Dynamic Leadership

Table of Contents


Executive Summary.

Recent Role in Organization.

Key Aspects of Leadership Journey.


Key Feedback.

Implications of Feedback.

Conceptual Framework.



Introduction to Performance Improvement Integration

The study discusses dynamic leadership and gives reflection up on self-growth and building of self-awareness as a manager or leader of a particular team. Here the reflection has been given upon self-leadership growth strategy (Harley, 2016). Here in this study, I needed to develop my leadership strategy and the capacity to influence other members of the group and also inspires others in an organization for making the team project to be successful. There is a discussion that has been established regarding my current function, responsibilities, and the challenges that had been faced by me in this organization. Here I required to give the info about the key aspects regarding my leadership journey, crating my self-reputation, and the influential aspects towards leadership development. Here the outcomes of the themes which is given by Gallup and its utilization also provided by me (Elwick & Cannizzaro, 2017). Key feedback points upon my recent leadership and implications of the feedback are also discussed in this report. A conceptual theory that explained and clarify my experiences and the feedbacks also discussed.

Executive Summary of Performance Improvement Integration

I, as a group leader, need to explore and do self-development for building self-awareness in this study. Here I informed about my current role, important aspects regarding my leadership or managing journey, the way I created my image and make a place as an effective team leader, the feedback which I got from other individuals, and the implication of those feedback in making the plan to be effective.

Recent Role in Organization

It is my responsibility to perform all the functions as a group leader for achieving the main goals. I have to focus and deal with the matters at the current time (Zhou, Liu & Xin, 2020). My main role to observe the problems which can arise for regulating the operations and also in between the participants. It is necessary to know the current situation and act according to those circumstances. If any new issues emerged or observed then it is important to identify the reason behind those issues and take appropriate action concerning those matters. It is also essential to motivate the members of the groups with time and situation (Su & Zhang, 2020). It is also required to know the views and feedback of the individuals who were involved in the matters and proceeds with taking measures regarding that and aids in the problem and requirements concerning the plan's strategy and operations. 

Key Aspects of Leadership Journey

It is known that I am leading my team now as a team leader. I have to provide instruction, guidance, and direction to the member of my team or the individuals and together we have to achieve our main goal at which we are working. I had to face several challenges to become an effective leader. It took too many affords for being a good team leader. I had to consider the strength and weaknesses of my team members and the works on which we were dealing and according to that, I needed to motivate them and work on those purposes (Newman, 2018). Previously I was told by my teacher that I have possessed all the qualities of an effective and good leader as per his advice I considered his advice and it helped me to understand my self-image as a leader and I started developing my leadership quality (Chung & Kong, 2016). So when I started to act as a team leader then I had to focus on several things such as – developing a strategy that was used to achieve the goal, Communication was taken place for providing clear instruction to my team members, listening to the feedback which was given by my group members, updating of reports with time, providing training or advice to the members as needed to give them, and many other work or efforts were given by me for making a place of an effective leader in front of every participant and also in the organization.


I had completed the Gallup Strengths Finder leadership style which comprises m with so many qualities and added some extra skills in me which helped me to become a skilled leader. I have the quality of strategic thinking which includes – analytical, context, futuristic, ideation, input, intellection, learner, and strategic, which raised my thinking ability and made me capable of being a team leader (Phan & Wright, 2016). I also possess relationship-building strategies such as adaptability, connectedness, developer, empathy, harmony, include, individualization, positivity, and relator and these supported me so much for operating or taking any action regarding my work. I have influencing capacity including activator, command, communication, competition, maximizer, self-assurance, significance, and woo. I have a unique personality which comprises with achiever, arranger, belief, consistency, deliberative, discipline, focus, responsibility, and restoration (Solovida & Latan, 2017). Earlier I had the quality of operative leader which was I known and felt by my teacher after that I started noticing my behavior and personality concerning the statement of my teacher which was stated me earlier about my personality, then started considering o leadership quality and also started to develop that quality by learning and knowing the leadership style of the "Gallup Strength Finder". As a group leader, it was my responsibility and duty to manage the team or act as a manager also for managing and taking care of every activity within my team. I had to recognize the work and to make a plan to accomplish the task. I also acted as a communicator for knowing and taking information about the positive and negative side of my group, so that I could motivate them and work on that portion. It was also important for keeping the path of and structuring of several works, documents, and participants.

