Principles of Marketing Management

Overview of The Two Companies

The aim of this study is to compare marketing plans and actions of two companies that are Coles supermarket and Woolworth. These supermarkets are the largest Supermarket chains in Australia which operates 995 stores across Australia. The organization compare marketing plans and actions plans of two companies of Coles supermarket and Woolworth.

Woolworth is one of the largest Supermarket chain in Australia which operates around 995 stores across Australia there are almost one lakh team members in stores and other operations in organisation. The main aim of the organisation is to be the best Supermarket Store in Australia and deliver large variety of foods and products with customers the organisation work itself by working close with the farmers and the Australian group growers (Riesenberg et al. 2018). The organisation provides large variety of products Sourcing always 96% of all fresh fruits and vegetables and hundred per cent fresh meat from Australian farmers in growers. In order to meet the Trends and demand the organisation adopts different approaches in order to fulfil the needs and demand of the customer the organisation.

Coles is also one of the supermarket in Australia which have it’s headquarter in Melbourne. It is the national Supermarket chain which delivers large range of products to the customer. The vision of the organisation is to deliver satisfactory returns to the shareholders as stakeholders and to maintain the trust of Australian people on organisation quality value and services. The organisation has almost 99000 team members which actively participate in all the operations. There are various services provided by the organisation and online services are one of them. Organisation delivers large range of products online platforms which attract and retain large number of customers (van Ryn, 2018). The organisation adopt different approaches in order to retain and attract large number of customers.

Segmentation and Targeting

Existing target market of Woolworth is the high income earners and the living standard measure group from 8 to 10. Organisation is also planning to target living standard measure group and the growing black middle class in in coming years in order to deliver services to maximum number of peoples. As the organisation have good collaboration with the farmers and the Australian blowers therefore it is right for the organisation to ensure that all the food and the other materials are highly qualified and the quality is maintained. Organisation has their own farms which provide most of their products. Therefore the products of the organisation are highly standardized and organic (Pulker et al. 2018). Presently the organisation is targeting the Hike income earners and the price of the products is quietly hi as per the needs and demands of the customers. The organisation adopts various strategies to retain the customers that for now organisation are planning to target the LSM groups and the growing black middle class.

Coles on the other and target customers based upon their buying behaviour. The organisation is segmented customer into small segments as it satisfies the needs and demands of the customers in a more effective manner than any other organisation. The organisation is segmented the customer on the basis of demographic, behavioural and psychographic characteristics and geographic characteristics of customers. Apart from this the organisation also segment customer on the basis of income and age of their customers (Franklin et al. 2019). However, the behavioural characteristics of customer towards the various products are analysed to ensure that the best products are provided to the customers. The organisation targets customer through its chain of retail stores in different cities of Australia. Howevere, the organisation focuses on both income level customer that is high and low income customers in the Australia.

Differentiation and Positioning

Woolworth is one of the most recognised and trusted organisation in Australia due to its competitive advantage that is the organisation have its own farms this provide most of their food products that organisation maintains quality of product. The organisation is working closely with the farmers and the Australian drivers in order to ensure that the products are available to the customer at effective range. The organisation provides 100% fresh meat from Australia farmers to the customer and therefore the organisation is known for the quality of products. There are various challenges faced by the organisation but organisation adopted different approaches to eradicate the issues and deliver best quality of product to customer (Smith and Lawrence 2018). Coles is one of the organisation which provide diverse range of products to the customer in the best manner the organisation developed strong product portfolio in order to meet the needs of the customer the organisation provide range of products that includes baby products, vegetables, fruits, mobile phones, liquid etc. The organisation has launched diverse brand for the product such as the grace grass-feed beef, spirit hotels etc. The organisational strategy is to provide the services at the minimal cost to the customer so that the services will provide to large number of customers. This is a marketing strategy adopted by the organisation in order to deliver food to the customer and the competitive in the market.

Woolworth have refresh to its positioning as a Fresh Food people and launches new to brand campaign by serving Australian with high quality of food products. While on the other hand Coles became the most trusted area in Australia and grow long term stakeholder value. The organisation is reliable and responsible and deliver is product with high quality (Ariyawardana et al. 2017). However there are various strategies adopted by the organisation such as organisation is highly active in online services and putting eye the external and internal environment factors that can highly impact the performance of the organisation.

There are various similarities and dissimilarities in both the organisations as both of them deliver best quality of products with wide range. The main difference between both the organisations is that Woolworth have their own farms and can easily analyse the quality of food that they deliver to the customers while calls do not have their own forms so that the quality sometimes does not match the standard.

Market offerings

Woolworth has multi locations that contain the large customers in the cities as well as townships. Therefore organisation can attract and retain large number of customers. The organisation provides large range of products while maintaining good quality buy coordinating with the farmers and the Australian growers. Organisation target high income earners therefore the price of the products is widely high as compared to other supermarkets. The organisation delivers best quality of food products with customers by growing most of the products in their farms so that the Organic products will deliver to the customers. The organisation offers various loyalty programs to the customer so that they retain large number of customers and provide their products to the target audience (Grimmer 2019). On the other hand Coles is one of the most recognised organisations but organisation quire both classes of people that are the lower class and the upper class. The organisation provides products at reasonable prices as this is a cost leadership strategy of the organisation. Woolworth offer variety of loyalty programs with the customer however the price of products are quietly high while Coles deliver large range of products but the rate of the products are so affordable that it can meet the demand of lower class people as well as higher class people

Woolworth target high class people as a target audience and deliver high quality of products with high ranges while on the other hand coals deliver products to higher class as well as lower class people and their ranges of the products are so affordable. The basic similarity between the organisation is that both the organisation delivers good quality of products and variety of products that organisation is providing are quietly similar. Both of the organisations are highly comparative and grab most of the market.


