Managing Sustainable Change



Critical analysis of Sustainability issue.

Change meta-model

Change management tools.



Introduction to Grill’d Burger Change Analysis

The cases are about Grill’d Restaurant which was founded in 2004 by Simon Crowe Simon McNamara and Geoff Bainbridge. Grill'd is one of Australia's most gainful fast-food chain selling more than 20 million burgers each year. The annual turnover of the company is 370 million dollars. The company has always focused on providing premium burgers in order to differentiate its products from its competitors. It has been identified that sustainability practices are positively linked with the performance of restaurants' brand image. In addition, the company has market itself as a strong commitment to sustainable waste management and has engaged in various system ability initiatives that promote on its corporate websites and stores. 

Critical Analysis of Sustainability Issue

Food production and consumption can both have a positive or negative influence on the environment. Therefore it is necessary to analyze the effect of activities that are affecting the overall sustainability efforts of the organization. The sustainable development Commission has suggested that a sustainable food supply chain and integration of transparency, safety, and localization, reduced energy consumption in improving social and animal welfare. It has been identified that the companies facing issues in terms of social sustainability, social practices, and performance in operations and supply chain include all management practices that influence how on company contributes to the development of human potential and protect people from harm. Food safety is also a major social responsibility issue that affects business profitability. It is essential to develop clear standards and regulations to maintain the quality of food and attain consumer confidence. Animal welfare is another Major characteristic that must be equally important to the organization. Labor standards are also an imperative dimension of social sustainability which can be incorporated in the supply chain controls. In the current scenario, food companies are becoming highly aware of these challenges and are trying to adopt innovative services. One of the most effective approaches is to integrate sustainability into business strategy and planning. The case revealed that the company was committed to healthy meal options as the default for children's and implementing kilojoules labeling as well as standardized integrative nutrition labeling (Guillard et al., 2018). In addition, the resources also showed its concern that the company did not examine its website and food practices. The media reports revealed that the fat, sugar, sodium, and calorie content in the food of Grill’d burgers are worst than the McDonald's Big Mac. This specified after food safety is one of the major tenability issues faced by the organization. It is necessary for the organization to address the food safety issue as it may affect the overall reputation of the company (Clements, 2020). The reports and claims are sufficient enough to destroy the overall image of the Grill’d burgers. In the current scenario, customers are highly conscious about the ingredients and products used by the company in their food products. Also, the food safety issues can affect the overall loyal customers of the Grill’d burgers. The change is necessary because sustainable foods are highly useful for the environment and healthy for the customers. The natural products can improve the community as well as animal welfare in the most effective manner. 

In the current scenario is Grill'd be in the first phase of sustainability which focuses on Eco-efficiencies and risk reduction. In this phase, sustainability mainly focuses on reducing the impacts of dealing with Public Relations and assessing risks. For instance, Grill’d burger got interested in sustainability after it analyzed the reports of Universities and other analyses. In the stage, the management of the company wants to know what the issues that may affect his future sustainability are. Furthermore, some of the actions of the organizations are legal but they are still considered unsustainable. 

In the current scenario, consumers are highly educated about the detrimental influence of animal agriculture on the surroundings particularly on the production of beef. Customers also understand that animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas release more than the combined exhaust emissions from all transport. It has been identified that the Company has done little to meaningful influence consumer behavior. The food safety issue is one of the major issues for the company as the sources claim that it is responsible for increasing obesity and other health risks (Lassen et al., 2016). In addition, the company also claimed that it is environmentally responsible and also put a major emphasis on improving animal welfare. The evidence argued that animal welfare cannot be attended without the experience of positive States. In addition, human or high welfare food is produced with the Welfare of the animal as a Priority. The company has also faced major Bunny Burger controversy. 

Change Meta-Model

The change Meta model will focus on implementing a more sustainable and green supply chain in order to develop healthy options for children as well as adults (Jiang et al., 2020). Also, environmentally friendly practices are weak can the restaurant. People want to eat at a restaurant that cooks with organic ingredients and operate with ethical standards. In the current scenario business owner must implement sustainable business practices in order to gain customer loyalty and increase profitability. In addition, businesses that invest in Renewable Energy and sustainable practices are imperative to customers (Burnes, 2020). The evidence specified that 40percent of millennial site sustainability as a factor when they are purchasing food and drinks. In addition, the model is related to advertising in order to improve the overall brand image. Furthermore, advertisement plays an active role in sustaining a major element of success in communicating with customers by reminding customers of the availability of the product. Also, the success of any organization relies on the target market and its proper segmentation.

Change management includes the practical steps taken to allow evolution from the present state to the prospect state with the objective of development that is constant over time. One of the major things is to establish a clear change agent that sets the foundation for a successful project (Vivaldini & Pires, 2016).

