Managing Service-Based Industries

Service Guarantee Agreement

We offer you to provide excellent Wi-Fi facility with good quality food, clean environment and spacious rooms. We promise that we will not charge any unexpected fee as we are here to enhance your customer experience rather than converting them into negative reviews. For us, you matter the most and seeing the pandemic it is our utmost duty to ensure your safety thus we have appointed workers for 24*7 to clean the premises and each and everything with alcohol wipes.

If required, we also have glass shielding facility which will help you maintain distance with staff members and other people. We assure you are safe with us as we have taken all the measures like thermal screening, oximeter, N-95 masks and many more. Apart from this, our company also offer free coffee and tea at any point in time. The room temperature of all the rooms is maintained as automatically as per the weather condition.

We also provide valet parking service to our customers free of cost. We have also introduced an annual membership plan for all those who love to stay in Crown Melbourne. The membership plan has various advantages for people who would love to be a member of the organization like a 25 per cent discount on the restaurant, club lounge, JIVA spas and so on. We even provide laundry services for our clients so that they can dress up themselves as per their wishes. We also give the customer opportunity either take the packaged meal or customise it as per the choices.

Also, we offer you friendly services so that you can count upon us anytime even for cancellation policy.

We are committed and give you the guarantee to provide all the above-mentioned services. Wake up with us in the serene and beautiful arena and enjoy every day with us.

Customer Satisfaction Methods

There are any customer satisfaction methods which can be used but AHP is one of the most popular methods. It is used by many companies to find out reasons behind the dissatisfaction of the consumer. It is the best method because it helps the employees to find out the underlying cause behind the dissatisfaction of the customer. It is found that many times company instead of focusing on other aspects just focus on the visible things but this method helps in identifying the hidden causes of customer dissatisfaction. Let's take the instance of a restaurant (Xiaomin and Yi 2017). Since the beginning of the restaurant, there was a common dissatisfaction for low quality food despite advertising that they harvest ingredients directly from the farm despite the fact the customers were not happy with the food served. Initially, people stated it to the manager for improvisation but later they stopped visiting the restaurant. After investigating all the employees were blaming the chef for not preparing the good food. The manager changed the entire team of the chef in the restaurant but the complaint remained the same (Dash and Sharma 2018). The founder appointed a new manager to look into the situation and increase the satisfaction level of the people. the new manager began investigating all the aspects and found that the farm from which the ingredients were brought got infected by insects and it is due to this reason the taste of the food prepared in the kitchen was not appealing. This example helps in understanding that it is important to create relations and find out predictions especially when dealing with hierarchy. Apart from this, it's also important to create a balance between influences and values along with it this method helps to find out an approach which will help all of us to undergo thorough revisions. Moreover, researches stated that AHP is a framework that facilitates how to decide by analyzing organizations perceptions, feelings, judgements, morals and memories all together. This method uses objective mathematics to find out subjective preference and satisfaction level of the individuals. Even comparison between factors can also be made to find out the actual underlying reason behind the cause of dissatisfaction level among customers which often is left unfocused (Pan and Wang 2018). It is clear from the findings that the AHP hierarchy of steps must be used to find out the exact reason behind dissatisfaction.


There are different tools available like customer satisfaction scores, net promoter score, overall satisfaction measure and so on to work on the AHP method. It is identified through a survey that most of the companies are using CSAT tool for measuring the satisfaction level of the customer. It is found that an increase in the CSAT score helps increase the trustworthiness of the customer towards the company. The companies must try to improvise the customer journey as it has the potential to increase customer satisfaction by 20 per cent. It will also help to lower the value of serving customers by 20 per cent (Koc 2019). The company can conduct surveys or simply ask the customer to rate their satisfaction level towards the brand. If in case the customer is busy and cannot wait to answer in such cases the company must add an option where the respondent can add their comment and rating. The customer must always be asked to rate their satisfaction level based on five-point scale options which include very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, unsatisfied and very unsatisfied. Once the company collect all the feedback, the next step is to either simply calculate the average value of the scores or else calculate the percentage of satisfied and very satisfied customers. One of the big strength of the tool is that it is simple and easy to use (May et al. 2020). It's a way by which a company can keep track of the number of satisfied customers. If in case the customer response is negative, in that case, it helps to find out the reason behind the satisfaction of the customers so that proper action could be taken to find a solution for it. Although customer satisfaction code varies from industry to industry, it is found that an industry which receives satisfaction code between 75 per cent and 85 per cent typically fall in the category of the good industry in the world.


