Governance, Ethics and Sustainability

Table of Contents


Economic sustainability.

Environment sustainability.

Social disclosure.

Introduction to Tramalway Sustainability Assessment Report

The GRI standard helps in the impact of understanding sustainability issues in the company. This report will highlight the elements of the GRI standard undertaken by the organization. The Tramalway group is vision is to ensure transport solutions and sustainable business behavior through the business model and strategy. The sustainability disclosure is integrated into the report 

The GRI standard is an independent organization dedicated to environmental social and sustainability issues. This is accompanied by the GRI standard launched in the year 2016 (Global reporting, 2020). This includes a focus on key areas – Economic sustainability, environmental sustainability, social sustainability of Tramalway industries. The management approach is the disclosure as by the CEO of Tramalway to discuss the organization's interest in keeping stakeholder interest as a preview for the topic discussed for sustainability measure. The GRI standard enhances the common indicators for the organization’s capacity and working collaboratively to employee engagement for contributing to better performance (PwC, 2016). These standards guide the organization for impact and progressive practice 

Company Overview

Tramalway is a car manufacturer and producer with headquarters in Australia. The company believes the philosophy inequality, trust, and initiative through its business solution. The shared vison as a responsible company towards reliability and diverse stakeholder experience through company work culture towards stakeholders. GRI indicated that it wanted the management approach to be more easily accessible in the report. Commitments, policies for more detail (e.g. goals and organization concern for economic impact through stakeholder promotion and research to strengthen process (Kocollari, 2018).

Economic Sustainability

The Tramalway has a business area that assesses the mitigation and management of risk. The global challenge of automobile companies is a climate issue. The group has focused on new partnerships for expansion in other countries. The board at Tramalway has paid attention to R&D for combustive engines and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The main enriching society and contribution for material components use for technology leverage in production by long term, Strategic risks, and shift on increase in government regulation, and short to medium-term planning.




201-4 financial assistance received from the government

$15 million grant by government for biotechnology research

Tramalway made use of various financing for sustainable production for electric car and as bio compost to reduce car weight. This will be in line with CEO s vision for the company to reduce emissions and cost effectiveness in product composition

The total grant with bank borrowing will significantly boost pilot project to best up by the year 2022.

203-1 –Infrastructure investments and service supported

The project for 10 million health and welfare centers in Dolan will provide support to families.

Tramalway industry supports tangible and sustainable solutions for all employees to engage in socially benefit communities for strengthening education, arts with the project such as “Smile Today” working for disadvantaged groups through our supplier network by the 10 million contribution that is successfully utilized in the same criteria. The commitment to social wellbeing is the measure for a support group for employee welfare and human rights for the community in service support (KPMG, 2017). Expansion through electric charging infrastructure by the focus on clean technology. The hallway box called charge anywhere enables supported by biotechnology to charge vehicles at home with a charging limit up to 33kW. This platform for charging enables electronic vehicle charges by the adapter. The consolidated project offers charging through testing facilities and travel points across the cities in Australia. The second venture charge parkway is developed with fast charging vehicles require long-distance travel. The unit expansion of this charge input will put in operations the tie-up stations by the end of the year 2022. The fast charging with facility by a quasi-factor will take 100 percent renewable energy with multiple charging ports. These solutions will operate on the intelligence operator cost of fast charging. The driving electricity can be a generator for an electric vehicle for green electricity. The Australian ministry has signed digital infrastructure and memorandum for phase expansion for H2 expansion in Australia with network association with fueling stations 

204-1 Proportion of spending on local supplier


The production process includes sustainable growth strategy with local production as Tramalway s main sales region. The recent measure has resulted in economic development of the area. Tramalway has extended e-learning tutorials to sustainability audits through supplier training by increasing awareness on due diligence

B. Environment Sustainability

Tramalway s environment policy addresses on issues such as waste and emissions. Our practice is based on the environmental management system certified to ISO 14001 (Bini, 2019). The environment management system is effectively deployed in our business area. The company has reduced its major industrial project for environmental performance. Environment sustainability and enterprise management for focus on minimizing carbon footprints. The GRI standard create awareness for potential linkage through the supply chain as well as products and services to segments such as the electronics industry, mining industry, and heavy infrastructure projects constitutes higher risks for human rights violations ( GRI YouTube profile,2016)




301-1- Materials used by weight or volume

 Total weight of recycling input has increased up to 25 tonnes

The distribution of total weight by renewable and nonrenewable as a ratio cannot be exactly determined. The aim is to follow the life cycle reengineering for material and supply chain in the vehicle development phase. The calculation of weight is determined by the number of units on the production line by reducing the weight further

