Research Preparation for Business

1. Primary data is based on several techniques of data collection. Some of the common techniques of data collection are interviews, surveys, observation and experiments. It provides the simplest form of data that fulfils the needs of the research objectives. Each technique of data collection represents different benefits and aspects (Gray, 2019). To identify appropriate reasons for the declining customer satisfaction in the hotel services, the survey can be identified as most appropriate. A survey is an effective tool of data collection that provides several responses from the potential population. To conduct effective research, a questionnaire is necessary to be prepared by the researcher that can fulfil all the needs of the research and provide significant responses of customers regarding the hotel services (McCusker & Gunaydin, 2015). The questions of the survey represent the experience of customers in the hotel and critical factors that enhance customer satisfaction. To manage the effective growth of the business and promoting great service for a long-term relationship with the customers, identification of customer satisfactory factors is necessary (Ali, Junoh & Ali, 2016).

This research will be based on the survey technique to collect primary data from the customers of the hotel. The researcher will include 10 questions in the survey questionnaire to analyze the factors affecting customer satisfaction and leads to negative customer experience. Customer satisfaction and the reasons behind the customer experience are based on qualitative data (Ali, Junoh & Ali, 2016). For the understanding of the appropriate reasons for negative customer experience, the qualitative research design is effective that works through thematic analysis. Internet questionnaire can be used for a survey that promotes quick responses and analysis. The mobile-based questionnaire can be sent to the customers through email. Survey questionnaires help to maintain valid and reliable results through clear requirements of the information that represents the questions based on customer service. The data can be easily collected through the email links as responses provided by the clients (Gray, 2019). Online surveys are most suitable for this research as the respondents can get adequate time to provide their responses and the answers can be identified as bias-free. Through email surveys, the cost of research can be reduced that can promote effective utilization of resources. Determination of the necessary elements affecting customer satisfaction fulfils the needs of the research and help to maintain effective customer service (Ali, Junoh & Ali, 2016).

2. A sample is known as a division of individuals from a larger population. Sampling refers to the selection of a group from the actual data to provide a reliable result in the research. It is not possible to gather information from the entire population thus it raises a need of sampling technique to reduce the amount of data by collecting the information from a sub-group rather than from the whole population (Etikan, Musa & Alkassim, 2016). Accurate and reliable sampling technique helps to analyze inferences from the sample which belongs to the larger population and provide significant solutions to the research question. Different sampling techniques are available for research such as simple, stratified, cluster, systematic, quota, purposive, haphazard and volunteer sampling techniques. For the research problem of customer satisfaction, the simple random sampling technique is considered as most appropriate to analyze responses of random customers (Etikan, Musa & Alkassim, 2016; Rahi, 2017). Email survey questionnaires can help in providing relevant responses while through sampling technique the number of respondents can be reduced to attain most effective responses from the larger population.

From a large number of responses, 100 respondents can be selected randomly to identify the most appropriate answers. Simple random sampling technique is considered as most suitable for the research as it provides an equal chance to the entire population and reduces biases. Sampling error can also be easily identified through this technique which makes it most suitable for the research in hotel service. It is the most common form of probability sampling that provides a random number to all individuals and analyze the responses of the random numbered customers (Rahi, 2017). To obtain the sample from the selected sampling technique, it is necessary to recognize a suitable sampling frame that defines a complete list of the target population from which the desired sample is needed to be drawn for the research. The sampling frame for this research will be based on the customers of the hotel that have experienced the hotel service or currently experiencing the service. After the recognition of the sample frame, a suitable sample size is required that helps to identify accurate research findings. A sample size of 100 customers will be considered as most suitable for the research. Through random numbers, the sample can be drawn from the population of hotel customers (Etikan, Musa & Alkassim, 2016).

3. This research is based on an exploratory research design that works through a qualitative approach. It is based on the analysis of a research problem that provides information through theoretical ideas (Lewis, 2015). The survey questionnaire will be used for the research to promote qualitative data based on specific sample size. The major limitations of the identified research design are:

  • The customers can provide dishonest answers that can affect the research findings and create a difference in the understanding and interpretation of results.
  • There is a possibility that the customers can leave some questions as unanswered that can lead to ineffective results (Gray, 2019).
  • Some questions in the questionnaire can be difficult to understand which can raise a problem for the research (Lewis, 2015).
  • Multiple-choice questions in the surveys can promote a difficult situation for the consumers in conveying emotions and feelings regarding the hotel service.
  • Lack of personalization can affect the responses of customers.
  • Unconscious misrepresentation is a major bias that can be raised by the respondents while answering the survey questions. It can be arising from the question content or format that impacts the customer’s response to a specific question.
  • Random sampling error can be identified through the chance variation in the selection of a sample. It impacts the research findings for the hotel service (Etikan, Musa & Alkassim, 2016).

References for Research Preparation for Business

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