Services provided by industry may fail and the failure gives the company chance to improvise themselves. It is rightly said failure is stepping stone to success. Until and unless customers do not critique the service, a company cannot improve. Let's take the example of Marine Bay sands it is one of the most famous hotels in Singapore but despite being at the top position the company failed in satisfying its customer. The customer of the hotel complained about the staff that service staff of the hotel do not bother to greet the customer with a smile. He further stated that staff members are so involved in their work that they do not get time to serve their customer (Amangala and Wali 2020). It seems like they are not happy to work at the hotel. Apart from this, the room reminds us that the hotel is ancient and needs renovation. Everything in the hotel is old and not of the premium brand as per the price of the hotel. Even the Wi-Fi speed is weak, it makes things more dreadful. 

Similarly, it was found that a couple of Jon Picoult and his wife experienced service failure at Ritz Carlton hotel. They came to the hotel to attend one of the finest dinings with top executives of the finance company in which his husband works. His wife after investing a lot of time finally found the perfect dress to wear at the party. she was all set to look beautiful but when she arrived at the hotel she found a wrinkle in her dress and thus she gave it to the laundry service of the hotel (Liat et al. 2017). After a couple of hours' staff came and returned the dress. Picoult wife was shocked to see the size of the dress. It got shrunken and she had nothing to wear at the party. Picoult rang up the manager of the hotel and spoke about the incident and found that the manager took the responsibility of the failure and recovered the failure by putting all the efforts. It is rear to find that the after the failure Picoult and his wife got amazing recovery service. The manager took his wife for shopping and bear all the expenses of the new dress along with its accessories.

Both the incidents are learning lesson as they help us to understand the fact that customer satisfaction is not easy to achieve and recovery of the failure is more difficult. Marina Bay sands failed to satisfy the customer, on the other hand, Ritz Carlton not only satisfied the customer but also appreciated the work of the manager (Al-Janaaby 2018). This incident helped to create a perfect blueprint for Crown Melbourne. The company is already doing great in terms of revenue percentage but there are some areas where it is failing which may increase customer dissatisfaction. The service guarantee statement is concise, comprehensive, clear, meaningful and easy to understand. However, creating a statement is never enough, it is also important to have some approaches to minimize failures. It was identified that there are chances of failure. These include the speed of the Wi-Fi, uneven room temperature and cleanliness. The clients are complaining about the services stating they are not getting speed and this is why they are unable to work on the important projects moreover the room temperature is uneven sometimes it becomes too hot and on another hour it becomes too cold (Cardoso 2020). Such a change in the degree can affect health. Moreover, it is found that service staff is not maintaining social distance. It may have an adverse impact and we may get infected. After analyzing all the failures, the company to increase the satisfaction level started working on the recovery plan of the failure. The company after AHP decided that it will give compensation to the people who are not able to access high-speed internet. The company started training the employees to maintain social distance and started cleaning the premises to keep it safe for the customer. It also apologized for the mistake a shifted the guest to another well-checked room. Through this case, it was identified that the company needs to adapt four service recovery methods (Baker 2017). This include apologizes and ask for forgiveness, go over the complaints of the customer, fix the problem and follow back and document the problem in detail so that in future if a similar problem occurs it can be rectified at the same moment. Besides this, it is equally important to finding customer satisfaction method and tools. after thorough analysis t was found that the company must use ASH to find the underlying cause of the failure and make use of the CSAT tool for measuring out the satisfaction of the customers. This tool has various advantages over the others like it gives the most up to date feedback and even shows that the company cares for the customer and there are many more.

I know you might have some questions like what will it cost. This recovery plan will cost at most AUD 2000. You might be wondering will this help the company to retain customers then here is your answer. Yes, it will increase customer satisfaction level and their trust towards the organization as well. it is because we have covered the three most important failures in the recovery plan. Any customer will not compromise at present with these failures and a small investment in this direction will help to get more customers towards the hotel.

Thank You

References for Customer Service of Crown Melbourne

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