Woolworth pricing strategy is highly based on customer value based. The organisation is targeting the people that the products and the quality of the products are based on the customer perception. The product quality that customer wants is delivered by the organisation and firm make sure to deliver it on time. As the organisation has their own farms therefore the quality is maintained and the organisation provides the organic products to the customer which is the comparative advantage for organisation (Bailey, 2017). As it orders are mainly for the high class people therefore the range of Iraq is also high. The product that organisation is selling is costly. However the organisation is also delivering products on online platforms that for the organisation can grab attention of large customers. Apart from this the organisation focuses on customer centric approaches as your organisation is targeting a specific audience that for all the Strategies and planning are based on customer based approach.

Coles on the other hand adapt to different pricing strategy as the organisation adopt a lower pricing strategy that provide the good quality of product to the customer at affordable range. Therefore the organisation can grab large attention in the market and target larger audience which are from lower class as well as upper class. The cost leadership strategy of the organisation is highly impactful for the organisation which meets the needs of both low and high income groups of the customers. The organisation has various distribution channels that provide its product to customer at various distribution channels. Organisation has retail stores that provide large number of customers. The difference between both the organisations is that both of them targeting different audience and pricing of products is different. Organisations adopting customer based approach while the other adopting pricing leadership strategy.

Promotional mix

Woolworth is one of the best organisation and deliver quality services to the customer. In order to retain large number of customers and provide services to larger audience the organisation adopts various promotion strategies. The organisation is adopting the online and offline approaches to grab the attention of the customers. Organisation is using various multimedia platforms that can attract and retain large number of customers. The organisation is a targeting high income level therefore the organisation adopts different promotional strategy to retain the customers. The organisation have their own Farms and for the organisation deliver all the necessary information related to organic farming to the customers so that the transparency is maintained and the trust among the audience build up (Singh-Peterson et al. 2016). Organisation in adopting different strategies to retain the customer for example on online platforms the organisation is organising various awareness camp about organic farming and also use different discount programs that attract the customers.

Audit organisation is providing is it quietly different from other organisation because the organisation is closed the working with farmers and Australian growers that for organisation took this as a advantage and put this all the process in front of customers. The organisation is conducting market research so that the needs and demands of the customer is known and organisation can adopt the strategies that can fulfil their demands. The organisation conduct various surveys that include recommendations that customer want from the organization. Apart from this there are different approaches that organisation adopt that is advertising and online programs etc (Crawford et al. 2017). However, the organisations acknowledge that the customer is quietly attractive towards the Organic products that your organisation is not planning to deliver the Organic products to the customer. There are different strategies that offered by the organisation time by time as per the nature and demand of the market.

Coles also adopt online and offline marketing approaches that retain and attract large number of customers. The organisation target lower class as well as middle class people as the target audience and the price of the products is so reasonable that both the audience get easily attracted. The organisation offer large discounts and loyalty programs with customer because discounts highly customer choices. Now the organisation also offers online services so that the needs and demand of the customer fulfilled. The organisation is delivering best services in online platforms and it retains large number of customers. In terms of promotion in the organisation is promoting their products online platforms by advertising through events etc. The organisation provides convenient shopping to customers and posts various reviews and feedback on the website of the company. Organisation always focuses on delivering best services by maintaining relationship with suppliers which result in positive response from suppliers as well as distributors (Lau et al . 2020). The organisation is highly active an online platform so that the organisation know the needs and requirement of the customers. Therefore organisation delivering services online platforms so that the comfort of the customers is maintained. The organisation has adopted a soft approach to HRM practices in order to keep this employee satisfied so that the customers need will be fulfilled.

Both organisations have different approaches to retain the customers and these strategies are so effective that the customers are retain and their organisation at delivering services in effective manner. Woolworth promoting their services online and offline platforms through the promotion of Organic products that organisation is offering. Coles on the other hand adopt social media marketing and traditional advertising mediums in order to create awareness among the audience. The organisation offer large discounts and loyalty programs to the customers so that they keep interacted and engage with your organisation.


Woolworth delivering product on different channels and the quality of products is always maintained by the organisation. Gradation deliver product on online and offline platforms so that the products get delivered to large number of audience. The organisation has large number of stores in different parts of the countries that grabs large number of audience. In order to distribute the products the organisation have proper supply management system that keenly system of the organisation. The organisation is close the working with the farmers and the Australian growers so that the motive of the organisation to deliver Organic products is accomplished. The organisation have large number of stores in most of the cities of Australia therefore it easily attract customers as compared to any other organisation. In order to increase the distribution the organisation is now targeting the lower class as well as middle class people.

Coles have wide distribution channels that deliver a large number of products with customer at various distribution platforms full stop the organisation have around 807 Super Stores in Australia and the organisation is performing very well on online retail store to deliver convenient services to the customer. The organisation may name is to build a strong relationship with its suppliers and dealers so that the organisation can deliver by services to the customer (Nakandala et al. 2017). Therefore organisation always focuses on maintaining relationships with the customers as well as the suppliers and dealers. Ration believe that if the effective relationship with the supplied is maintain then it highly impact the reputation of course in the market and result in positive response from the suppliers as well as dealers.

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