Leadership and Management

Introduction to Leadership and Management 

Residential experience is when people share rooms or a building to live independently without their parents this is common for adult students as they leave their home town to reallocate to different places to study (Jeffery 2018). This is the new concept that is being accepted by people all around the world and people are accepting it without any objections. In the present essay, the reflection will be done on my residential experience with the support of the Character Appraisal Test. A week ago I took a character appraisal test which was helpful to find some answers that were related to my temperament, personality insight, emotional control and sound decision making. All these elements are very necessary to determine the actions that one might take while he/she is in a dilemma whether it is personal or social. The outcomes of the test were extraordinary and were able to give me answers that would have never come if this particular test was not conducted. The results were an eye-opener and helped me understand myself a little more. The 4 elements of my character appraisal test along with the aftermath will be conducted further. It is very important to understand the relevance of the test as these tests will be able to help us identify our key strengths and weakness which may affect us directly or indirectly.

The first appraisal test that I undertook was to check my temperament. This particular test concluded 4 subcategories namely, extraversion, sensing, judging, and thinking. These 4 elements are quite important for any person if he/she does not want to lose his/her temperament. Temperament plays a very important role while enjoying a residential experience as if people lose his/her temperament the rest of the residential year might become hard for people. During a residential experience I was called in for a little get together, where everyone was of my age group and were having different types of conversation, which we're led to a different outcome, in one such topic I also told the group about my experience on that particular topic after hearing my discussion, all the people who were present in the premises were quite excited after hearing my words and even provided me with complements such as I was fiery to talk so boldly, confident and also cheerful.

Looking back I feel quite happy about that day. That day was very important in my life as it showed me I can be a people person, and be a good leader and tell the problems as well as the facts to the people who are around me without much sophistication. The people's comments motivated me and showed that I can become a good leader if I try to. Even now when I think about that event there is an Adeline rush in my body and I just want to express whatever I think I right. If in future I get opportunities like this I will try to enhance my skills and get to a larger audience so that my objectives are spread to other people in the society. it is clear from the above discussion that temperament is not a single entity, it is made up of emotions and other tendencies that can be observed daily. All these trends are inconsistent whenever found but as time passes these traits become a major part of the individual lifestyle. Temperament is not a static entity but it changes from person to person and from scenario to scenario (Zentner and Shiner 2015).

The above-given experience as when I was given a chance to talk but initially I am introvert because of which I cannot straight away talk to people and convey my ideas I like my privacy and personal space as most of the introverts do (Dossey 2016). When the people were talking amongst themselves it put me under pressure because of which I was constantly contemplating on the things I should do if I would not have gotten a chance to speak I would not have been known by the people as I am today. When every that day comes I become thankful that I was given a chance to speak and in the coming years I am going to work on my social skills so that I can gain a sense of confidence within me. To achieve this task I would like to socialize more and attend more social meetings than I'm doing now and meet new people as often as possible. This will not only help me to become a more outgoing person but I will also help me to gain some new leadership skills as I move forward. To enhance my residential experience I should try to maximize all my efforts so that I can work effectively and efficiently throughout my residential experience.

The next parameter for the character test was my emotional control. Emotional control is one of the most important parts of any individual's life, it is that component of the human body which can break or make a person. In the sports world, emotional control plays a major role when any team is under pressure. If there is no emotional control the teams could make significant errors (Laborde, Dosseville and Allen 2016). When I took the emotional control test I got a score of 82. The score is an indicator of how good or bad the emotional control of a person is. In my case, it showed that my emotional control was stable and minor emotional glitches cannot hinder me in crucial situations (Lerner, Li, Valdesolo and Kassam 2015). During the time of my undergraduate program, I took on critical activity. The selection of the activity was solely based on my assumptions that I have greater emotional control than the rest of the people in my class. The activity was a great success and I along with my partner was quite happy with our results. Whenever I think about my undergraduate program that achievement always revolves around my brain and I have a sense of pride thinking about the result of the given activity.

Earlier I used to be on a sports team, where emotion plays an important role. During the event, the whole team was under pressure as we had lost our previous event and most of the athletes in our group could not show self-control and were not able to keep their emotions with themselves (Tangney, Boone and Baumeister 2018). This was the moment when I realized I can do some activities that are not achievable by most of the people in my class. Although there are still some factors that lurk inside me which are the negative side of the emotional control I possess, still there are times when I become irritated by the people that are close to me, there are multiple reasons for it. Irritation is the only emotion that I cannot control which has been a major issue for me in the past. To overcome this situation, I tried to work with my team more and try to acknowledge all the small details that my colleagues were putting to make my residential experience better.

In the future, I would love to get a score of 90 in my emotional control test so that only minute problems remain within my personality. The reason why I'm saying 90 percent is because every human should possess some problems also as no man in history was completely perfect. Although the Buddhist preachers believe the contrary that is any individual can become a perfect person if he/ she follows the following concept of Buddhism namely,1) a person should try to minimize his suffering and try to become a better person, 2) get rid of selfishness and think about the other people according to the preachers every person has to serve the same cycle of birth, illness, aging, and death so he/she should always put himself to put themselves in other person's shoes and act accordingly (Khamkhong and Jandaboue 2017).

