one of the most challenging parts for me. My lecturer also helped me to understand different aspects so that I can present my views in a clear and confident manner. I do believe that the most challenging part of the presentation was creating a meaningful story through an effectual framework. I find it very complex when I have a lot to share but do not know how to properly convey my message in a logical order. The most surprising aspect of my presentation was that I used a lot of facial expressions (Nylén & Isomöttönen, 2017). I do believe that improvements are required in order to present the message in an effective manner. I believe that my speech was good enough to keep the audience engaged and interested in the topic. Now I have understood that eye contact, posture, and hand gestures play a vital role in improving the presentation of an individual. Overall, I came to know that my strength includes the ability to speak without feeling nervous. I find that the major areas of improvement could be effective engagement with the audience, using fewer facial gestures, and make appropriate pauses.

Conclusion on Responsive Leadership Intervention

It has been concluded from the overall analysis that the capstone project helps to enhance the overall skills and experience of an individual. The assessments play an imperative role in improving the necessary skills. I was able to improve my communication skills through the class presentation. However, I was nervous and stressed as the capstone project was complex and lengthy. Now I understand that these projects help to improve our understanding of different topics. It is necessary to develop realistic goals in order to attain the objectives in the most effective manner. With the help of a capstone project, students can enhance their skills and knowledge in order to attain future objectives. I have gained thorough knowledge and information about the projects that provide the necessary skills in order to succeed in the future. I believe that this project plays a major role in enhancing self-confidence and providing skills in the most effective manner. It has also been identified that these projects help in encouraging and motivating the students to attain their future goals and objectives.

Reference for Responsive Leadership Intervention

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