Strategic Project Management

Introduction to Sydney Cruise Terminal Project Strategy Framework

The main purpose of this report is to provide a statement of work based on the tender for the contract to build the new Sydney Cruise terminal. It helps assess and determine project viability that includes the analysis required within the selection process. Statement of work can be defined as the document that comprises of a narrative description of a project's work requirements which is used routinely in the domain of project management (Papke-Shields and Boyer-Wright, 2017). Concerning such fact, several elements are essential to determine the effectiveness of strategic project management. Thus, this report will provide a substantial understanding of the project specific activities and timelines of a project to the client.


There is a massive need for building a third terminal in Sydney as the cruise business generates sizeable economy for the country. It has been estimated that cruise has generated around more than 3 billion for the NSW economy effectively; supporting employments of approximately 11,500 and making around $1 billion in terms of wages for the employees. This indicates that building the new Sydney Cruise terminal will be a beneficial investment for the future. First, site selection needs to be performed as it is the foremost step of the process. Second, building design documentation of the cruise terminal by hiring an expert who has in-depth knowledge from past work experiences. Third, designing outdoor space and architecture requirements such as planned terminal designs (Papke-Shields and Boyer-Wright, 2017). Concerning such fact, it will take approximately take one and a half years to complete the project effectively. Besides, a constant update needs to be made to every stakeholder to keep them informed about the progress of the project. On the other hand, to control and execute the process, project management team and finance department will work closely to determine the effectiveness of the project and ensure effectual delivery at the required time (Andersson and Chapman, 2017).


The location of the project execution will be at the Yarra Bay and Molineux Point in Sydney as the city was viewed as the gateway to many cruise ships that are visiting Australia for tourism purposes (NSW Government, 2018). It has been determined that the Sydney harbour is increasing as it getting extensive in docking maximum numbers of ships visiting on a daily basis (NSW Government, 2018). The project will be site-specific that involves team members of the project manager who will be executing tasks within the site and able to manage the necessities effectively. The factor of location within the statement of work of a project emphasises the exact place or site where the work will be done. All the materials and equipment will be provided within the project site to the team member so that they can execute the work at the earliest and intend to finish within the timeline effectively (Bjorvatn and Wald, 2018).

Main Tasks

In a project, the main tasks play the key role in determining the actual time and cost which will incur to complete the project successfully. Concerning such fact, building a new cruise terminal in the New South Wales province of Sydney in Australia comprises of several key tasks that are essential to consider and focus upon (NSW Government, 2018). First and foremost, the main task begins with selecting the best possible site or location for building the new cruise ship. The breadth and depth of the shipping channels play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of selecting the site for the project. Besides, ease of navigation involving the space for turning basin of the ship is also important. Subsequently, the feasibility of engineering is another main task to consider while executing the project or planning for it. Next is analysing the local and maritime environments of the site to identify any type of possible conflict. Operations of the cruise terminal is another important task that needs to be planned by studying different cruise capacity detailed business cases, using concepts of the high-level terminal, funding, commercial procurement (NSW Government, 2018).


Based on the needs and requirements of the project, the completion time will be of 5 years depending on the effectiveness and efficiency in executing the project by the team members and other authorities involved (Miranda, 2020). Initially, by end of 2020, the site selection milestone will be set and proper investigation will be done by collecting essential data from local architects and communities to ensure smooth flow of operation and no arousal of conflicts (Miranda, 2020). By the middle of 2021, procurement of stakeholders and seeking of the fund will be started to initiate the fund sourcing process. Sourcing of fund will be a long and challenging process; however, team members need to be dynamic to attract stakeholders to invest and support from government will help initiate the process. By the middle of 2022, evaluation of strategic business case studies based on cruise terminal will be initiated and inform the details to stakeholders, project team members and industry consultants for their awareness (Port Authority of NSW, 2019). In the starting of 2023, searching for potential and efficient engineers will be initiated to design the cruise terminal plan effectively and collect the data regarding required equipment, resource, manpower, and other materials. By the middle of 2024, the project will be executed with all the team members and other resources involved.


Deliverables are considered as an important aspect in the domain of project management as it helps keep stakeholders updated about the progress that determines effectiveness (Burghate, 2018). Concerning such fact, within the project of the new cruise terminal in Sydney, the deliverables include site selection report of the project, document on cost and budget; project scope, report on strategic benefit and value of the project, work breakdown structure, project governance plan, and statement of work (Kivilä, Martinsuo and Vuorinen, 2017). All the deliverable need to be delivered to the stakeholder for their information about the strategic project framework (Zolfaghari, Aliahmadi and Mazdeh, 2017). Stakeholder are the key players in the project as they are the main source of funding and financial support required in executing the project effectively, thus, it is important to make sure the deliverables are been provided to them for their knowledge about the progress and prospect of their investment (Masciadra, 2017).