Support from high level management

The superior leader also requires supporting constant enhancement efforts intended at ensuring that the necessary changes between intensely entrenched in the customs and actions of staff.


After the implementation of the change, the life cycle of program efforts to maintain vital changes must be built into evolution plans on the next phases of the life cycle.


Shifting mindsets from how the industry is done currently to how it now to how it will be done in the future may take minutes or decades. Therefore the company may require to plan for constant efforts to converse the remuneration of alteration to assist individuals to persist to regulate a novel reality.

Shift standard when required

Shifting mindsets from how the industry is done currently to how it now to how it will be done in the future may take minutes or decades. Therefore the company may require to plan for constant efforts to converse the remuneration of alteration to assist individuals to persist to regulate a novel reality.


Teaching sustainment needs continuing dialogue in communication so that people appreciate why definite action procedures are predictable of them

Assimilate and integrate

Utilize change agents from the change statement

Invest in planning

With the help of practice and iterations of alteration, the investment in change will be realized as factual project Roi. As additional capabilities become accessible and the company becomes a customer accustomed to adapting to change experience field value for a resource that can be converted to supporting prior games investment in novelty and novel capacity product and service lines (Ouadi et al., 2019). This results in a competitive market advantage building for the ability for alteration and modernism.


The last factor focuses on assessing the willingness for up-gradation to execute Strategies and then acclimatize to novel conditions as necessary. 

Change Management Tools

Change management tools are Highly Effective and efficient for the business. With the help of effective Change management tools, Grill's burgers can understand the change requirements and implement the change in the most effective manner. There are various Change management models but it is necessary to use the most effective model to gain maximum benefit (Haan et al., 2018). It has been identified that got the lewins model is widely accepted for executing the change. Execution of change includes the present state of the organization has to be distorted into the desired situation that will not occur rapidly but concurrently. The model specified three activities for change implementation including unfreezing change, changing stage, and refreezing stages. The first stage is highly crucial as it helps to improve the readiness of citizens by fostering a realization for moving from the existing comfort zone to transform circumstances. It helps to aware the employees about the need for change and motivates them so that they can accept the change very quickly. In this stage, effective communication plays a highly imperative role in gaining support from people and high-level management. The second stage is the change stage in which the actual transition takes place (Bakari, Hunjra & Niazi, 2017). The stage includes the acceptance of innovative ways of doing things. Industries people are frozen and the actual changes are executed. However effectual preparation, effective communication, and encouraging the participation of individuals to support the change are essential. Evidence also argued that this stage of transition is not simple because of uncertainty or people are fearful of the consequences of the change. The final stages refreezing which helps to move the people from the transition stage to the much more stable stage. This is the ultimate face when people recognize or internalize the novel ways of functioning or accepting it as part of their life. To sustain the change and new behavior as employees must be rewarded by the top managers. All the three stages of The Change management tool are Highly Effective in implementing the new Strategies for Grill’d burgers. 

The major strength of this model is that it focuses on the major issues and tries to resolve the problems by using the best approaches for the organization. In addition, the major weakness of the tool is that there is no urgency that is necessary for this change as sometimes the business might run out of time (Damdinova, 2020). Interchange does not happen before the time passes away then the work made by the organization becomes less useful. The first stage will help the organization to set aside the conventional behavior which is causing harm to the health of customers. In the next step Grill’d Burger association must identify its internal operations and investigate where the company is lagging behind in terms of quality and services. In addition, the managers of the firm must help employees in clearing out the old rules and purposes (Kilic & Turhan, 2020). To attend to the objective the managers can evaluate the functions of their employees as well as understanding their responsibilities. In the next stage, the company will provide the necessary skills and knowledge to employees so that they can understand what ingredients contain high fiber, fats, and sodium content. Knowledgeable employees will be able to develop healthy burgers for customers. The stage will allow Grill’d August to recognize that the changes introduced to improve the overall performance of the organization. The last stage will focus on understanding whether the employees have used actual practices or not. During this stage, the employees as well as the organization follow new releases' feelings and behaviors. This will also assist them to adopt new behavior instead of thinking about old behavior. 

Recommendation on Grill’d Burger Change Analysis

The change management model specified that it is necessary to understand why change is taking place. One must be able to evaluate the assumptions and try to provide information about the major requirements of change. The major strength of this model can be used to understand that unhealthy food can affect the overall brand image of the organization hence it is necessary to include healthier options. On the other hand, the major limitation is linked with the lack of a proactive approach towards the change (Hedenqvist & Johansson, 2018). In order to cope with this limitation, the Grill’d ed burger can make the change a major priority and identify its impact on overall profitability. If the management has a clear understanding of the impacts then it will be easy to implement the right approaches at the right time.

Reference for Grill’d Burger Change Analysis

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