Disclosure of 301-2- Recycled input material used

 Material used by supplier comprise of both renewable and non-renewable resource 

Recycling is a key factor in reducing product impact on the environment and it’s sustainably. The plant design and material changes are made with the disposal of high wear components and avoidance of pollutants after factor use at Tramalway. Tramalway uses raw materials for initial vehicle development. The recycling of the materials and selection is determined by the committee as per internal standard (WSP, 2017). The artificial material replaced with renewable through life cycle engineering. In order to increase the recycling process dismantling centers are set up. Recycling of fiber components and environment-friendly recycling is doe at our 12 centers across Australia. The batteries for the storage unit are used with lithium-powered batteries 

306-3-Significant spills

 The warehouse in Chemora experienced a fuel spill around its base

In accordance with Tramalway industries the company has introduced an environmental management system for the business division to promote environmental performance. The area was sprayed with hydrocarbon eating bacteria to prevent damage to the residual area in the factory compound. As environment management interests we have ensured that the process is in alignment to prevent any series of events. The water arising through the western region is used as a site for recycling to ensure no major discharge of chemicals, oils or waste to the environment

Material component details are below




412352 m3





Total Waste

8505152 t


(recyclable component )

7985502 t


of which waste for disposal

519650 t


Total water waste


Co2 emission count

7658745 t



450 t





The measure is based on the vehicle production of the year (Actuals)

-Emission count as per emissions factor 

-Disclosure as per 301-1,301-2 as per GRI standard for material component and dimension taken in design for factory

The material component details are for the renewable and non-renewable inputs as consumption Input output assessment - The number of vehicle produced remained unchanged.

C. Social Disclosure

Tramalway has established work conduct for social topics within the company. The CEO, Matt and our business leaders are responsible for employment diversity, training and effectively maintaining relations with the local team and support through the functional approach in operations and supplier’s relation. The social responsibility the progressiveness embarked through a multi-purpose relationship with employee safety, human rights stance for reputation management (Fleishman Hilliard, 2018). The GRI initiatives follows regional and international instruments for assessment for work culture and practice and trends, which in turn present a range of risks and opportunities, as well as input from stakeholders (Tarquinio, 2018).




408-1 Operations and suppliers at significant risk of incidents of child labor

 The group was informed for child labor practice by Golden goods in Bangladesh

Tramalway ensures a section for supplier sustainability and safety and protection in compliance with our code of conduct. Tramalway group has made risk related to child labor as part of human rights and operational due diligence for suppliers. Basic amendment for labor protection and applicability of management ethics in the work sites. Tramalway has good relation between its employee representatives and external suppliers. In 2020, the case of child labor was identified we have terminated a contract with the relevant party. The report with information on child labor practice by one of our supplier Golden goods ltd was investigated. In the same horizon, an additional meeting was conducted. The issue of child safety is critical, all measures for work standard are revised for strict action for alignment of organizational setup in contracts and association

412-2 Programs for employee training

. Employee training program for operations of training. Overall 35% of staff included for the training and focus on gender equality in the same.

The Tramalway group has designed training programs on human rights and up-gradation of skills. The work culture is transformative and socially responsible behavior is relevant. The workshop and competency and situation analysis with a large team have enrolled in the internal process for training. The organization in its conduct manages social and responsible behavior towards training, education, and central human resource function. The Tramalway group is responsible for ensuring the quality of training and its accessibility. The program called Tramalway is designed for workshops for all employees for workshops and lectures based on sustainability through digital formats. The employees are trained with real-life examples to illustrate the importance of individual issues

417-3- Incidents of non-compliance concerning marketing communications

The investigation had found Tramalway industries of misleading with the recent marketing campaign and issued an infringement notice with a penalty of $12600

The audit committee detected cases of corruption with employment against the said employee. The employees have been trained with the right human practice for professional conduct through professional training. The imposition and guidelines provide by ACCC by coordinating for the campaign for accurate information provided to the customers. It will be imbibed in the marketing communications from the aforesaid time. As a part of the strengthening of compliance, Tramalway has incorporated a program for ant-competitive behavior at training level for global sites. Compliance with ACCC with companies reputation by Tramalway compliance program

Conclusion on Tramalway Sustainability Assessment Report

Tramalway has a holistic approach towards stakeholders for the health and safety and economic development of the stakeholders. The company by training and employee reflective behavior for supplier promotion and trust to navigate the challenges faced this year with respect to non-compliance in management communication and economic framework for next year with monitoring and control over changes evolved over the year. Tramalway continue to work with guiding set of documents and board to facilitate growth and managing environmental protocol for a suitable environment by complying with GRI standard. The organization in its conduct manages social and responsible behavior towards training, education, and central human resource function central to creating economic expansion with R&D effectiveness. Tramalway group will ensure quality of training and its accessibility for front line action on misconduct. The standard recognizes outward impact that affect company relates to the usefulness in organization for long-term sustainability

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