Project schedules indicate the timetable of the project completion involving what needs to be done and with which resources utilized. In every project, scheduling of projects plays a key role in determining its effectiveness (Zolfaghari, Aliahmadi and Mazdeh, 2017). In project management’s perspective, it is a vital document that comprises of the collected data of all the work required to be delivered within the set timeframe (Zolfaghari, Aliahmadi and Mazdeh, 2017). Relating to such fact, the project schedule of the strategic project management of building a new cruise terminal in Sydney is crucial for the project execution. First, site selection will be performed within 1.5 years to evaluate the factors and make a decision effectively (NSW Department of Industry, 2020). Second, seek for vendors and selection of stakeholders will be executed within 2 years approximately. Third, a review of engineers and architects of the project will be implemented within 1 year depending on the feasibility and consultation. Fourth, assessment of strategic project business case studies and reports to review the developments and concepts to use in the project will be done with a period of 1 year. Lastly, the implementation of the project will be initiated with all the team member involved along with required materials, equipment, and resources (Zolfaghari, Aliahmadi and Mazdeh, 2017).


Adherence to standard and testing plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of the project concerning the project of a new cruise terminal in Sydney. According to the guidance and support of the port authority of New South Wales, Australia, the planning and design of a new terminal can be executed effectively by ensuring and adherence to the guidelines provided. Besides, it is important to take a keynote on the sustainability factors of the environment and community at large. The project manager will be monitoring the entire project execution and implementation by ensuring that the work and deliverables comply with the standards of the cruise terminal industry and specifications. As per the industry standards, the new cruise terminal will be of high quality that attracts a major number of visitors and tourists worldwide (NSW Department of Industry, 2020). High-tech equipment such as cranes, machinery, concrete mixtures, rollers and technological testing devices are required for the testing process to determine the effectiveness and adherence to the standards. The sustainability trend within the cruise industry is been emerging rapidly and is constantly working to improve the sustainability of its operations effectively. Thus, this indicates that the new terminal will have less impact on the sustainability of its operations and can help improve more to safeguard the environment and encourage sustainability practices (Butler and Hartmann, 2019).

Success Failure Criteria

Seeking for potential stakeholders is a challenging aspect in project management as they are the prime source of generating fund to execute the process effectively (Radujković and Sjekavica, 2017). Investment in the project of building a new cruise terminal in Sydney is an important factor to consider, thus, this will be a major challenge for the project execution. However, once the project plan and its outcome have been successfully informed to stakeholders and investors, the agreement soon will take place and source of the fund will be generated effectively. It will be confirmed that adequate finance is available or can be settled at the times of requirement or before initiating the project. This signifies that to maintain dependency fund if required in case of any unfortunate failure or decline of the project. Besides that, a security fund will be present and reserved that shall be maintained accordingly as per the needs and requirements of the project to utilize them effectively. On the other hand, in the case of any technical failure or glitch that would result in a major loss of the project, an effectual contingency plan will be reserved to handle the situation effectively and efficiently (Demirkesen and Ozorhon, 2017). A forward operating team will be present with all equipment and resources to provide aid and support at the time of medical emergency of any team members in times of unfortunate accidents effectively. Most importantly, the success of the project will not only help boost the economy of the nation but also increase the employment and income of communities through tourism, food, beverages, and other entertainment sources. Besides, it will benefit the stakeholders as well in terms of long-term finance generation source (Port Authority of NSW, 2019).


The team members need to have a valid certification of apprentice training in trade industries before and have relevant work experience in the past (Zakharchenko et al., 2019). Besides, the engineers and architects employed for the project must have an authentic and valid degree, certification, and work experience certificate of minimum 15 years in building cruise terminal projects in the past (Zakharchenko et al., 2019). On the other hand, all the equipment needs to be pre-checked before taking into consideration the project as any breakdown in between will incur a loss. There will be a requirement of medical check of every team member to assess the health condition of the staffs to determine their health fitness to undertake the allocated jobs.

Budget Outlines

The overall estimated budget of the project will be set for $37 billion within the timeframe of 5 years approximately.



Site selection

$1 billion


$12 billion

Human resource

$8 billion


$10 billion

Development and testing

$6 billion


$37 billion

Conclusion on Sydney Cruise Terminal Project Strategy Framework

The cruise industry is gaining competitive advantage rapidly in terms of high-quality service and capability of generating high revenue to the national government effectively. It will be beneficial for the stakeholder, government, and communities if the project has been successfully implemented at the earliest as it has great potential to generate a huge amount of profits and values. Delivering the deliverables at the right time and the earliest is crucial and need to focus on this aspect throughout the process of project execution. The project management will sign off on the deliverables and ensures the deal is final and closed for the archive.

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