Key Feedback

It is stated here that the feedback for the leader or the manager by the participants or team members, and any other sources would help the team leader to work on the loopholes or needed things which is important to recover and reform for getting the good result of their work. The feedbacks that are taken from the member were related to the managing function of the leader to his team, the area where he not taking proper care or not able to recognize the issue and requirements according to the kinds of stuff (Watkins, Fehr & He, 2019). The key feedback includes – the necessary things that were vital for the persons of that team, the kind of support or help which is needed to the persons, essential needs to each up to goals, any mistake or fault that is unintentionally done by the leader. The changes or requirements which will give more productive results and some other feedback which was more helpful and can provide an effective outcome in comparison to previous results, Theses feedbacks or the views of group individuals can play an important role in approaching the primary goals and for producing effective report or outcome of their efforts.

Implications of Feedback

Receiving feedback from the team members or any dissimilar source is not always a good or pleasant experience. It can be possible to get fair feedback from the team if the leader was more open-minded and making effective communication with its team members. This will help us to get exact information about our work or any fault regarding the work in these ways. I considered the reviews or the feedback which I got from my team as it would help me very much as the motive of giving the feedback by the persons is to see reformation regarding some area of the work or operation which is done by me or any leader (Montelongo, 2019). After receiving feedback, I usually take few minutes to discuss up that and identify the requirements which is important for it and which step is needed to take for dealing with the matters that are known by team members; feedback. After knowing the facts it is very crucial to take action upon that matter and implements it according to the reviews. I took care of the things due to which the team individual was worried about and in which portion they wanted to see changes. By observing it also considered the things that which is vital to change and which step is needed for implementing concerning feedback.

There are some important things also known by getting feedback those are what is happening in our project work, what is the problem that is stopping us from approaching the goals, what are the loopholes of our work system, and many other important facts come out by getting the review of the participants. The implementation has been taken place by the receiving feedbacks and implementation can be done by recognizing the strength and also the weakness of the strategy of the leaders' work system and then work according to that feedback will help to be successful in approaching the main aim in the future. It is needed to know or take knowledge about the team member's necessity and which kinds of helps they want for their accomplishing the works. Different types of help and requirements of different individuals of the team were also crucial to be known by the leader so that he implements or do something for them and which is only possible by getting correct feedback regarding the subject matters.

Conceptual Framework

The study discusses leadership development, the way of thinking and behaving according to my position as a leader, and how could I made an effective position and image in front of other members or any other individual (O’Shannassy, 2017). The main aim of this study to give effects on the qualities and developing skills of the leader. The affective qualities which are needed within a good leader are – self-aware, authentic, strategic, culturally sensitive, initiators of change, emotionally intelligent, values are driven, influential, and supporting of innovation and creativity, resilient and optimistic, and some other qualities. I gave the information which is related to my leadership journey, my thinking capacity, the strategies which I used to accomplish the project, the way I motivate other and my influencing techniques, developing of cultural sensitivity, recognizing the issues by taking feedback from other sources or team individuals, and working on the project concerning the comment of the persons (Zinko & Rubin, 2015). According to an article which was given by Elkins, and Keller publication had been occurred dealing with particular issues concerning Self, Identify, and Leadership. The main intention of this particular issue was to recognize the role or function of identity in leadership and self-image in leadership effectiveness. The presentation had been established regarding the conceptual framework and reviewing of the empirical literature up on leadership into the growth and research organization. By the finding of this study, it was known that the project leader or team leader who also gave efforts in making good relation with the members and set up effective communication was helped him to motivate the individual of his team in better ways and also establishment of leader-member exchange relationship which is of high quality and would also help to make the project successful.

Conclusion on Performance Improvement Integration

`The report reflected upon the personal development of a team leader. The study explains the current function, the issues, or the challenges which were faced by a leader regarding his or her work. The discussion occurred about the duties and responsibilities of mine acted as an organizational team leader. In this report, it is also informed that how I completed my leadership journey including the fact such as how I influenced to become a team leader, what situations influenced me for developing leadership skills, and many more things. Here the summary of the given report also provides and discusses the leadership style that was followed by me. Some important feedbacks and its importance were given in this paper. The implications of those feedbacks are also provided in this paper. The study concluded by discussing the theory or the conceptual framework and it will explain the experiences of my journey and also the feedbacks.

Reference for Performance Improvement Integration

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