Personal insight is a crucial element for all the individuals who function in the society this particular concept is formed using the following elements namely, agreeableness, emotional strength, conscientiousness, extraversion, and openness. The concept of personal insight is beautifully portrayed in the book the road not taken, this literary worked helped to find many answers that are related to personal insight such as perception, and through this book, many people understood that their perception was not correct about many things (Bjelland 2016). In my case, I got a good grade which was a medium-high for personal insight. Personal insight comprises all my experience from my endeavors in the past which were quite helpful in achieving my goals and objectives in the present. I have not been much social in the previous years but I tried to change by arranging social meetings along with that I practiced self-governing techniques which are quite necessary from these occasions as many illegal things can happen at the times of these social gatherings. During one such event, I was asked to take part in one such activity but I denied. Although they were quite intimating and the amount of peer pressure was huge but still I stayed with myself made rules and avoided the situation.

These situations can be problematic at times which may lead to sour relations in the coming years (Guillén, Roth Alfaro and Fernández 2015). However, this did not hinder my relationship with the people in the group but it was the contrary the people in the group started respecting me and my self-governing quality. Even today I get a compliment about the step I took in the social gathering, which makes me happy if I could do something to improve it is, try to make people aware about these self-governing rules so that the other people can also function without doing anything ethical (Burlea and Idowu 2016). Not only self-governing provide you with respect but it also helps you find answers at the time you are facing an ethical dilemma and provides you with the answers which the other people might find hard to incorporate. This particular scenario was very helpful to exercise all the elements that fall under the category of personal insight.

In the years to come, I would like to work more on my insight so that I can identify my interests and ambitions which is still oblivion and personal insight might be the answer to find these interests and ambitions. Personal insights have helped people to understand themselves better. In my case, I would like to enhance my insight so that I can acknowledge more facts about myself so that I can determine my strengths and weakness in the long run. This particular tool is very helpful when someone wants to examine himself for a task. The individual can access if the task that he wants to undertake can be completed by him or not. People should try to work on this tool as it will increase the efficiency of an individual significantly.

The last component of the test was decision making. Decision making is a technique and tool through which an individual life, that is, a person might make the decision consciously and unconsciously. Every trivial activity that any human undertakes is comprised of multiple small decisions intertwined together to form a complete and logical decision. Every decision cannot be rational or logical at times for drastic measures unconventional decisions also have to be taken into consideration. When I took my decision making test my grades were above average, when all the criteria of the decision-making test were completed I got a score of 74 which according to me was a decent score. Many events had put me in a difficult situation throughout my past, but the most recent was for a sporting event where the decision has to be made quick and decisive. I was leading a team of quad bike riders, due to some reason we were very low on rider which became a major threat for the team as there should be the minimum number of team members to present in the event. Although, at that moment I just wanted to participate in the event and reach the finish line.

To my surprise, all my decisions somehow were able to fit the situation and we were able to finish the event on time. Even today my teammates praise me for the actions I put up at that time, if I would have not decided at that time, the whole team might have got eliminated and I had to bear all the guilt for it. After many events when I reflect on scenarios where decision making was a major part. I came to a decision, there is no wrong or right decision, and every decision has to be timely and should fulfill the need at that particular moment. The main difference between a good decision and a bad decision is not what the decision is, but will it be able to fulfill the needs of the situation. In the future, I would like to enhance my leadership skill by showing shrewd decision-making skills as during this activity I was able to understand one thing that there can be only one outcome of the decision and if there are more than one than it shows a confused mindset while taking a decision.

it becomes quite crucial to take the right decision at the right moment but there is the situation when the outcome of your decision is highly uncertain because of which the individual might become hesitant to decide something and because of which make a big error which can influence his life as well as his business or the people around him, it is very important to understand that in these situations it becomes quite important that the decision should be taken confidently so that loss is minimized as much as possible (Levy 2015).

Conclusion on Leadership and Management 

From the above reflection, many things came to light including things that I did not know I was doing right and the things that should be worked upon. The things that made me proud of myself included my self-governance, traits of leadership and the meaning of true decision-making. However, there is a relationship between the negative and the positive elements whether it be society or an individual he/she might possess both the positive as well as a negative characteristic. Same is the case with me as there are positives I also found out some of the negatives that might be hiding among the positives. As other individuals, I am also not fully perfect and a completely perfect individual is a myth and I should try to work upon to be as close as possible to the definition that is provided by the society of perfect to us as this is the only definition that can be applied at any scenario. The reflection process was a perfect exercise to know myself better and work on the above-given shortcomings so that I can transform into an ideal individual. If the above points are focused properly it will become quite easy to understand where my strength and weakness lies and in the process will be able to work more effectively and efficiently. Reflective exercises help to understand a person better I would like to include more of these exercise in my routine so that I can help myself to understand a little more about the abilities that are still hidden within me.

References for Leadership and Management 

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